June 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit!

I just realized I never shared the June 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit! Here are the beautiful cards that I created! Claire and I did this kit together and she used 1 of the card bases and then various pieces. This made my 3rd set of cards a little different from the instructions!

June 2023 Paper Pumpkin Kit, www.LaurasStampPad.com

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit because I’m in love with that blue and white pattern. There is an antique dishes set that is blue and white and I love that too. Actually any blue glass makes me happy!!! I’m also excited that it’s not just this Kit, but I can continue creating with this beautiful pattern because of the coordinating Countryside Inn Designer Paper in the Annual Catalog!

I love the card above the most. At first I was hesitant with the greeting and thinking of when I would ever use this card. Then I realized, I should make these cards and make myself use them. I could give one to my parents after a visit or my sister when Claire and I go visit next week. Another one can go to the neighbor for having us over for a 4th of July party! See….make cards that are out of the box to make yourself use them!

Countryside Inn Stampin' Up, www.LaurasStampPad.com

This one is my second favorite! I love how that border is popped up and really gives dimension to the card. The color combination is also super fabulous! It’s the perfect card to have on hand for random #happymail to be sent out!!!

Welcome Inn Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin Kit, www.LaurasStampPad.com

The card above was created with the random leftover pieces I had. Since Claire used some vases and flowers and such for her card, I only had a few items left. I think it turned out fabulous and I really enjoyed stamping along with her to create these June 2023 Paper Pumpkin cards. She was even singing, “You can do anything, anything that you want.” It was super cute and also so true. You can copy a card that you see exactly or you can modify it. You can do anything that you like!!! Great advice from a 5 year old!

Be sure to get signed up for the July Kit before Monday!!! Click here to get your Kit!

Happy Stampin’


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