Festive Tags!!!

The hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season is here!!! Shopping, List Making, Wrapping, Decorating, and Baking are being done each day! While there doesn’t seem to be much time for crafting or me time, this Festive Tags Kit can knock out 2 things on your list! Enjoy some craft time and prepare for gift wrapping.

Festive Tags Kit Collection, www.LaurasStampPad.com

The best part about this kit….wait there are LOTS of best parts! First of all, it is all inclusive with everything you need except scissors so no need to make a huge mess. Just get the box of tags and some scissors are you are ready to go! Next, it is super simple. There is no stamping with this kit so very minimal messes and it is very quick! You can follow the directions or create as you wish. Have fun with it and mix and match the tags.

Another fun thing about this kit is that you can add them to a card base and have a fabulous card as well! So if you decide that you don’t need that many tags or you need to whip up a quick card, simply pull out this kit and you are golden!

Snag one of these Festive Tags kits today and perhaps another one for a friend or family member. You can create them together over coffee or hot cocoa and enjoy some time together while still getting ready for the Holiday Season!

Happy Stampin’ and Happy Holidays!


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