I Had A Baby!!!

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Finally…..it seemed she would never come out. At 41 weeks and 3 days…..after 33 hours of labor……and a C-Section, I had a Baby!!! Meet Ziggy or now known as Claire Marie!!!

I had a Baby, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Here are just a few of the millions of photos I have taken in the first 3 weeks of her life! 🙂 I just can’t help myself as she is so precious…..I know I’m a little biased!

So we were scheduled to be induced on Sunday, May 27th in the evening! We had a great Saturday and I was making a list of things to finish up on Sunday before we headed in. Little One had different plans and just after I got into bed Saturday night, my water broke. It was super exciting and fun! Just what I wanted! I wanted that excitement and rush and fun. My husband on the other hand was on board for a scheduled induction. I wasn’t having contractions so there was no real panic to get moving to the hospital or even crazy pain. There was the high of oh my goodness, this is it! Once we got to the hospital, there were 33 hours of waiting and trying to get her out! With lack of progression and lots of pain kicking in, we opted for a C-section.

I am recovering very well. Claire is doing great too! Together we are learning each others ways although just when we think she likes or dislikes something, that changes. 🙂 I’m starting to feel like there is a bit of a routine forming but it’s still very fussy on the edges and doesn’t always go as planned!

If you would like to see some video of little Miss and my story, check out the video below or click here! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and be sure you are subscribed so you get a notification when I post a video.

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So Much Fun at Girls Night Out!!!

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Last week, I had my first stamp events since the arrival of our sweet baby girl. There was so much fun at Girls Night Out on Tuesday and Thursday and the baby did well too! 🙂

So Much Fun at Girls Night Out, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Here is a photo we captured at the morning event when Baby Claire came down to see everyone! There was lots of oohing and aahing going on for the catalog and the baby! I think the favorite item was the Delightfully Detailed Laser Cut Designer Series Paper. It’s just so beautiful and something that the catalog does not do it justice!

Girls Night Out 6.2018, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Here are some photos of the displays, make-and-take projects, and of course yum yums! Thank you to everyone who stopped by! If you weren’t able to stop by or are not local but would still like a catalog, let me know you address and I can get one to you! Click here to send me your address.

I hope you are all enjoying the new catalog! Let me know what you favorite item is in the comments below! If you would like to check it out and start shopping now, click here!

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there!!! I hope you all have an amazing day today and everyday!!

Happy Fathers Day, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Just like Mother’s Day, I feel that Father’s Day should be celebrated by all men because at some point they have been fatherly to someone in their lives. It may not always be a biological child but that doesn’t matter. Here’s to celebrating them today and all days of the year!

This year is even more special because my husband is celebrating his 1st Father’s Day! He has been an amazing daddy and I love watching him every day! It makes my heart melt and I am falling for him even more each day! 🙂

Thank you all for being patient with me while we are adjusting to life with a baby! We are all doing well and trying to figure out this new “routine” which isn’t routine at all. The planner/organizer in me is finding that part a bit hard but we are adjusting well. I am hoping to start posting more this week. First up is an introduction of Miss Claire….aka Ziggy! 🙂

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Simply Shammy!!!

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Oh my goodness….the Simply Shammy is AMAZING! I was super skeptical about this item and didn’t even try it out for over 2 weeks but when I did…..OH MY! I actually said out loud, “Wow, I didn’t expect that!”

Simply Shammy, www.LaurasStampPad.com

So the Simply Shammy arrived in a plastic cellophane bag and there was moisture in there and I thought that didn’t seem right so I pulled it out of the bag and tossed it in the drawer. I love the Stampin’ Scrub so I didn’t feel the need to use this right away. Also, I wasn’t stamping as often while waiting for Ziggy to arrive. I opened the drawer a few days later and there was the Simply Shammy, dried up, and looking sad and wrinkled a bit. Oh geez! So I ran it under water and decided to give it a try. Oh my goodness, my mind was blown! It worked so well. Why did I not try this sooner? The stamp came clean in a moment and not just slightly clean, like sparkling clean! It was amazing. Yes, the ink does stain the Simply Shammy but it does not bleed onto the next stamp when you go back to clean it!

