December 2021 Paper Pumpkin!

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I have completed the December 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit and it is SUPER CUTE! I love the pun greetings and the cute foods! I think these cards are perfect for silly #happymail for the next month or so!

December 2021 Paper Pumpkin,

There are 3 each of these 3 designs and the coordinating envelopes are adorable too!!! There are so many different greetings to use for each of these as well as inside greetings! I love it!

Homemade greeting card kit,

I think the cherries are my favorite! I love the smiley faces but I thought the sad faces worked well with the greeting – That’s the pits! For this card, I did forget to add the rectangle vellum layer behind the greeting but I think it still looks fabulous! There were 3 extra cherry sprigs so I added those to the inside corner of the cards!

Beginner Card Craft,

This is my 2nd favorite card. I figured since I used the greeting with “bunch” I needed to put more than one banana on the front. This used up all of them so I didn’t decorate the inside of the cards with bananas! I guess I could always stamp them and color them in! I did remember the vellum circle on this card though! It’s really subtle in the photos! Do you like to use vellum for a subtle look or meh!?!? Let me know in the comments below!

Very Punny Cards,

I found these greetings to be super cute but also something I might not use as often. The faces are hilarious though! Also a little tip for you….add adhesive along the thought bubble as close to the edge as possible. Then set it on top of the scallop edge to adhere to the card. Trying to adhere that little scallop die cut alone is super hard but adding it to a bigger piece helps.

Which card from the December 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit did you like the best?!?! Don’t forget that there is still time to sign up for the January Paper Pumpkin Kit – Hugs & Kisses! It is all regular sized cards but a box add-on kit if you need treats! Click here to sign up!

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November 2021 Paper Pumpkin!

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I know I am way behind on posting this but I did remember to take photos before they left the house to those we love! The November 2021 Paper Pumpkin came in handy for Claire’s teachers and our neighbors!

November 2021 Paper Pumpkin,

I was able to roll a pair of fluffy cozy socks (REALLY TIGHT) and shove it into the little box and then I placed it into a large cellophane bag and dropped some chocolates in. I had to put them in a bag or Claire would have eaten all of the chocolate before they got to her teachers! Super cute and the tags and twine came in handy for added cuteness!

Homemade Holiday Neighbor Gifts, Paper Pumpkin,

The rest of the boxes were stuffed with bags of Ritz Toffee and we took them to the neighbors! This stuff is AMAZING and so quick to make…..and so easy to inhale! 😉 I just love how it packaged up so cute to gift to everyone!

The November 2021 Paper Pumpkin saves the day again and I love it! My December Kit has arrived and I’m working on it now! It’s super cute with the puns! Now is the time to sign up for the January Kit which is themed Hugs & Kisses! The kit is all cards but there is an option to purchase a Treat Box Add-On perfect for Valentine’s Day!!! Paper Pumpkin for the win again and I love that it comes a month early to help me be prepared! Woot Woot! Click here to get signed up!

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September 2021 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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I realized I never posted the September 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit! While I am late I still wanted to share it so that I could look back on this kit! It was super cute and fun and made the perfect treat boxes for Fall!

September 2021 Paper Pumpkin,

The little boxes weren’t really that hard to put together especially since they are scored and have exact adhesive strips provided! TIP: Be careful “curling” or working the top little pieces that curve in. I used my bone folder to get the paper to curl in and I accidently ripped off a few of the little notches….ops! I wish I had good advice for notching each of the things at the top but I feel like I don’t even know! Some of them seemed to just connect so easy and others I struggled with like I lost my groove! LOL

Pumpkin Treat Boxes,

Claire actually helped me on these a little bit and then of course she “helped” make it more chaotic too! We did faces on some and added leaves to others. I did have TONS of faces and leaves left over. I also ended up not using the tags or the curly cues because I didn’t want to overcomplicate things and I felt they didn’t stay on well. Oh well, another project will enjoy them more!

The wheelbarrow box was super fun! I thought you have got to be kidding me when I heard it. So for that reason alone, I thought I have got to try this! My cutting skills are not the neatest and perfect but it actually came together pretty easy and looks okay! This won’t be a decoration piece I’ll keep for years to come though.

Some of the treats have just candy and others have a mini Playdoh in there as well as candy! They were perfect to gift to neighbors, friends and stamp class attendees!

You can sign up for Paper Pumpkin and join in the magic of the surprise and fun! These kits are perfect for beginners but also the avid crafter. So fun and perfectly sets you up for the upcoming holidays! Click here to get the November Paper Pumpkin!

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October 2021 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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The October 2021 Paper Pumpkin did not disappoint at all! These stunning cards are beautiful and added 10 more cards to my stash to send out this season! Woot Woot!!!

