Lovely Lavender Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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The January 2024 Paper Pumpkin Kit came in HOT with this stunning Lovely Lavender Kit! I love the shades of purple and that purple foil is just amazing!!!

Lovely Lavender Paper Pumpkin Kit,

I love the purple foil trim on this card so much. Also the fun way the greenery and lavender pop through the cut out and feel so 3D makes me happy! As for the greeting, I really contemplated it. Anniversary cards are really lacking in my stash and I thought this would be perfect for that. Then I decided I didn’t want to get up and look for an Anniversary greeting AND why not make 4 Valentine’s Day cards. Valentine’s Day is a favorite of mine because I love sharing/showing my love. Sometimes I like to have a kit push me into making cards of a certain variety so that I send them out. So now I have 4 Valentine’s Day cards to send to those I love! 🙂

January Paper Pumpkin Kit,

This card would actually make a great Anniversary card! I loved the bouquet look with one stamped image and three die cut pieces. It is just stunning. I think I could have done without the twine and maybe added some bling but that’s my personal opinion. I love these cards!!!

BONUS Paper Pumpkin Tags,

BONUS: I didn’t even notice this at first glance. The popped out piece from the first card is actually made into a tag. How fabulous!?!?! I shared a few of these pieces with Claire so mine didn’t all look like the directions but that’s okay!

This Lovely Lavender Paper Pumpkin Kit coordinates with the Perennial Lavender Suite in the Mini Catalog!!! So if you are loving this, check out that Suite here!

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All The Best – Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The December Paper Pumpkin Kit – All The Best was just that THE BEST! I absolutely love this kit! The blues and yellows together and the flowers make my heart happy. The fun greetings and font are perfect for many occasions! Then there is the gift box which is perfect for December!!!

All The Best Paper Pumpkin,

I love all of these cards so much that I don’t think I can even rank them! The gold foil accents really make it POP! It takes it from a beautiful card to WOW, that’s stunning! The card above was super simple and my only tip is to make sure your flower has just 1 Stampin’ Dimensional on it. Also, be sure the placement of that Dimensional is on the left hand side so it nooks into the greeting without being doubled up!

Hello Friend Greeting Card,

This card is perfect to have on hand for any occasion or for when you need to send a card just because you thought of someone! Do you send cards like that?!? Randomly think of your Great Aunt and just pull out a card and send it to her to brighten her day?! I try to but don’t get it done as often as I would like because the kids or something tend to distract me and then I forget. On this card, I actually didn’t read the instructions. SHOCK! I popped up the circle greeting and then struggled with placement of adhesive to attach the flowers. If you put the greeting on flat and then pop up the flowers, it would be much easier! 🙂

December 2023 Paper Pumpkin,

This card has LOTS of gold foil and I love it! Then that POP of yellow. I love it! It’s like a black and white photo with one item in the photo colored! Also, it just needed like 3-4 Stampin’ Dimensionals on the big spots of the flower and then the stem is held with the greeting! We also can’t forget to shout out those stunning envelopes!

Acetate Gift Box Paper Pumpkin,

This kit also came with an acetate box so you can package up some cards and give them as a gift. The timing for this is PERFECT! Have a friend stopping by? Have a party you are attending and want a little something for the hostess? Grabbing coffee with a friend? Take this little box of cards as a gift and you are sure to bring a smile to their face!

What did you think of the December 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit – All The Best? Let me know in the comments below!

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Warmest Wishes Paper Pumpkin Kit!

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The November 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit – Warmest Wishes contained little glittered winter houses that are to be used as treat packaging! They are so shiny and cute!!!

Warmest Wishes Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The glittered snow really doesn’t show up in these photos and that makes me sad. The kit comes with the houses having the glitter on them already which is even better. YAH! Safe glitter! All you have to do is fold on the score lines, add wreaths with Stampin’ Dimensionals and the twine and tag! The kit also includes cellophane bags and wreath stickers to seal them closed. It is just sooooo cute!

My plan with this kit each year is to use it for neighbor gifts! I make Saltine Toffee and bag it up. We walk up and down the street dropping it off on porches for our neighbors! I do have a small problem with this Warmest Wishes Kit…’s too little! I could give everyone like 1 bite of the toffee but that is no fun! Soooooo I cut the houses into two. First, I cut the top at the roof and then I cut the bottom flap off so it’s just the front and back of the house. Next, I took the Very Best Trio Punch and added a little hole for ribbon at the top! Now I have a tag to attach to a bag of toffee! PERFECT! Also, since I cut them into 2, I now have twice as many!!! YAH!

November Paper Pumpkin Alternatives,

Did you get the Warmest Wishes Paper Pumpkin Kit? How are you using your kit this season? Let me know in the comments below!

December Paper Pumpkin!

December Paper Pumpkin,

Here is a sneak peak of the December Paper Pumpkin Kit! You have until December 10th to get signed up! This also means that it will arrive before Christmas Day if you need a gift under the tree for someone! Paper Pumpkin Subscriptions are also a fun gift idea for anyone because these kits are all inclusive and simple to create! Check out the options below!

