Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit!

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I always love to think about what I would pick if I joined Stampin’ Up right now!!! When I joined 17 years ago, it was a set kit but now you get to pick out anything you want for $125 and now during Sale-A-Bration you also get a Free Bundle!! So here is my Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit picks right now!!!

Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit with Stampin' Up,

My Free Bundle that I would pick is the Frosted Gingerbread Stamp Set and coordinating dies! This is one of the more expensive bundles and I really want to get the most bang for my buck!!! While this set seems like it is for just the holidays, there is actually a lot more that you can do with it. The Frosted Gingerbread Stamp Set has a detailed border image that could be used for anything and the bell could be a wedding or anniversary image. The snowflake works for all winter long too! Then there are the coordinating dies which are fabulous for sooooo many things! There is a total of 20 dies with various sizes of circles and a star that can be used all year long! I love it!

Stampin' Up Free Bundles For Joining,

Now for the $125……the Mini Cut & Emboss Machine was my #1 pick! I am LOVING that thing soooo much more than I thought I would. It is so convenient and little to have on my desk or nearby. I love it because it is so quick to crank through an image so easily! Plus all of the images in the Frosted Gingerbread fit in the Mini Cut & Emboss Machine! Next, I picked coordinating products to the Gingerbread Suite – the designer paper and ruffled ribbon! Another favorite item of mine right now is the Scalloped Contour Dies. I just love those scallop rectangles for greetings and focal points on my cards! They are amazing! Then to round out my kit, I went with the Take Your Pick Tool to try to reach exactly $125. I did fall short by $0.50 but I feel like I did pretty good.

These are my Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit picks! What would you pick out if you had $125 in product to choose from?? If your wish list is over $100, think about joining Stampin’ Up for this amazing offer that you would only pay $99 for! You also get so much more too – a discount on future orders, fun and fellowship with other stampers, and so much more!!! There are no obligations as a demonstrator and if you wish to no longer be on, that’s okay too! If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out! If you are ready to join in the fun, click here!

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Aloha…from our home!!!

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Last week was Stampin’ Up’s incentive trip for the past 2 years to Maui!!! While I earned both trips, we decided to cash out the trip rather than attend in person because of Covid and having a baby! Stampin’ Up! as well as my upline spoiled us all week with Hawaiian fun! It was amazing! Here is a little Aloha…from our home rather than from Maui!

Aloha Stampin' Up Incentive Trip,

It is so exciting and amazing to be in the Top 1% of the company and earn trips! I feel so proud of myself for what I have accomplished but I also am just so thankful for all of you!!! There is no way I could have done it without all of you and for that – THANK YOU!!! I appreciate all of you for your support and love. It truly means the world to me and my family!!

I am also very thankful for my amazing upline who spoiled us with towels, flamingos, and Hawaiian fun so we could celebrate at home. It wasn’t quite the same as being in Maui in person I don’t think but it was amazing. Right now family is my top priority and leaving the kids back wasn’t an option we wanted to take. Taking them on a 12 hour flight was also an option we didn’t want to take! It was wonderful to get spoiled still while staying home with the kids! Stampin’ Up sent a box of Aloha last week as a little taste of fun! They are also sending another box of goodies that should be arriving in a few weeks. Stay tuned as I will be doing an unboxing of those goodies on my Facebook Page – Laura’s Stamp Pad!!

Again, thank you all for your love and support and here’s to many more days, weeks, and months of stamping fun!!! Aloha…from our home and happy stampin’


Baby Aaha is Here!!!

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Okay so he has been here for 8 weeks now….WOW! I know I can’t believe that either! I have been feeling soooooo much better for 8 weeks now. I was so huge and so uncomfortable the last few months I was pregnant. After begging my Doctor to just take Baby Aaha out NOW, he came 2 days prior to our original plan! I took in chocolate chip cookies as a thank you for granting my wishes! LOL

Baby Aaha is here,

Baby Aaha became Alex on St. Patrick’s Day!!! He was born weighing 9 pounds, 5 ounces!!!! BIG BOY!!! Although I still find him to be my tiny little ball of squish!!! I just can’t help kissing him all over and I will continue until he won’t let me anymore! ๐Ÿ™‚ I did have another C-section and all went well. We came home and were so excited to see Claire and she is in love with Alex from the moment she saw him. She calls him her baby and always wants to hold him and see him. By “see him” she means her face just 2 inches from his because sitting nearby just isn’t enough apparently.

