Road Trip around Southern Indiana!!!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I’m going to share with you some of the fun I had last week during a little road trip around Southern Indiana! While a lot of my stamper friends were enjoying Thailand (Stampin’ Up’s Incentive Trip), I chose to not go on that one. I’m not a huge fan of flying, let alone that long! This road trip was part of my little treat to myself instead! Not the same views as they had but it was a real treat for sure!

Road trip around Southern Indiana,

My Mom, my husband, and I headed out on our adventure last Sunday! We stopped at different small towns along the way. Our first stop was New Harmony, Indiana which was super cute. We enjoyed a gold cart ride around town, stopping at shops and seeing the sites. It was really fun when the girls suggested we turn right with the golf cart to go down a “hill”. Luckily our wonderful driver, Brad saw that it was steps and not just a hill. 🙂 Good times and great adventures happened for sure!

Next stop was Frenchlick/West Baden Springs. We stayed at the castle that night and it was amazing! The grounds were beautiful and it was so cool. The center of the hotel has a giant dome which was the largest freestanding dome. Now we have sports stadiums that have since taken it’s spot. At night the ceiling lights up different colors. It was so beautiful. I wanted to take that lounge chair home with me. It was so comfortable and watching the colors change on the ceiling made it amazing! We stopped by the casino and put in a dollar for about 5 minutes of fun! I loved the front porch of the hotel with it’s swags, flags, and flowers.

Southern Indiana,

Our next stop was Louisville, Kentucky! We went to a cute Mom and Pop candy shop and watched them make candy. It was lots of fun and we got to try a warm cinnamon drop candy. They said each candy has difference levels of cinnamon and I think mine was HIGH! I bit into it rather than sucking on it and thought I might die. Wowza, it was hot! Also, we did a distillery tour where they made Brandy. It was very interesting to see and we got a tasting. I’m so not a drinker and just touching my lips to 2 different ones was more than enough for me. I’m still for sure not a drinker after that. We stopped by Churchhill Downs for a quick peak as we were running out of time.

After Louisville, we headed over to Madison, Indiana. We enjoyed the Ohio River, Clifty Falls, and lots of hiking in the woods. It was beautiful, fun, and HOT! Of course, we couldn’t pass by Bloomington, Indiana and not stop and seeing the largest brain. 🙂 We all expected it to be bigger! We enjoyed some more falls, covered bridges, and walks around state parks before getting caught in a storm and heading home. Last up was Casey, Illinois where we saw many of the World’s Largest items like a rocking chair, mailbox, knitting needles, wind chimes, pencil, and more. Also, if you ever wondered how short I was….I can still go through the Kid’s Entrance, with room to spare!

One of the other things I wanted to mention was my love for smashed pennies. I love getting smashed pennies and take photos with each of them. Any other penny smashers out there? If you are planning a trip to Southern Indiana, feel free to reach out or ask in the comments. I’m happy to share more information on any of the locations we went! We had an amazing time. I’m back to the Stamp Room now and playing with new stamps coming out in the Holiday Mini! Stay tuned!

Happy Stampin’


Bonus Days,

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip around Southern Indiana!!!

  1. Laura,

    Good Afternoon,
    I googled how to clean the embossing paste; your site popped up a few entries down.

    I looked at your card, and looked to see how to clean. Thanks….mine was s challenge to clean. Then I read your posts about Thailand. I was blessed to go as my Upline’s guest. I’ve been a Demo 2.5 years. I want to earn Greece. The plane ride is hideous to say the least. Meals were a challenge….if you can’t identify what is served…..Don’t eat it. Haha. Still so much to do and learn. This was a God sighting for me today. I was born in Evansville; and my family is from Elberfeld. :). I would like to follow you and maybe meet you sometime. Happy Sunday. . Thanks. Karen Oster

    • Oh how fabulous!!! That is so exciting!
      We had a wonderful time in Southern Indiana. I am over in Paris, IL a lot doing stamp events. Are you close to there? I would love to meet up sometime! ~Laura

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