October 2021 Paper Pumpkin,

These cards were fairly quick and simple to create! If you watched the video of me creating these, you will see my big woopsy but that’s okay! I made it all better! You can check it out here!

My biggest tip for this kit would be to stamp the trees on the plaid printed paper first and set it aside. I found that the plaid paper had a bit of a slick feel to it and the ink took a bit longer to soak in. To avoid smearing it just stamp first and set it aside!

Stampin' Up Card Kit,

Don’t forget to stamp the inside of the cards as well. The stamp set comes with some super cute images to use! For the plaid tree card, I stamped the trees along the bottom as shown above. For the snowy tree card, I stamped the snowflakes in opposing corners as shown below! Just a fun added touch!

Christmas Card Craft Kit,

Paper Pumpkin is super fun to enjoy some stamping and creating fabulous projects that coordinate with the upcoming seasons/holidays! The November Paper Pumpkin Kit is going to be adorable snowman gift packaging! I can’t wait for it to arrive to use for teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, and possibly even delivery men/women gifts! Cute and simple! Click here to get signed up for this kit before November 10th!

November Sneak Peak,

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August 2021 Paper Pumpkin!

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Welcome all of my Lisa Frank Lovers!!! The August 2021 Paper Pumpkin reminds of just that! Pinks, purples, and teals with fun flowers and butterflies!!! I LOVE IT!!!

August 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

It’s really hard for me to pick out my favorite because I love all 3 sets of cards so much! I’m going with this set because it has both butterflies and flowers! Those colors and that amazing greeting are just FABULOUS!! These cards are perfect #HappyMail cards because they are generic!

The Hope Box Stampin' Up,

These cards have a super fun pattern with those banners. It almost makes me want to use 1 banner each on a different style of card to really extend this kit even farther. I went by the instructions though because I love this look too!

Hope and Butterfly Greeting Cards,

The greeting on this card is so uplifting and the way Hope and Tomorrow POP is just so cool! Also, I haven’t mentioned it yet but the bling in this kit is top notch! So sparkly and fabulous!

Decorate Paper Pumpkin Stampin Up,

Here are the leftovers for creating the Hope Box! I’m not sure if I’m going to decorate it or use these pieces to make more cards. What do you think I should do?!?! I’m just pumped there is an entire roll of that soft purple ribbon and look at all of the leftover bling! Woot Woot!

If you would like to join in the Paper Pumpkin fun, get signed up for the September kit before the 10th by clicking here! The September Kit contains supplies for making 12 treat boxes for Fall or Halloween!

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July 2021 Paper Pumpkin!!!

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Omg I’m so behind! I realized I never shared with you the July 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit! It was super cute and I have actually sent out all of the cards already! The perfect cards for back to school and sending those kids off!

July 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

This card is super cute with that little camper and while I didn’t send it to anyone who was actually going camping, the greeting was perfect! I sent this one to my niece who went off to college! The fun thing about these cards is that they are 3 panels….the front opens to the left with that die cut window and camper and then the trees that you see in the background open as another panel to the right. This makes for a perfect LARGE space to write on this inside and I loved it!

Greeting Card Craft Kit,

This card is so moving to me. That beautiful scene and bright shining moon and a greeting that is so uplifting! Also, have I mentioned how AMAZING those sequins are?!?! They are stunning and there was enough to put like 5 on each card! Eeeeeee

Summertime Lightening Bugs,

Lightening bugs remind me so much of summertime childhood. I spent many hours as a kid catching them and putting them in jars or chasing them around the yard. This card is special to me for that reason and again I love the uplifting greeting!

If you want to see this kit in action, check out my Facebook Live!!! Like and follow me on Facebook to see more Paper Pumpkin Reveals and other fun card making projects!

The August Paper Pumpkin kit is already out and it was a Hope Box which I will be sharing soon. There is still time to get signed up for the September Paper Pumpkin Kit. It is Fall themed and features 12 treat boxes to use for any occasion this Fall or even Halloween! Click here to sign up!

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Hope Box!!!

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We all need hope sometimes….all the time even! Hope that the kids take long naps. Stay safe and healthy is another hope. Hope that we wake up to see another day. There are so many blessings in our lives but yet we still have hopes and dreams! The August Paper Pumpkin Kit is a Hope Box to keep us all going strong!

Hope Box - Paper Pumpkin August 2021 -

The colors and the butterflies make me super giddy and excited! I can’t wait for this box to arrive! This kit comes with stamps, an ink spot, and all the supplies to create 9 regular sized cards. Now that Stampin’ Up wraps the boxes in cellophane for shipping, it comes clean and perfect to use as a hope box…..or a gift box! The coordinating colors are Bermuda Bay, Blackberry Bliss, Bumblebee, Melon Mambo, Petal Pink, Pool Party, Poppy Parade. Eeee This color combination has me squealing! Beware that when it arrives and I do my unboxing and reveal, there will be lots of excitement!!!!