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With Love & Gratitude!!!

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The September 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit – With Love & Gratitude was stunning! I loved the color combination and the amazing greetings!

With Love & Gratitude Paper Pumpkin Kit,

How cute is this little card?!? The sentiment is super fabulous for a just because card. I do wish the size of the card was mailable but not all cute cards are! Just means I need to hand deliver some kindness. A friend, neighbor, teacher, mailman, etc. would be the perfect recipient for a card like this!

Grateful For You Treat Bag,

Treat Bags…..not my favorite thing as I never know what to do with them. BUT not this time. I have been wanting to give a little card or treat to the car line workers at the kid’s school and the teachers and helpers. They are very kind and cheery and I’m so thankful for everything they do. I thought a little note of thanks would be perfect! These are just that! I was going to get some candy but honestly I think I’m going to wait for Halloween and use some of the kid’s candy because we all know they get way to much! Perfect!

What are you doing with your With Love & Gratitude Kit?!? Let me know in the comments below!

Be sure to sign up for the October Kit before the 10th of the Month! Click here to try it out! It’s Christmas themed!

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Meaningful Flowers Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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The August 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit was called Meaningful Flowers and I loved it! The flowers were a lotus and a forget me not. You all know how much I love flowers so this kit didn’t disappoint.

Meaningful Flowers Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The beautiful shades of blue and yellow are stunning. It makes me think of a sunrise and I love it. The instructions didn’t say to use the clear little dots but there were plenty leftover so I added them to the 5 flowers up front.

Forget Me Not Flowers Paper Pumpkin,

The card front is only a half sheet so you get that peek-a-boo effect on the top half. This does make it more difficult to write a message on the inside but you can use the inside of the card front which is white. The back of the card is not an option really because there is a beautiful flower description. Although you could always use the upper portion of the back of the card!

Love, Devotion, Memories,

How amazing is this message on the back?!?! I love it! It’s beautiful and it’s different.

Lotus Flower – Paper Pumpkin Kit!

Vellum Lily Pad Pond,

The second card in the kit is this stunning lotus flower. This card was super easy to put together. All you need to do is create a pocket with the vellum lily pads, stamp the greeting and add the clear dots! You can see the clear dots much easier in this card photo than the card above. The greeting “You are capable of amazing things” is so powerful and uplifting. I love it!

You are capable of amazing things,

I’m not sure if the recipient would do this, but you could always take the little flower and greeting out and put it in your car or on your mirror. It’s the perfect little message to brighten your day!

Lotus Flower Paper Pumpkin 2023,

The inside of this card is all white and perfect room for writing a message. The back of the card does have the beautiful flower description as well!

Which card is your favorite from this Meaningful Flowers Paper Pumpkin Kit?? I think I’m going with the forget me not card! Leave me a comment below!

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Fun In The Sun!!!

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The July 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit – Fun in the Sun was just that!!! This kit included 3 each of 3 designs that were bright and fun beachy theme! They were the perfect summer card to create right now!

Fun in the Sun, July 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

I honestly don’t know which one is my favorite because they all were super cool. The greetings were cheery and fun for these cards but also great to use again and again all year long!

July 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit, Stampin' Up,

All of these cards used the stair step technique which is really fun for creating a scene with you card. You can really add depth by adding a new layer on each of the steps. Just be sure when you place your adhesive on the image that it stays low enough to only hit the stair step and doesn’t adhere your card together.

Beach Themed Stampin' Up Card,

This one might be my favorite only because I love Adirondack Chairs. Also, the greeting is amazing and I feel it to my core! Which one is your favorite from this Fun in the Sun Kit?!? Let me know in the comments below!

Be sure to sign up for the August Paper Pumpkin Kit before the 10th! Click here to sign up now!

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Exploring In Color!!!

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I realized I never shared the May 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit – Exploring In Color! There have been many times I come back to my blog to look at a past kit so I thought I would still share this one even though it’s long overdue!

Exploring In Color May 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

This kit was very masculine and full of nature scenes. Honestly, the cards were so beautiful as is, I didn’t want to cover the scene! A simple greeting and some Linen Thread was perfect to create a quick and simple card. Many of the colors used in these cards are the NEW 2023-2025 In Colors – Wild Wheat, Boho Blue, Moody Mauve, Pebbled Path, and Copper Clay!

Father's Day Card May 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

This kit came at the perfect time because I created many of them with a Father’s Day greeting! I like to send out Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards to lots of men and women in my life so this kit was perfect for adding to my stash to send out!

May Paper Pumpkin Kit 2023 -

I am not sure that I have a favorite from this kit. All of them were about equal! Which one is your favorite?!?! Did you use them for Father’s Day Cards or just masculine cards?! Let me know in the comments below!

If you would like to get signed up for Paper Pumpkin, CLICK HERE!!!

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June 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit!

