Claire Turned 2!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!!! I wanted to share some pictures of Claire’s birthday party since I have talked about it so much lately! I still can’t believe Claire turned 2. Check out her Elmo Invitation here!

Claire Turned 2,

The Elmo t-shirt was not easy to find and this one came in an XS. Even with a hot wash, it was still rather large on her but that just means she can wear it for a LONG time! 🙂 The little tutu was super cute but didn’t stay on for long because she jumped in her little pool after cupcakes!!

I made the Elmo Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches which turned out great. The only problem was some of the red icing bled into the white eye ball candies for a rough looking Elmo!

It is still crazy that Claire turned 2 last month when it also seems like I was huge and wondering when she was ever going to come! If you all remember those crazy days you have been following me for a while now! