March 2023 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The March 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit was so fresh and fun! I love the pops of gold foil, the simple plants and uplifting greetings!!! This kit also came with 2 stamp sets which was extra fun! Paper Pumpkin is 10 years old! Woot Woot!

March 2023 Paper Pumpkin,

I think this one is my favorite mostly because of the greeting! This would make a great Mother’s Day Card but also any time. I feel like I could give this to a fellow Mom friend to brighten her day. It could be a birthday card for any of the women in my life. There are lots of ways to use this card!

Gold Polka Dots March Paper Pumpkin,

This card is my second favorite because I love polka dots! TIP: When I added the flower pot, I actually put a Mini Stampin’ Dimensional at the bottom of the pot so it would stay level with the popped up label. Then I added the glue dots at the top of the pot to adhere to the popped up label!

Plants on a Bookshelf,

Okay, I have to say, this is not my least favorite card. I love this one too but it just happens to be the final card in the kit. I love the whole bookshelf concept and all the pinks and purples with that hint of gold foil.

Which card is your favorite from the March 2023 Paper Pumpkin?!? Let me know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to sign up for the April Kit before the 10th! Click here to get started!

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Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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I can’t believe it’s the last day of February already! How have 2 months of the year already gone by?!? But I am excited about Spring. I have already started cleaning and putting a few scarves and hats away. It’s crazy, I know! After doing the February 2023 Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit, I’m even more pumped for Spring!

Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The pastel colors, rainbows, flowers, and adorable animals make perfect cards to send just because. These cards also have a fun peek-a-boo look through to the inside of the card that makes it super fun and display-worthy for sure! It does also make it tricky to write inside the card. If you have a simple greeting like “thinking of you! Love, Laura” then you could sneak it along the edge. Otherwise you can always write on the back of the card or slip in a little piece of paper with your note!

Rainbows and Duck Paper Pumpkin,

This card is my favorite because I love rainbows! A few tips for this card is to either leave the card base flat or slide in a piece of scrap paper when stamping the sun so that you don’t get a partial image on your rainbow. Another tip is to be careful when adding the clouds that you don’t add adhesive to entire back of the cloud because then you will seal your card shut. Just add adhesive to the edge where it overlaps the card base or another cloud.

Bunny with a kite February 2023 Paper Pumpkin,

This card is just so adorable with the bunny and flowers in the field! When attaching the kit, add a Mini Glue Dot to the front of the end of the string and the back of the tip of the kite. Then attach it to the card front. As for the placement for stamping the sun…..I just went for it. Be sure not to stamp it real close to the corner of the inside of the card. I guess technically you could close the card and stamp the entire sun in the corner and showing. It’s all personal preference!

Rainy Day Paper Pumpkin February 2023,

This card is adorable because of the cute animals and that greeting! I love it. Claire stamped with me when creating this Paper Pumpkin so I was short an umbrella and some clouds. This set of 3 cards each looked different because of that but that’s okay! You could always use fewer pieces and then create additional cards with those pieces. It’s always fun to try new things with Paper Pumpkin Kits!

What did you think of the Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit?!? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to sign up for the March Kit before the 10th because it will have a special gift inside to celebrate 10 years!!! Woot Woot!!! I’m still in shock that it’s been 10 Years since Paper Pumpkin began. I feel like that was just yesterday. And yet I haven’t aged at all…..right!?! LOL

Click here to sign up for the March Kit!

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January 2023 Paper Pumpkin!

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The January 2023 Paper Pumpkin arrived and I was super surprised! I wasn’t expecting Fresh Freesia to be the ink color. The color combination was one that I wouldn’t have picked myself. Also, I LOVED all 3 cards so much!

January 2023 Paper Pumpkin,

I can’t even pick a favorite because I love them all so much! This one is super cute with the 3 locks and the fun gold foil! A little tip for the twine on this one is to create a long bow and place it over the vellum strip to make sure it is big enough before securing it down. Also, don’t worry about the vellum and adhesive showing through because the greeting covers it up!

