May 2020 Paper Pumpkin!

I know this is super late but I just had to share the May 2020 Paper Pumpkin because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It’s super fabulous!!! For sure one of my top favorites of all time. If you want to check out past kits, click here!

May 2020 Paper Pumpkin,

You’re amazing and that’s a fact!!! This card is so bright and cheery and that greeting is perfect! I love this one the most! You might notice that my little Baker’s Twine bows POP more. I actually laid 2 pieces of the twine together and picked them up and tied a bow with the double strands. This really adds to it and makes it stand out more!


This is my second favorite card! You all know how much I love bright colors and these cards just make my heart happy! The other fabulous thing about these cards (and the stamps) is that they are perfect for generic #HappyMail cards. Just a simple Hey or You’re Amazing to brighten someone’s day!! Oh I also have to mention that those little asterisk/star shapes are embellishments! They are soft and bendy and totally not what I was expecting but perfect for mailing! 🙂

Oh Happy Day,

Times are tough, there is no doubt in that but every day we wake up is a happy day!!! Try to refocus and find the joy in every day! Send some fabulous cards to those you love or even complete strangers to share the joy! Sending cards is good for the soul for both you and the recipient, trust me and try it out!

The June Paper Pumpkin Kit has already processed as that happens on the 10th of each month! I can’t wait to share that one with all of you! Join me on Facebook to see the unboxing of that soon! Sign up for the July Summer Nights Paper Pumpkin kit which comes with cards AND these fabulous die-cut tealight bags! Eeeeeee Let’s have fun all summer long!!!

Summer Nights,

I can’t wait!!! Happy Stampin’


PS: Thank you all for bearing with me during this crazy time. Finding a schedule to fit it ALL in has been hard. I love, miss, and appreciate all of you! I’m not going anywhere, just not always here blogging!

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