Dirty Simply Shammy, www.LaurasStampPad.com

It does kind of make the inner Laura freak out to see it stained but the fact that it cleans so well and doesn’t come off on your fingers or the next stamp…..I’ll just have to get over it. Yes, I did think about stamping a pretty image all over it. No no, Laura, don’t make it dirtier on purpose. lol This thing is just amazing and I highly suggest it to EVERYONE! I was skeptical and now I’m in love! Give it a try! Also, I now store mine in a clear mount case so that it stays wet and has something to contain it.

To clean it, simply run it under water, squeeze out the majority of the water so it isn’t dripping and use it again. Don’t wring it out to get every drop of water out because it needs to stay moist. You can see in the first photo that there are some water lines and drips where there is a bit of excess water after a simple squeeze. Get your’s today by clicking the link below!

If you would like to see all of this in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! I hope you found this super useful. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

Happy Stampin’


PS: Ziggy….aka Claire has arrived and all is well. We are working on learning each other and finding a bit of a “routine” so bear with me! 🙂 I will do an introduction of her soon! 🙂

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Simple Yet Detailed With Love!!!

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I’m loving this color combination and all the fun new products! It’s simple yet detailed with love! The power of a handmade card!

Simple Yet Detailed With Love, www.LaurasStampPad.com


The greeting for this card warms my heart so much! This is a great card to make lots of to have on hand!

I started with a Lovely Lipstick card base and stamped the floral image all over the background in Lovely Lipstick. The images comes from the Detailed With Love Stamp Set! Next, I took a piece of the NEW Polka Dot Tulle Ribbon and adhered it in the center with a little Snail Adhesive. This ribbon is super fabulous because it is tulle with felt like dots on it so it gives the card some texture as well.

Detailed Trio Punch, www.LaurasStampPad.com

For the focal point, I took a piece of Blueberry Bushel cardstock measuring 4-1/4″ x 2-3/4″ and added it to the card front with Stampin’ Dimensionals. This gives the card more texture and a smooth look over the ribbon. Then I took a piece of Whisper White measuring 4″ x 2-1/2″ and stamped the greeting in the middle in Lovely Lipstick Ink. All of these images are from the Detailed with Love Stamp Set. Next, I punched all four corners with the coordinating Detailed Trio Punch (Bundle & Save 10%). After punching each of the corners, I stamped 2 opposing corners with the details corner stamp in Blueberry Bushel Ink. Then I added this piece to the card front! I love how the detail allows the blue to show through! Simple and yet has a super fun look!

Four Corners, www.LaurasStampPad.com

So here I stamped all four corners and honestly I thought it looked like a bit too much. Also, it is something I would need to practice lining up or use the Stamparatus for. I don’t think it’s noticeable along the top and bottom to be off the angle but it is super obvious on the sides where it is closer together. I wasn’t a fan of that look but again I also thought it was too much so I opted for 2 opposing corners.

If you would like to see all of this in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! I hope you found this super useful. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

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May 2018 Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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Happy Monday!!! Today, I thought I would share the amazing May 2018 Paper Pumpkin Kit – Manly Moments! This kit has me covered for Father’s Day! Thank you, Paper Pumpkin!!!! I was wondering what I could whip up quickly before Ziggy arrived and this came in the mail in May at the perfect time!

May 2018 Paper Pumpkin Kit, www.LaurasStampPad.com

These cards are very basic and were easy to assemble. I love the fun fold with it. They aren’t just a regular card but instead the plaid part folds down and then top part folds up. That’s super fun and makes them different. I found that I really liked the starburst image below the greeting. It really makes it stand out and look cool. Do you prefer that or putting “To You” or another greeting like Dad, Son, Brother?? Let me know in the comments below!