Key To My Heart – Paper Pumpkin!

Key To My Heart Paper Pumpkin,

This card is a favorite because I love the purple and gold together! Also that golden key is super fun. When it comes to the vellum, again don’t worry about your adhesive showing through because the locks cover it. If anything add adhesive on the left side and you will be golden! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, I ended up adding a little Dimensional to the bottom of the key to pop it up a bit. You all know I am a huge Dimensional fan!

Peek A Boo Key To My Heart Stampin' Up Card,

This card was super cute and fun because of the peek-a-boo aspect. How fun is that?!? Such a fabulous greeting to go with it too! I just loved all of the January 2023 Paper Pumpkin cards. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries or just telling someone you love them! That’s perfect any day!

During Sale-A-Bration, you can enjoy a Paper Pumpkin Pre-Paid Subscription and earn Sale-A-Bration goodies! Another option is to enjoy your Paper Pumpkin and purchase a few items that will help making your card making experience easier. Check out some of my favorite add on items below!

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October Paper Pumpkin 2022!

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The October Paper Pumpkin 2022 was AMAZING! I can’t believe how much detail and layers and fabulousness was in this kit! The one for sure took me longer than 30 minutes.

October Paper Pumpkin 2022,

I think this one was my favorite of the 3 styles! The kit created a total of 9 cards, 3 each of 3 designs. The layers and details are just amazing. I did mess up on stamping one of the santas but that’s okay! Stampin’ Up provided santa faces but also all of the letters of JOY so I just used the O in place of my messed up santa! Thank you, Stampin’ Up!

Ho Ho Ho Santa Christmas Card Kit,

Another reason I am loving this kit is that I don’t typically purchase Santa stamp sets. I love them but I seem to be more drawn to ornaments, snowflakes, trees, etc. BUT NOW I have a Santa in my stamp collection! Paper Pumpkin always pushes me outside the box with color combinations, stamps, and even techniques! Loving this window look too!

Stampin Up All Inclusive Card Kit,

The November Paper Pumpkin kit coordinates with this October Paper Pumpkin 2022 kit but it focuses on gift tags and packaging. TODAY is the last day to get signed up for the November Kit so don’t wait! Click here to get signed up! You can try it out for 1 month or a few months or a few years! It’s all up to you! Paper Pumpkin also makes great gifts too! You can get the kit and give that or gift Pre-Paid Subscriptions!

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September 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit!

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The September 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit has me all ready to go for Halloween! Since it’s not my favorite holiday, I love how this kit takes care of all of my needs with some stamps to use for a few cards and treats to make for family. Always shooting for Auntie of the Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

September 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

This one is my favorite because it was the easiest! LOL Just being honest! Plus I am really loving purple for Halloween. It’s a nice change and I love purple! TIP: Watch this video to figure out how to create the boxes for this kit. They are not really boxes but drawers that slide into the decorated sleeve. Once I figured that out, it was super easy from there on!

Halloween Treat Boxes,

This one was my second favorite….although I’m not so sure about the plaid! It’s so many colors and kinda weird. I always think of plaid as like blues, greens, and reds! Apparently I need to branch out more! LOL

Spooky Spider Treat Box,

This treat box is super cute but it was a bit of a pain. Trying to add adhesive dots on that spider web so it would hold on was a bit tedious. Just saying. LOL I do love the look though! Which one is your favorite?!?! Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget that you can sign up for Paper Pumpkin and join in the fun by clicking here! Also, Paper Pumpkin makes really good gifts too because it is all inclusive! I love it!!!

Did you love the September 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit?! Did you make treat boxes or cut up the pieces for making cards?!?

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August Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The August Paper Pumpkin Kit is probably my favorite kit in the past few years. I LOVED all 3 cards and thought that were super fun and easy to create!!! Like really loved each card!

August Paper Pumpkin Kit 2022, Stampin' Up,

Look at how amazing these cards are! You all know how much I love flowers already but this watercolor, wild flower look is just fabulous! Add in a few bumblebees and a fabulous greeting and I’m in love!

