Summer Nights!!!

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Have you heard about the July Summer Nights Paper Pumpkin Kit?? Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for this fabulous all inclusive project kit sent directly to your door!!!

Summer Nights,

The July 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit is themed Summer Nights. The kit includes stamps, an ink spot, and all the supplies to create 9 post card style cards with coordinating envelopes as well as 9 die cut tea light bags for decoration! I can’t wait to light up these bags on our deck or down the side walk. Who knows they will probably also end up all through out the house too! Of course the tea lights will be battery operated and not an open flame. I just can’t trust Claire to be around an open flame like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

There is also an ADD ON option that includes 24 traditional card bases and envelopes. Combine the remaining pieces from Julyโ€™s Summer Nights kit with this Add On option to create more summer fun!

Are you new to Paper Pumpkin? Don’t worry, your first kit comes with a Clear Block to use on all of your stamps from here on out. BONUS!!! You can enjoy 1 month or many months. It’s all up to you! Paper Pumpkin processes on the 10th of the month so just be sure to get signed up or cancel before then! PS: Tomorrow is the 10th!!! Click here to join in the fun of Paper Pumpkin!

Also, you can join in the fun of unboxing and creating the kit with me on Facebook Lives! Check it out! Check out last month’s Paper Pumpkin here!

Happy Stampin’


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June 2020 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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I know it’s July already but better late than never. Here’s the June 2020 Paper Pumpkin which was super fun!!!

June 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

Look at all of that bright, cheery, happiness!!! Isn’t it fabulous?? I was a bit upset that I had to cover up the solid gold foil sun in upper right hand cards but it’s okay! I love these card so much!!! Maybe not as much as last months cards but it’s close behind!

The right hand side cards and the lower left were all created as the instructions stated but the upper left were a creation all on my own! There were soooooooo many extra pieces from this kit that I just preferred to use them rather than stamp an image! I’m telling you that Paper Pumpkin is worth every penny because you get so much goodie!!! Stamps, an ink spot, and all the supplies to make 8 cards plus tons of leftover goodies. YES!!!

Lemons, Pineapples, and Sunshine,

I think the Lemon Cards are my favorites although I really like the Pineapples ones too! That Gold Foil just really makes the cards pop and look so fancy! Which one is your favorite???

Don’t forget to sign up for the July Paper Pumpkin before the 10th to join in the fun!!! Click here to do that now!

Also, be sure to follow me on Facebook so you can join in the unboxing and creating of the Paper Pumpkin Kits each month! I love stamping with all of you Live in a little segment I like to call Laura’s Dose of Stampin’ Therapy! It truly is therapy for all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Stampin’


May 2020 Paper Pumpkin!

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I know this is super late but I just had to share the May 2020 Paper Pumpkin because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It’s super fabulous!!! For sure one of my top favorites of all time. If you want to check out past kits, click here!

May 2020 Paper Pumpkin,

You’re amazing and that’s a fact!!! This card is so bright and cheery and that greeting is perfect! I love this one the most! You might notice that my little Baker’s Twine bows POP more. I actually laid 2 pieces of the twine together and picked them up and tied a bow with the double strands. This really adds to it and makes it stand out more!


This is my second favorite card! You all know how much I love bright colors and these cards just make my heart happy! The other fabulous thing about these cards (and the stamps) is that they are perfect for generic #HappyMail cards. Just a simple Hey or You’re Amazing to brighten someone’s day!! Oh I also have to mention that those little asterisk/star shapes are embellishments! They are soft and bendy and totally not what I was expecting but perfect for mailing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh Happy Day,

Times are tough, there is no doubt in that but every day we wake up is a happy day!!! Try to refocus and find the joy in every day! Send some fabulous cards to those you love or even complete strangers to share the joy! Sending cards is good for the soul for both you and the recipient, trust me and try it out!

The June Paper Pumpkin Kit has already processed as that happens on the 10th of each month! I can’t wait to share that one with all of you! Join me on Facebook to see the unboxing of that soon! Sign up for the July Summer Nights Paper Pumpkin kit which comes with cards AND these fabulous die-cut tealight bags! Eeeeeee Let’s have fun all summer long!!!

Summer Nights,

I can’t wait!!! Happy Stampin’


PS: Thank you all for bearing with me during this crazy time. Finding a schedule to fit it ALL in has been hard. I love, miss, and appreciate all of you! I’m not going anywhere, just not always here blogging!

Tip for the April Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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I think this is a record for me creating my Paper Pumpkin Kit in the same week it arrived! Woot Woot! Thanks to my “Daily Dose of Stampin’ Therapy” Facebook lives where I enjoy stamping and chatting with all of you! Click here to go join in the fun!! Here is the April Paper Pumpkin Kit!