Birthday Badge, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Here is an up closer photo of this style. I placed the banner across the badge for stamping placement. I felt this was better than winging it and hoping I got it in the right spot. Some of the bursts are up higher than others but that’s okay! 🙂 Also, I added Stampin’ Dimensionals to the entire back of the badge and added the banner to the badge with just Snail Adhesive in the middle. The instructions said to put the banner on with dimensionals as well. I thought that might be too high and this way the swag of the banner falls on either side with that dimensional holding it up.

Mountain Masculine Cards, www.LaurasStampPad.com

These are my absolute favorite. I love that mountain scene and those trees. I will say the bottom of the card is rather thick with all of the layers but it’s amazing! Super easy to assemble since those pieces were all stickers. I did the greetings the same as the cards above!

Happy Father's Day, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Isn’t that texture and dimension of the card just amazing? I love it!!!! Now I am all set for Father’s Day and don’t have to scramble! I love Paper Pumpkin for that. It always sets you up for future holidays/events!

If you would like to try out Paper Pumpkin, click here to sign up for the June Kit before the 10th! You can try it for a month and cancel or enjoy it for many months. It’s all up to you. Either way, I think $20 for stamps, ink, supplies, and a clear block is TOTALLY worth a try! Also, the June Kit will coordinate with the Broadway Bound Suite in the New Catalog so that’s even more fun!!! Who doesn’t love black and white with a pop of color?!?!?!

Happy Stampin’



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The New Catalog has arrived!!! It’s officially June 1st and the day we all have been waiting for! Woot Woot!

The New Catalog Has Arrived, www.LaurasStampPad.com

This catalog is just so beautiful and full of bright colors. I’m in love! You can check out my pre-order haul here and of course be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss all the upcoming videos showcasing new product and techniques. If there is something you would like to know more about or see me show off, let me know in the comments. I’m always up for suggestions!

To view the New Catalog, Click Here!

If you would like a copy of the catalog, click here to send me your address and I’ll get one in the mail to you! Also, if you are local, mark your calendar for Girls Night Out!!!! I will be having a 10 a.m. event on Tuesday, June 12th and a 6:30 p.m. event on Thursday, June 14th! Can’t wait to share all the new goodies, samples, and maybe even a glimpse of Ziggy with all of you!

Don’t get too excited, you can’t actually place an order till noon while Stampin’ Up transitions their website over to the new goodies! Also, please note that everyone is super excited about this so the website might be a little slow! When you are ready, click here to start shopping! Remember that orders of $40 will earn you Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers and orders of $75 will earn you My Free Stamp Set of the Month – Blow Out The Candles!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday! Happy Stampin’


Celebrating Memorial Day!!!!

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Today, we are celebrating Memorial Day here in the United States! While we celebrate this day with BBQ, relaxing, and maybe even stamping, let us always  remember those who have fought for our freedoms. My thoughts and prayers are always with the men and women who have served and continue to serve in our military!

Celebrating Memorial Day, www.LaurasStampPad.com


Since this is a day of celebration and fun, I thought I would go with a simple post today. It’s the last Monday of May which means the Retiring Items are almost gone for good. Be sure to check out that list before it’s all gone. Click here to see everything.

Early Release, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Don’t forget about the Share What You Love Bundles that are only available this month. Starting June 1, you will only be able to purchase these items separately and not earn freebies too. Get these amazing goodies now by clicking here!

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST……I’m offering DOUBLE Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers for all orders placed today! Woot Woot!

Have an amazing day! Happy Stampin’


Spoiling the Doctors & Nurses!!!

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Happy Friday everyone!!! Today, I just wanted to share a little on how we have enjoyed spoiling the Doctors & Nurses at our Baby Ziggy appointments. It’s something that is so small and simple to me but yet I think it makes a great impact on them. We LOVE everyone in the office and really appreciate their kindness and thoughtfulness through this entire pregnancy. We actually enjoy going to each appointment because we get to see our friends! I will miss them once Ziggy arrives for sure! 🙂

Spoiling the Doctors & Nurses, www.LaurasStampPad.com


Here are 2 of the goodies that we took. I fell in love with Jelly Beans over Easter and thought I would share some! I simply took a cellophane bag and added some Fresh Florals Designer Series Paper to the back with a little stamped greeting. The greeting says You Make Me So Happy but I crossed out me and wrote in Us! The top was tied off with some Lemon Lime Twist Striped Ribbon! This was easy and simple!