Sign up for this August Paper Pumpkin Kit here!!! You can enjoy Paper Pumpkin for just August or continue for as long as you wish! One of the things I LOVE about Paper Pumpkin is that it provides greetings for all year long. If you subscribe for a year, you will be getting Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thankful, and Christmas stamps. You will also get a few varieties of birthday, thank you, thinking of you, to/from and more. It’s a perfect collection! If you would like to see the past Paper Pumpkin Kits to get an idea of the kits, click here! Also, you can skip a month at any time if you are busy or aren’t interested in the kit that month.

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Expressions In Color Kit!!!

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The June 2021 Paper Pumpkin arrived and I was super excited because the box was splattered with pinks and purples! The Expressions In Color Kit included 2 ink spots – Evening Evergreen & Bumblebee which super surprised me. Also, I can’t say this was my favorite kit. Although nothing compares to the April Kit right now! That one was AMAZING!

Expressions In Color Paper Pumpkin Kit June 2021,

My favorite card of all of these is actually the yellow one in the upper left hand corner! I just love how that “greenery” is so foofy and jumps off the card making it look so fabulous! The greeting “sending hugs” warms my heart too!

In all of my crafting, I’ve never really loved vellum. There are times I like it and think I should use it more and then there are times I’m just like….it’s not my thing. Today, it’s not my thing. I feel like the vellum on the green and purple cards isn’t bold and bright enough for me. You know me and my love for bold images and how I break crayons because I press too hard. Welp, this vellum just doesn’t do it for me. What about you? Do you love vellum?

Still a fun kit and cards added to my collection! Can’t wait to see what the July Kit is going to be. Click here to join the Paper Pumpkin fun and get signed up!

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May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit!!!

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Finally I’m back on my routine…..a bit! I never got a chance to complete the March and April Paper Pumpkin kits and post them. Stay tuned as I hope to get them completed soon because I need cards! The month the May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit arrived and I opened it and assembled it all in one sitting! You can check out the video of that here!

May 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit,

The Kit contained supplies for 9 cards – 3 each of 3 designs and this one is my favorite. I love pinstripe baseball pants. There is just something about them that makes them so cute! So I made one for Brad for Father’s Day since it’s my favorite. The other 2 will probably be used as birthday cards for some of my baseball fan family members!

Baseball Greeting Cards,

This set was super simple and fun! I did one with Dad on it and one of the 3rd set with Dad on it so Brad and I can use them for our Dad’s on Father’s Day! As for the other 2, probably more birthday cards for boys! Not that a girl couldn’t get one of these cards but I struggle with masculine cards so I need all the ones I can get. Thank you Paper Pumpkin!

These are super cute and probably my 2nd favorite! I have 1 Brother so I plan to use this card for his Father’s Day card! It’s perfect and fun! The little red and yellow dots really make these cards pop more and give great texture! I love it!

June Paper Pumpkin,

Be sure to sign up for the June Paper Pumpkin Kit which includes not one but TWO ink spots! Woot Woot! Also, these beautiful colors are enough to make my heart jump! Paper Pumpkin is a great activity to do with the kids this summer too! Sign up and try it out for a month or more! Click here to get your June fun!!!

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February 2021 Paper Pumpkin!

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The February 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit was super simple and fabulous! I totally messed up on a few of mine but I still love the way they turned out! Which one is your favorite??

February 2021 Paper Pumpkin,

My favorite one is the bouquet card. The colors, the flowers, and that sweet greeting are just amazing! This is a greeting I can see me using on future cards as well! I will say I’m not so sure black sequins was the correct look for these cards but……I can use them on another project since I have a lot leftover!

Monthly Card Kit,

The Thinking of You card is my second favorite! I love that gold vellum. For the first card, I added adhesive all around the edge under the gold foil but I could still see it through. On the other 2 cards, I added adhesive on opposite corners (under the flowers) and a small day on the other 2 corners. This was more subtle and looked much better!

Thinking of You Stampin' Up Greeting Card,

This card is my least favorite and I realized I totally forgot the twine which makes it super simple and a little plain. The gold foil is stunning so really it does so much for this card and I still like it but it is plain! I don’t know what I was thinking to not add the twine. The black sequins seemed a little “dark” for the card.

Homemade Sympathy Card,

I just love Paper Pumpkin kits because they are always keeping my card stash full with cards for every occasion! The color combinations inspire me and give me ideas! I also enjoy just creating for fun without coming up with the idea and having to cut everything for it! It’s perfect!!! If you liked this February 2021 Paper Pumpkin and would like to try out it out for a month or more, click here to sign up for the March Kit before the 10th!

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