Sunflower Paper Pumpkin Card Kit,

I don’t even know that I can pick my favorite so I’m just going to post each photo! One of my tips for this card is to make sure you test out your spacing with the greeting before adhering it down. On my first card, I just placed the greeting down and then realized my sunflower was off to the left rather far.

Bumblebees and Wildflowers Card Kit,

For this card, just note that you don’t have to add adhesive to the outside edge where there isn’t much room to add the adhesive. Simply add adhesive to that center rectangle and you will be golden! Thank goodness! Am I right?!? LOL

At Home Greeting Card Kit,

Can you see the little vellum honeycomb in these cards?! It is very subtle but adds some fun texture to the cards. I will say that it much easier to notice in person than in a photo! Don’t stress about the adhesive on these small pieces. Simply add some adhesive to the card, press the vellum in and add the layers over the top which will help secure it. Easy and fabulous for sure!!!

September Paper Pumpkin by Stampin' Up,

Paper Pumpkin has you all set for the upcoming holidays with the September, October, and November Kits! Click here to sign up and enjoy these fun kits with a friend!

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July 2022 Paper Pumpkin!

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The July 2022 Paper Pumpkin didn’t grab my attention right away! Maybe it is because I live in the midwest but I don’t gravitate towards beachy stuff – boats, lighthouses, sea life, etc. I have seen amazing projects with these images but it’s just not me. But then I created this kit and really enjoyed it because it gave me a chance to play with these images/looks with a small investment. I also stamped outside the box and that was fun!

July 2022 Paper Pumpkin,

The color scheme for these cards is amazing! I LOVE Bermuda Bay and Pool Party so much! This card above was my favorite! The greeting is great to have on hand to reach out to someone anytime! I stamped the envelope a little too! Eeeee I love it!

Paper Pumpkin Under the Sea,

I myself wouldn’t use purples and reds together because it just doesn’t feel right but look at this card. It totally works! The collage of items together is super fun. Also for the twine around the bottle neck, I simply cut a piece and folded it in half. Then I wrapped it around and through the loop. Next I secured it on the back with adhesive. No knot or bow at all. The rustic look is just perfect!

Ship in a Bottle, Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin,

This card was my least favorite but then I left the twine bow off and I liked it better. I don’t know but it just wasn’t fitting for me! There is nothing wrong with changing up the kit and doing your own thing!

I really enjoyed making these cards and can’t wait to send them out. In fact, I think I only have 2 or 3 left to send out. It’s always good to stamp different from your normal style.

August 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The August Kit is all about gold and sunflowers and I can’t wait! You still have 1 more day to get signed up! Click here to get this kit and try it out!

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May 2022 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The May 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit featured all 5 of the new In Colors and I love it! The pop of color and then gold foil accents are just stunning!! Let me know which set is your favorite in the comments below!

May 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

It is so hard for me to pick a favorite because I really do love these cards. I’m going with Tahitian Tide as my first pick because I love the splatters in the background and the greeting is super fabulous!!! The monochromatic dots are my favorite here as well!

Sweet Sorbet Paper Pumpkin Kit Cards,

This card is perfect for #Happymail and will be great to send to my niece who is in college. Anyone getting a new job, moving, starting a sport, etc would love this uplifting card for sure! For some reason, on this card I actually like the multicolored dots better than monochromatic!

2022-2024 Stampin’ Up In Colors

Orchid Oasis Stampin' Up In Color,

This card is great because the greeting is very generic. I also love the color variations for some reason! Monochromatic all the way with this card. How crazy is it that I love monochromatic on some and others I prefer multi-colored?!?! Ehhh I’m crazy so I shouldn’t be surprised!

Parakeet Party 2022-2024 In Color Stampin Up,

For this card, I love the bright green – Parakeet Party! It’s so bright and cheery. The greeting is kinda meh. I would prefer just a Happy Birthday or something. Although there are plenty of people I could send this card too so looks like I just need to branch out and embrace it. That is one thing I love about Paper Pumpkin… pushes me! It makes me try color combinations I wouldn’t have thought of. I used greetings, images, and techniques that maybe aren’t my favorite. This is a good thing and I need the push!