April Paper Pumpkin,

This one is the tricky card that had me stumped for a while. Finally I….or should I say with Brad’s help….figured it out!!! It is a Z fold card and originally I thought it should fold where the white and green print meet. I was wrong! The green/white panel is the card base “inside”. Then you fold that middle score line over to create a card. It will be too long and go beyond the card back. Next, fold on the far left score line back towards the front to create the Z fold! I hope that all makes sense. If not, just watch the video below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin,

The greeting on that back panel is AMAZING! I really had a hard time covering it up because I love it so much. It says, “Life’s greatest blessings begin and end with family. It is in families that we learn to love, teach what is most important, and grow together in love and laughter. Grateful for you, happy to be yours! <3

Paper Pumpkin Monthly Card Kit,

This is the second card that is super fun with the tree! I love those leaves/flower petals! I did find that there are not enough pearls for every yellow dot on each card. BUT I found a fun solution for running out. I was able to take the Daffodil Delight Dark Stampin’ Blends Marker and color some of my Pearls for the same look! PERFECT!!!

Be sure to sign up for the May Paper Pumpkin Kit to join in the fun and have a great project to do for an afternoon or evening or morning or whenever! These kits come with everything in them so anyone can do it!

Check out the video below or click here to see all of these tips in action for the April Paper Pumpkin Kit! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and donโ€™t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!

Happy Stampin’


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March 2020 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The March 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit was AMAZING! I love the Spring look and the fun rain boots! It also came with an extra stamp set which is super fun too! Check out all 12 of the cards in this kit!

March 2020 Paper Pumpkin,

I just love all of these cards! The coordinating striped envelopes are super cute too! I’m not 100% sure which color goes with which card but that’s okay!

Cute Rain Boots,

This card is so fun because of all the colorful boots. My first card was that bottom left hand card. Notice that the green boots don’t line up with the girl’s boots. Oppps! I didn’t realize that they matched up and so I just placed the boots down. ๐Ÿ™‚ No one will notice! This card has the clear raindrops on it that add just a little bit of texture and shine!


The bunny is adorable and makes this a fun Easter card! You can see that a I used the clear epoxy dots for this card. The photo doesn’t show it very well but there are like 3 above the flowers and 2 over by the bunny!

Waiting out the storm,

I’m not a huge fan of storms because….well…they are scary! Seeing these beautiful flowers and cute boots just proves to me that there is still beauty during the storm. There is hope that we will get through it and we will!

Paper Pumpkin is so much fun and I love getting something new each month that is a surprise! I love getting card kits that are perfect for the time of year we are in. Join in the fun with me and get Paper Pumpkin too! Click here to sign up for 1 month or as long as you want!

Happy Stampin’


February 2020 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The February 2020 Paper Pumpkin – A Lovely Day was just that. I had a wonderful time making these 9 cards that are just amazing!

February 2020 Paper Pumpkin,

This set of cards is my favorite!!! I love the pretty flowers and polka dot background. The other cool thing about this set is that the stripes have a little tab and slides into the polka dot side for a fun opening. It is super cute!!! The envelopes with the stripes and rounded end opening are fabulous too!

Lovely Birthday,

This set of cards is the tricky ones. First I stamped the flower on the front and it lines up very well. Then I stamped the greeting on the label…no problem. When I went to assemble, my greeting was stamped to wear the lovely covered it up some. I ended up cutting the stamped label apart in order to make this work. My tip is to place the lovely down as a guide to see where you need to stamp the greetings.

This is the last set and while I love the fun cake, I almost wish I would have stuck with blues and greens for a set of masculine cards rather than adding in the Rococo Rose. They are still super cute though. The cake actually peeks through that die cut out hole!

Which set is your favorite from the February 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit?? Let me know in the comments below! Want to get signed up for the March Kit, click here. The sneak peak for March is that it will be Spring, Weather, Rain Boots, AND it will include 2 stamp sets to celebrate Paper Pumpkin’s 7th Birthday!!!! Click here to check out past kits!!

Happy Stampin’


January 2020 Paper Pumpkin!

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I’m BACK!!! I actually got my Paper Pumpkin complete in the month! I think it’s been like 2-3 months since I’ve gotten it done like that. So without further ado….here is the January 2020 Paper Pumpkin!!!

January 2020 Paper Pumpkin,

Look at all of these goodies! This kit was for a sure a nice haul! There are 20 little treat bags with tags AND 10 mini cards and envelopes. I still had leftover goodies too. I love the colors because I think they go well for Valentine’s Day but also Spring. Those pastels are fabulous!

Let's Bee Friends,

I think that these bags are super fabulous because the mint print on them is actually shiny foil AND it’s on the front and back. It’s a super fabulous touch and again perfect from now till Spring! The little tags were super easy to assemble. I would say tying them on was probably the hardest!

Mini Heart Cards,

These mini cards are super cute and I even stamped on the envelopes with some Highland Heather Ink. It’s the perfect finishing touch! Another tip is that I used the Stampin’ Pierce Mat for the background image on the cards. This gives a nice smooth stamped image each time with such a large stamp. Stay tuned tomorrow to see this in action! I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of mini cards but I’ll use them around Valentine’s Day or drop them in an order or something. You could always cut them up and place it on a full sized card base too! There are lots of possibilities with the January 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit!