The April Paper Pumpkin Kit (check it out here) had those fabulous greetings with You Are a Lifesaver. I took some Lifesaver Mints and added them to a Clear Envelope. Then I just used some leftover twine from the kit to tie around it and add the card. This was a great way to use up those little cards since they were too small to mail and they fit the occasion perfectly!

Apparently I didn’t take pictures of most of the treats we took in. I used the January Paper Pumpkin Kit for our Valentine’s/February appointment. Paper Pumpkin really helped me out with lots of these! I just love how it sets you up for upcoming holidays with time to spare. Rather than thinking what will I do for the occasion that is tomorrow…….the kit comes a month early for that occasion! Click here to try out Paper Pumpkin and see how fabulous it is!

Cinnamon Rolls, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Most of our appointments were in the afternoon but then we got an 8:45 a.m. appointment on Ziggy’s Due Date! Early appointments means breakfast!!!! We took in cinnamon rolls. No, I didn’t make them at home but these cinnamon rolls do hold a special place in my heart. Side story: Every Sunday growing up we would go to church as a family and then go to my Grandparents house afterwards for “breakfast.” This consisted of milk and a sweet (cake, cinnamon roll, etc) for the kids and coffee and a sweet for the adults. We got to play with our cousins and have a good time! My Grandma would make the sweet item about 98% of the time but every once in a while she would buy these cinnamon rolls. I saw them in the store the other day and just had to get some. They were amazing and brought back so many memories. I love and miss you, Grandma!

I hope that this post helped give you some ideas on simple ways you can use your stamping/crafty side to share the love with those around you. We all know the power of a card and how much it can lift someone’s spirits. Little gifts like this can do the same but reach a larger audience – co-workers, nurses, doctors, firemen, teachers, police, postal workers, and so many others. Don’t just stash away your cards and projects, share them with those around you!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday! Happy Stampin’


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Stunning Designer Series Paper!!!

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Happy Thursday!!! Today, I’m sharing with you some of the stunning Designer Series Paper coming out in the New Catalog. I love patterned paper as a focal point on my card or project or a nice background. Stampin’ Up does an amazing job at knocking it out of the park with amazing patterns and designs. The bad thing is that the catalog only shows a small swatch so I’m here to help you out!!!

Stunning Designer Series Paper, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Okay, this paper is a MUST HAVE in everyone’s collection – 2018-2020 In Color Designer Series Paper Stack. It is bright beautiful colors and perfect patterns for so many different occasions. It’s like have a pair of jeans or a classic white shirt in your wardrobe! Polka Dots and stripes and perfect for a simple background or punching out balloons for a birthday card and so much more! I can see me going through lots of these packs of paper. Check out this Video Tutorial to see each sheet in all it’s glory!

Share What You Love Designer Paper, www.LaurasStampPad.com

This is my favorite so far – Share What You Love Designer Series Paper! This paper has stunning colors, flowers, and a pearlized look. That pearl shine is just amazing. It’s not like a foil but rather a glossy shine with that pearl iridescent look. I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it but it’s stunning! Check out this video for a full look at each sheet and the shine!

Garden Impressions Designer Series Paper, www.LaurasStampPad.com

The Garden Impressions Designer Series Paper has lots of fun floral patterns but the other side includes lots of great background and more subtle patterns. This makes the paper very versatile for different occasions. There are also lots of different colors for more masculine and feminine looks. I love flowers so of course I was drawn to this but I’m also loving the new color combinations and can’t wait to play with them! Check out each sheet in the Video Tutorial below!

Stay tuned for more Designer Series Paper reveals once the New Catalog officially comes out on June 1st! Also, let me know in the comments which paper pack is your favorite! I would love to hear from you and know which one you can’t wait to see samples using it!

Happy Stampin’