Starry Sky Stampin' Up In Color Paper Pumpkin,

This is another greeting that I struggle with a lot. Best Wishes is a hard greeting for me to use. I mean sure I could use it for wedding, anniversary, new job, a move, etc but I also look at the greeting and think “IDK.” Do you use Best Wishes a lot?!?! What occasion?!?

Be sure to sign up for the June Paper Pumpkin before Friday so you can enjoy the fun of card making and ease of it all prepped for you! Also, it’s okay if it pushes you out of your comfort zone! It’s a good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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April 2022 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The April 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit BLEW ME AWAY!!! I was totally thinking monarch butterflies and greens and oranges. That was so not what it was. The Z fold and peek-a-boo designs were super fun! The colors and inspirational stamps are uplifting and amazing!!!

April 2022 Paper Pumpkin Craft Kit,

I love the black polka dot background on this card because it makes the beautiful flowers POP so much more! Going from a seedling to a bud and then full blooms is so inspiring as well as that greeting!!! The back of the card has a spot to write your message!!!

Moon and Stars Peek-A-Boo Inspirational Card,

I’m not even going to pick my favorites because they are all amazing and I would sit here forever changing my decision! This card I LOVE the peek-a-boo look with the stars and moon. The day to night look of the card with the greeting Everyday is a new day is so uplifting. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom to 2 young children but I just find these cards so perfect! Each day IS a new day to do our best and rock it!!! Heck, that means these cards would make great Mother’s Day Cards too!!! The one thing that I don’t like about this card is that there really isn’t a spot to write your message. I plan on adding a Basic White piece to the back because I don’t want to write on the inside and have it show through!

Mother’s Day Card Option:

Butterfly Spring Card for Mother's Day,

Now this card for sure is all the feels as a Mom! Our little ones go from a little catepillar and soon they are blossoming into beautiful butterflies and off they go! Cue the tears! This card would work for a graduation card as well! So many options! This card does have a back panel to write on so that is awesome! I love these designs!

Have you started your Mother’s Day and Graduation cards yet?!? I have some done but need to finish!

If you want to see me create the April 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit, check out this video! Don’t miss out on the May Paper Pumpkin which includes the NEW Stampin’ Up! In Colors! Also, there will be a GOLDEN TICKET in random kits that is worth $25. WOOT WOOT! I can’t wait to get mine and I’m sure I’ll scream super loud if I get a golden ticket! Eeeeeeee

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March 2022 Paper Pumpkin!

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The March 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit was AMAZING!!! It was called Beyond the Horizon and I loved the color cominbation, the layers and the perfect greetings!!!

March 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

I am normally not a layers girl but this one is my favorite. Maybe it is because all of the pieces are die cut for me already, lol! That is one of the fabulous perks of a kit! This card is just what I need in my collection for #happymail.

Assembly Tips:

Just a few tips when you go to put this March 2022 Paper Pumpkin Kit together. I am not a huge fan of the Mini Glue Dots that come in the kit and prefer to use a tape runner style of glue. They just seem to tedious! What I did for all the layers on these cards was add a strip of adhesive in the spots that I knew would be covered up. Then I pressed the die cut images over the top and then added the banner greetings over the top of that. This secures the die cut without having to add a million little glue dots all over. It also gives the die cut image a little flappy 3D look.

Beyond the Horizon Paper Pumpkin Kit,

This card is my second favorite. For some reason, I feel like that yellow die cut looks like a dream catcher. Anyone else getting that vibe?!?

Monthly Craft Kit Right to Your Door,

This greeting is my favorite! It feels so powerful and heartwarming and I love it! Who wouldn’t love to get a card like this in the mail?!?!

If you love craft kits or know someone who would love to make some cards, Paper Pumpkin is the answer! These all inclusive kits come right to your door and all you need is scissors! Perfect for kids and adults! Sign up for the April Kit before the 10th and join in the fun! Click here!

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