Technique Tuesday – Creating a Pop & Twist Card!!!

Happy Tuesday!!! Today’s technique is this amazing Pop & Twist Card. It’s one of those super WOW cards that you won’t really make tons of them but making at least one is super fun!!! Don’t worry, I did a video tutorial too to help out!

Pop & Twist Card,

Okay, so the front looks pretty simple but that’s because the inside is the major WOW for this card!!! I got the idea for this card from LeeAnn Greff and made a few changes with the way I created it! Thank you, LeeAnn! Now let’s get started on this beauty!

I started with a Pacific Point card base measuring 11″ x 4-1/4″. For the front, I used a piece of Party Animal Designer Series Paper (5″ x 3-3/4″). This designer paper is retiring and on sale!!! Woot Woot! I wrapped some Emerald Envy Ribbon around the card and added a little Party Animal Embellishment with some Whisper White Baker’s Twine! I stamped the greeting from the Balloon Adventures Stamp Set in Pacific Point Ink.

Side View - Pop & Twist,

Now for the inside…here’s the tricky part! 🙂 Don’t worry! I will walk you through it all. I found it best to create a template using normal printer paper because then you can practice without wasting cardstock. It was easier to create some of the folds with the printer paper and use them as a guide on cardstock as well. So with the printer paper (or your actual cardstock for the card), I made the following score lines:

Along the 11″ side: Score at 4-1/4″, 5-1/2″, and 6-3/4″

Along the 8-1/2″: Score at 2-1/4″, 4-1/4″, and 6-1/4″

Next, these scores create rectangles in each corner of the cardstock so I cut those off. I was left with a sort of cross looking template that was wide going up and down and little going side to side. I folded on the score lines but not each of them, just in half going both ways! The next 2 folds are the tricky ones because you will be folding diagonally. This fold is not corner to corner, it is actually line to line. With the thick/wide piece at the bottom/closest to you, fold  the right hand (small piece) diagonally down. Go down to where the middle score line of the small piece lines up with the middle score line of the wide piece. This will create a diagonal line with the center, in the middle of your folded cross lines from scoring above. You will notice that the diagonal line doesn’t go corner to corner but just past it. That is correct! Next I rotated it 90 degree and folded diagonally again, creating an X. All red lines in the photo below are the lines I folded on.

Pop & Twist Template,

Now I used this template for all of my card inserts. I just found it much easier to place on the top of the cardstock, score diagonally and fold than it was to try to get the cardstock to fold correctly the first time without the template. To finish the insert, I popped in the sides (small pieces). Mountain on that middle score line and valley on the sides. This will create a house look to the cardstock. Next, place it in your Stampin’ Trimmer with the point of the house at 5-1/4″ and trim off the extra. It should be about a 1/4″. This is so it fits into your card base perfectly and helps even things out on your little house.

Using Fast Fuse or Tear And Tape (a strong adhesive), outline one side of the house! I placed it inside the card, centered and sticky side up and then pressed the top closed to adhere it. Flip it over and repeat! Don’t try to place the sticky part on the card without closing it because then it might not close correctly. It could be off set a bit and you will want it to close and lay smooth. Now I can add my decoration pieces to either side. I used a piece of Party Animal Designer Paper (3″ square) to the left side and Whisper White (3″ square) to the right side so I could write my message.

Technique Tuesday,

Next up is the amazing pop out piece! I cut a piece of Crushed Curry measuring 2-3/4″ x 11″ and scored at 2-3/4″, 5-1/2″, and 8-1/4″. This creates four 2-3/4″ squares. I placed pieces from the Party Animal Designer Series Paper onto each square. Just be sure that all of your patterns go in the same direction, up and down. To add this, I like to use Tear & Tape because you can place it down and then reveal the sticky later! I placed a small piece in the upper left corner and lower right corner of the small pieces sticking out the sides (see template above). This is because the insert (Crushed Curry piece) will adhere to the top of one panel and the bottom of the other, making it twist sideways!

I placed the insert in there to make sure that my patterned pieces were going to twist right side up when I opened the card. Then I peeled off one of the pieces of tape and attached it. The piece will line up (on top of) the white or designer paper you placed down above. If it is centered on that and to the edge, you are golden. You don’t want the insert in too deep or our too far. Making sure the other adhesive side is on the opposite, reveal the sticky and press your card closed to adhere. Now it Pops & Twists! I found the first few times, you have to help it close up as it’s still a little stiff!

Of course to see this all in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new!

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Happy Stampin’


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  1. Thanks so much for this! Just made my 1st twist and pop card, but the pieces were already cut and ready for assembly, so needed measurements and instructions for re-creating.

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