Everyone is doing well and I am slowly getting back into a groove. Things are still crazy since babies aren’t very routine and Claire is done with school next week so I really don’t know what my new schedule will be. I am still posting regularly on my Facebook Page – Laura’s Stamp Pad. That is the best place to see inspiration and details regularly! Email and text is always open for you to reach me with questions as well! I am still responding to those fairly quickly!

Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, and patience with me during the pregnancy with Baby Aaha and now that Alex is here!! You all mean so much to me and I appreciate you!

Happy Stampin’


My Favorites Starter Kit Picks!!!

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Tuesday, I shared my Beginner Starter Kit Picks and today I’m sharing my Favorites Starter Kit Picks. These are the items that I’m loving right now! If you have been stamping for a few months or even years or maybe decades and have decided to jump in and start enjoying that discount on products you love, remember you can customize your Starter Kit to anything you want. Here are my picks!

My Favorites Starter Kit Pick for Sale-A-Bration 2021,

Bundles are always a great deal because they are 10% off the individual price of the items. I’m all about getting the best deal and stacking the offers. I picked my 2 favorite bundles for this kit which I’m sure you aren’t surprised by! If you have followed me for even a hot minute, you know how much I LOVE FLOWERS!!! The Hydrangea Haven Bundle is so pretty and fabulous! Then there is the Many Messages Bundle which I have found to be so quick and simple to use and get lots of great greetings for any occasion! It’s amazing!

After those bundles, I needed a few filler items to round out my $125 in picks so I went with the Blended Brushes which are super fun and perfect for coloring the Hydrangea. Stampin’ Dimensionals because I just love those things and can’t get enough of them! Finally, I picked an embellishment to round it out! Technically I went with the Pastel Pearls which coordinate with the Hydrangea Bundle but mine haven’t arrived just yet so I popped in some Champagne Rhinestone for the photo! ๐Ÿ™‚

These products total $124.75 which is just $0.25 under the $125 max amount you get in your kit! All of this for just $99 plus tax. Shipping is FREE!!! BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Now during Sale-A-Bration which ends on February 28th, you will also receive 5 packs of double-sided Designer Series Paper – Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals, and In-Colors! That’s A LOT OF PAPER! Remember you can pick anything you want, these are just my favorites starter kit picks!

If you have been stamping for awhile and just love the product as much as me, think about joining for the amazing discount on items you love! Pick your favorites and get started! If you like mine click on the products below to purchase them individually or add them to your Starter Kit!!! If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out!!! When you are ready to get started, click here!

If you are just getting started, be sure to check out Tuesday’s post for my Beginner Starter Kit options!

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My Beginner Starter Kit Picks!!!

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Stampin’ Up offers an amazing deal with their Starter Kit all year long but during Sale-A-Bration it is even sweeter! Whether you are just getting started and want the best offer or you have been stamping for years and have decided that the discount would be amazing!!! I have my Starter Kit picks here in both categories so you can see my favorites and possibly an option for you if you have been thinking about it! Today, I’m sharing my Beginner Starter Kit picks. Thursday, I’ll share my favorites for someone who has been stamping awhile!

My Starter Kit Picks for A Beginner Stamper,

For someone just getting started with stamping, I always recommend Stampin’ Up’s All Inclusive Card Kits! These kits are amazing because they come with everything that you need to get started including ink, stamps, clear block, and adhesive. It’s the perfect way to get your feet wet and not feel overwhelmed. This is why I picked the Hello Dear Friend All Inclusive Card Kit (upper left corner)!!!

To go along with that kit, I chose the Melon Mambo and Old Olive Ink Pads because the stamps in the kit include a flower and stem. These colors are also used in the kit so any leftover pieces can coordinate well with these colors to create even more cards with the Whisper White Note Cards & Envelopes! (Misty Moonlight is the ink spot in the all inclusive kit!)

The other items I picked for a beginner come from the Zany Zebra Card Kit – Zany Zebra Stamp Set, pack of Basic White Cardstock, Clear Block D (always great to have 2 clear blocks), Memento Black Ink, Watercolor Pencils, and Stampin’ Dimensionals (MY FAVORITE)!!! This gives you a little more freedom to stamp and create while not feeling overwhelmed by a million products. Black is always a good basic ink color to have as well!

Finally, I picked the Shammy because after all, you will want to clean your stamps when you are done!

This is a TON of product that totals $121.75 which means you can pick something off the Clearance Rack to round out your $125 for the Starter Kit! All of this for just $99 plus tax. Shipping is FREE!!! BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Now during Sale-A-Bration which ends on February 28th, you will also receive 5 packs of double-sided Designer Series Paper – Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals, and In-Colors! That’s A LOT OF PAPER! Remember you can pick anything you want, these are just my beginner starter kit picks!

