Thinking Outside the Box!

I love taking a stamp set, tool, or embellishment and, thinking outside box, come up with a new way to use it! I looked at the Gorgeous Grunge Stamp Set and see some great background splotches and patterns but what else could I use this set for?

Candles Gorgeous Grunge,

I thought this card was super adorable and a great use for this stamp set! I used the long diagonal lines for the candles. Then taking one of the splotch stamps, I colored in a splotch with my markers for the fire. I used Crushed Curry for the center and then took my Pumpkin Pie Marker and went around the edge to get that dual color!

Grunge - candle

The 2 stamps that are boxed in red are the images that I used! TIP: Apply some take or some form of a mask to the rest of the splotches so that when you stamp down you don’t get marks from the images not used. No matter how much you try to clean it, there is still a chance it will stamp and mess up your creation! I’m coming from experience here. 🙂 Also, take your Black Marker and draw a little wick line for your candle as well. I did this step last so I knew how much to draw! This card could be modified for a boy or girl and I think it works great for those young and young at heart! For your little ones (probably 5 and under), you could stamp the amount of candles they will be turning! Super cute!!! Let me know of ways that you like to use this Gorgeous Grunge Stamp Set in the comments below- backgrounds, pops of color, etc? Also, be sure to check out this post and this post for other ideas on how to use this stamp set!

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box!

  1. Dang it Laura, another stamp set I gotta buy. haha. The candles are ssoooo cute, great creativity!! Hope to see you soon. Deb P.

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