Water Painters For The Win!

Stampin’ Up! Water Painters come in a 3 pack and they are amazing for watercoloring, creating backgrounds AND sealing envelopes rather than licking them!

Water Painters, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Stampin’ Up! Water Painters come as a 3 pack. There is a fine tip brush, a thicker (marker like tip) brush, and a wide, flat brush (as shown in blue above). These brushes are just $13.00 (plus tax and shipping) and you can do so many amazing things with them!

Simply fill the barrel with water and use to watercolor a stamped image. Once you are finished with a color, wipe off the tip on a paper towel and move to the next color. You can also create backgrounds with them. Stripes, polka dots, plaid, a border…..the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite things to use my Water Painter for is sealing envelopes. Especially during this time of year when I’m sealing lots of envelopes, it’s quick and simple and no watery mess. Best of all no nasty taste in my mouth or a paper cut on my tongue. So handy for so many reasons!

Get yours today for the holiday season and all year long!!

Happy Stampin’


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