If you are just getting started and want the best offer our there, this is it! Click on the products below to purchase them individually or add them to your Starter Kit!!! If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out!!! When you are ready to get started, click here!

Come back Thursday to see my favorite Starter Kit Picks for someone who has some basics and just loves stamping!

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Leaders Summit!!!

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to “attend” an event that Stampin’ Up! put on for their leaders. Leaders Summit was technically suppose to be held in New Orleans but due to the pandemic it got moved to a virtual event. Thank goodness since Hurricane Laura (I promise I had nothing to do with that) came through the south last weekend!

Leaders Summit Stampin Up,

This event was AMAZING. Even though it was virtual, we were able to network with people all around the world, hear amazing talks, training, and enjoy a toast in Tiffany & Co Champaign Glasses! Stampin’ Up really knows how to spoil us and make us feel genuinely loved and appreciated! I am so proud to say I work for/with Stampin’ Up as it is an amazing company!

This event, as most Stampin’ Up events do, brought so many smiles, tears, laughs, deep thoughts, and all the good feels! It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday weekend AND I got to stay home and be with my family too! The breaks in between were perfectly timed that I got to eat with Brad and Claire and help with bedtime routine!

A few quotes that I loved and want to share with all of you are the following: “YOU ARE ENOUGH!” and “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can change the sails to still get in the direction I need to go!” I really thought about the I am enough quote all weekend and it honestly chokes me up each time. We are always wanting to do more and wishing we could do XYZ but really, we are enough. We are amazing and are perfectly perfect! Remember that. Repeat that. Know that you mean the world to me as a you are reading this! As for the other quote, life is messy and we can’t control everything. We can control our attitude and our outlook. Yeah, it’s a rainy day and we can’t play outside but we can make forts to snuggle in and watch movies all day. Okay, maybe that’s just me with a toddler…..who won’t watch movies all day but still! ๐Ÿ™‚ There is always positive in every situation. You just have to see it!

Okay I’m going to stop talking about Leaders Summit before you all fall asleep or think I’ve gone off my rocker again! ๐Ÿ™‚

NOTE: See that photo of Sara Douglas, CEO at Stampin’ Up! with the heart hands!!! Who did it first????? Did she steal that from me?? If you watch my Laura’s Dose of Stampin’ Therapy, you know I do that each time!!! She loves all of us as much as I love all of you!!! <3

One last comment…..if you want to join in the fun and be a part of this amazing company, there is a fabulous Promotion right now for new demonstrators. Click here for more details or stay tuned as I will have more details here next week!

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Claire Turned 2!!!

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Happy Monday, everyone!!! I wanted to share some pictures of Claire’s birthday party since I have talked about it so much lately! I still can’t believe Claire turned 2. Check out her Elmo Invitation here!

Claire Turned 2,

The Elmo t-shirt was not easy to find and this one came in an XS. Even with a hot wash, it was still rather large on her but that just means she can wear it for a LONG time! ๐Ÿ™‚ The little tutu was super cute but didn’t stay on for long because she jumped in her little pool after cupcakes!!

I made the Elmo Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches which turned out great. The only problem was some of the red icing bled into the white eye ball candies for a rough looking Elmo!

It is still crazy that Claire turned 2 last month when it also seems like I was huge and wondering when she was ever going to come! If you all remember those crazy days you have been following me for a while now! Thank you for coming along on this fun and crazy journey with me! I appreciate all of you!

Back to New Catalog product tomorrow!!! Happy Stampin’


Elmo Says….

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Good Morning, everyone! It has been awhile and don’t worry, I’m not gone forever. With all of the chaos of “stay at home” and a toddler, time has not been in abundance! Also, I chat with all of you on my Daily Dose of Stampin’ Therapy on Facebook each week day so you can still catch me there! Here is another project I have been busy with! Elmo says Claire is turning 2!!!!

"Elmo Says" Birthday Invitation,

Isn’t he the cutest ever?!?!?! This card was simple and turned out perfectly! I always love a little punch art. You can always check out some other fun ones here!

I started with a Real Red card base. Next, I cut a piece of Whisper White measuring 4″ x 5-1/4″ for the front. Using the retiring For the Love of Felt Stamp Set, I stamped the greeting in the lower left corner. I thought that the greeting worked well for an invitation for a party!! Then I tied some Silver Metallic Edge Ribbon around the card and placed it right above the greeting! Now it is all set to adhere to the card front!