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I just realized I never shared the June 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit! Here are the beautiful cards that I created! Claire and I did this kit together and she used 1 of the card bases and then various pieces. This made my 3rd set of cards a little different from the instructions!

June 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit because I’m in love with that blue and white pattern. There is an antique dishes set that is blue and white and I love that too. Actually any blue glass makes me happy!!! I’m also excited that it’s not just this Kit, but I can continue creating with this beautiful pattern because of the coordinating Countryside Inn Designer Paper in the Annual Catalog!

I love the card above the most. At first I was hesitant with the greeting and thinking of when I would ever use this card. Then I realized, I should make these cards and make myself use them. I could give one to my parents after a visit or my sister when Claire and I go visit next week. Another one can go to the neighbor for having us over for a 4th of July party! See….make cards that are out of the box to make yourself use them!

Countryside Inn Stampin' Up,

This one is my second favorite! I love how that border is popped up and really gives dimension to the card. The color combination is also super fabulous! It’s the perfect card to have on hand for random #happymail to be sent out!!!

Welcome Inn Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The card above was created with the random leftover pieces I had. Since Claire used some vases and flowers and such for her card, I only had a few items left. I think it turned out fabulous and I really enjoyed stamping along with her to create these June 2023 Paper Pumpkin cards. She was even singing, “You can do anything, anything that you want.” It was super cute and also so true. You can copy a card that you see exactly or you can modify it. You can do anything that you like!!! Great advice from a 5 year old!

Be sure to get signed up for the July Kit before Monday!!! Click here to get your Kit!

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March 2023 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The March 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit was so fresh and fun! I love the pops of gold foil, the simple plants and uplifting greetings!!! This kit also came with 2 stamp sets which was extra fun! Paper Pumpkin is 10 years old! Woot Woot!

March 2023 Paper Pumpkin,

I think this one is my favorite mostly because of the greeting! This would make a great Mother’s Day Card but also any time. I feel like I could give this to a fellow Mom friend to brighten her day. It could be a birthday card for any of the women in my life. There are lots of ways to use this card!

Gold Polka Dots March Paper Pumpkin,

This card is my second favorite because I love polka dots! TIP: When I added the flower pot, I actually put a Mini Stampin’ Dimensional at the bottom of the pot so it would stay level with the popped up label. Then I added the glue dots at the top of the pot to adhere to the popped up label!

Plants on a Bookshelf,

Okay, I have to say, this is not my least favorite card. I love this one too but it just happens to be the final card in the kit. I love the whole bookshelf concept and all the pinks and purples with that hint of gold foil.

Which card is your favorite from the March 2023 Paper Pumpkin?!? Let me know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to sign up for the April Kit before the 10th! Click here to get started!

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Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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I can’t believe it’s the last day of February already! How have 2 months of the year already gone by?!? But I am excited about Spring. I have already started cleaning and putting a few scarves and hats away. It’s crazy, I know! After doing the February 2023 Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit, I’m even more pumped for Spring!

Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The pastel colors, rainbows, flowers, and adorable animals make perfect cards to send just because. These cards also have a fun peek-a-boo look through to the inside of the card that makes it super fun and display-worthy for sure! It does also make it tricky to write inside the card. If you have a simple greeting like “thinking of you! Love, Laura” then you could sneak it along the edge. Otherwise you can always write on the back of the card or slip in a little piece of paper with your note!

Rainbows and Duck Paper Pumpkin,

This card is my favorite because I love rainbows! A few tips for this card is to either leave the card base flat or slide in a piece of scrap paper when stamping the sun so that you don’t get a partial image on your rainbow. Another tip is to be careful when adding the clouds that you don’t add adhesive to entire back of the cloud because then you will seal your card shut. Just add adhesive to the edge where it overlaps the card base or another cloud.

Bunny with a kite February 2023 Paper Pumpkin,

This card is just so adorable with the bunny and flowers in the field! When attaching the kit, add a Mini Glue Dot to the front of the end of the string and the back of the tip of the kite. Then attach it to the card front. As for the placement for stamping the sun…..I just went for it. Be sure not to stamp it real close to the corner of the inside of the card. I guess technically you could close the card and stamp the entire sun in the corner and showing. It’s all personal preference!

Rainy Day Paper Pumpkin February 2023,

This card is adorable because of the cute animals and that greeting! I love it. Claire stamped with me when creating this Paper Pumpkin so I was short an umbrella and some clouds. This set of 3 cards each looked different because of that but that’s okay! You could always use fewer pieces and then create additional cards with those pieces. It’s always fun to try new things with Paper Pumpkin Kits!

What did you think of the Sunshine & Smiles Paper Pumpkin Kit?!? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to sign up for the March Kit before the 10th because it will have a special gift inside to celebrate 10 years!!! Woot Woot!!! I’m still in shock that it’s been 10 Years since Paper Pumpkin began. I feel like that was just yesterday. And yet I haven’t aged at all…..right!?! LOL

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