Join in the fun and get the February Paper Pumpkin Kit with me. It will be 9 full sized cards and it coordinates with the Happy Birthday to You Sale-A-Bration Stamp Set which is a cake. I like cake so I’m excited! Click here to join now! You can cancel at any time or skip a month at any time. You can also purchase PrePaid Subscriptions and earn Sale-A-Bration Freebies! Click below to get those!

Happy Stampin’


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December 2019 Paper Pumpkin!

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This was my favorite Paper Pumpkin kit in awhile. I loved the colors and patterns. The best part of all was that the December 2019 Paper Pumpkin included 12 cards for all occasions! I was able to stock up on the ones I need the most.

December 2019 Paper Pumpkin,

Aren’t these amazing??? There are 4 of each of these cards and the adorable little envelopes too! You have florals (YIPPEEE), and masculine stripes, and polka dots. It’s like there is something for everyone! I love it. Did I mention the stamp set that came in the kit has 14 images. FOURTEEN! Paper Pumpkin is so fabulous! Click here to sign up and not miss another month of this fun!

Hey Friend,

So of course my favorite card is this floral one. You all know I love floral prints. The foil images were stickers which made this kit quick and simple. No crazy adhesive or glue needed. Just stick and go! This time of year, it was perfect to just create and get something done fast!

Birthday Cards For All Year,

I struggle with masculine cards so I had to make these all birthday ones so I could bulk up my stash for the year. Haha These will last a month, maybe 2 with my big family. ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, quick and simple with the stickers and yet a stunning look with that foil shine!

From the Bottom of My Heart,

This one was probably the “hardest” if you want to call it that. Getting the spacing of the flowers correct so that the greeting fit in the middle was maybe a bit tricky. You can see each card has different spacing. You really have to look to see it though. This kit was just so much fun and quick!

I can’t wait to see the January kit so I can do my Valentine treats with it. Always shooting for Auntie of the year with my nieces and nephews! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Stampin’


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September 2019 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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Happy Monday!!! The September 2019 Paper Pumpkin saves the day! I was able to put these together so quickly for Halloween treats. Still shooting for Auntie of the year with treats for my nieces and nephews! ๐Ÿ™‚

September 2019 Paper Pumpkin,

I love that these boxes are big enough to hold regular candy but small enough not to break the bank! Candy is so expensive it seems. After assembling the boxes, I added the little tags. I didn’t stamp on the background like the instructions said because I thought that wasn’t necessary! They are still super cute!

Skeleton Treat Boxes,

I did go super simple for the kid’s treat boxes because after all we know they just want the treats! Using the die cut skeletons from the kit, I added one so the side of the box.

There are so many extras in the September 2019 Paper Pumpkin Kit to create the treat boxes, cards, and so much more! I love that Paper Pumpkin makes holidays simple and I have plenty of goodies for other projects too!

If you would like to try out Paper Pumpkin and have it save you for your next holiday or project, click here to sign up now! If you want to see past kits, click here!

Happy Stampin’


August 2019 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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I actually got my August 2019 Paper Pumpkin Kit complete and almost all used up! The day after it arrived I completed 3 gift bags to use right away!!! Paper Pumpkin to the rescue!

August 2019 Paper Pumpkin,

Aren’t these amazing?!?!?! I’m loving them so much! They are big enough to hold a small treat but not so big that you have to buy 3 bags of candy just to fill them. I put 6 Lindt Truffles in there and it was perfect! PS: Lindt truffles are sooooo amazing. I tried out Butter Pecan, Sea Salt, and Fudge Swirl and they are all heavenly!

The tags were super easy to put together and I love the greetings. I actually forgot the gold sequins on the first 3 bags so I have LOTS leftover. In fact, I have tons of goodie left over to make more tags for bags or to add to a card front. Look at all of this leftover goodie!

Paper Pumpkin leftovers,

The first gift bag went to a friend of mine who let me crash on her couch one night while I was attending a Stamp Event! Then I took in 2 bags for Claire’s teachers at the program she is attending 2 days a week. They loved it so much and the one teacher almost cried when I handed them over. That melted my heart and is exactly why I do what I do. Not that I want people to cry but I want to bring joy to others with my cards, gift bags, and homemade goodies. I have 3 left and lots of events coming up that I need a little thank you gift for!

Thankful for Family Like You,

I am not sure whether I need this for a friend or family member but I made a few tags for each. When it comes time to use it, all I have to do is pop off the Stampin’ Dimensional backs and stick it on. It’s perfect! I am just loving the August 2019 Paper Pumpkin Kit!

If you love Halloween, you NEED to sign up for the September Paper Pumpkin Kit! It’s a spooky one! Click here to get signed up before the 10th of the month!!! If you would like to check out the September Kit from last year, click here!

Happy Stampin’