Elmo Punch Art,

Now for the fabulous Elmo Punch Art piece, I used the Layering Circles Dies and Circle Punches. The scallop circle is the largest scallop in the Layering Circles Dies. For the eyes, I used 1″ Circles of Whisper White and 1/2″ Circles of Basic Black. The nose is also a 1″ Circle in Pumpkin Pie. For the mouth, I used Basic Black and only slid the cardstock in a bit so it wouldn’t punch the whole circle. It is a 2″ Circle. I would say it was a smidge less than a half of a circle.

The inside of the card was printed on my computer! Of course, I had to decorate the envelope as well to make it super fun! I used the retiring Around the Corner Stamp Set. It was perfect to have Sesame Street stamps too! Elmo says, “It’s fabulous!!!”

Check out the supplies below and don’t forget that the retiring item will be officially gone on June 2nd so don’t delay!!

Happy Stampin’


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16 Favorite Products!!!

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Happy Tuesday! To keep the celebration of my 16 years with Stampin’ Up going, I’m sharing my 16 Favorite Products!!! This has been an annual tradition for a few years now and I find it so interesting to see what they are! You can check out past years here and here!

16 Favorite Products,

These are my favorite products that I’m loving right now! What are some of yours?? Let me know in the comments below!

~Stampin’ Shammy – I use this so much and it’s AMAZING!!!
Champagne Rhinestones – Bling Bling in a fun, fabulous shade!!!
~Peaceful Moments Stamp Set – I love the greetings and that fabulous font!!!
Under My Umbrella Stamp Set – It’s perfect for Spring! Beautiful!!!
~Umbrella Builder Punch – Of course you have to get the coordinating punch!!!
Best Dressed Designer Series Paper – The flower side is just stunning!!!
~Take Your Pick Tool – This thing is so handy and makes crafting easy!!!
Ornate Style Stamp Set – That corner image is perfect for ALL Cards!!!
~Ornate Layers Dies – These are perfect for greetings, decoration, and more!!!

Lovely Lipstick & Daffodil Delight – These are my 2 favorite colors right now!!!
~Label Me Lovely & Label Me Fancy Punches – I grab for these for almost every card! Layering them and cutting them is super fun!!!
Stampin’ Blends…..ALL OF THEM! I am really starting to enjoy coloring because of these amazing markers!!!
~Daffodil Delight Ruched Ribbon & Petal Pink Metallic Edge Ribbon – Both of these are so beautiful and fun to use for any card occasion!!!

To see this all in action, check out the video below orย click here. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and donโ€™t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

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16 Years of Fun!!!

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Officially my anniversary was yesterday but that’s the weekend so let’s keep the celebration going all week long! After all it’s been 16 Years of Fun so let’s continue on!!!

16 Years of Fun,

Each year that my Stampin’ Up Anniversary comes up, I like to reflect on it all. First off, it’s crazy that I’ve been stamping for 16 years or doing anything that long! The more amazing thing is that I still love it after 16 years. I enjoy the creative aspect even though I really don’t feel that creative. A good copier is what I like to think I am! ๐Ÿ™‚

The biggest part of Stampin’ Up that keeps me going is the LOVE!!! Oh geez I may get emotional….good thing this isn’t a video! The people that I meet at stamping events and classes become like family to me. They/You have been there through the ups and downs of my life. They/You are part of my village for raising Claire and let me tell you, this village is amazing! I couldn’t do it without all of you! The smiles, tears, advice, and encouragement that I receive as well as others receive at my stamp classes, clubs, and events is AMAZING! Then there is the love that is mailed out or handed out that puts a smile on someone’s face. I can only hope they cherish that card and feel the love.

Stampin’ Up is not just a hobby or a job for me. It is so much more and I am happy that I jumped in with both feet after 1 workshop I attended. I didn’t order anything that night but took the catalog home. Flipping through it daily and thinking I need it all! Boy did I ever need it all!

So I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for being a part of my 16 years and making it so special. Here’s to another 16 and more!!! I will have a few specials going on this week so stay tuned!

Today, I’m starting 1 special which is DOUBLE LAURA’S LOYAL STAMPERS STICKERS! Use the Hostess Code: DWN2SQVV when placing your order online or send me your order and mention this offer!!! This offer is valid till Friday, April 24, 2020 at noon!!! Click here to start shopping and earning!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my TOP 16 Favorite Products right now and of course my Daily Dose of Stampin’ Therapy on Facebook each week day! Let’s continue celebrating 16 years of fun!

Happy Stampin’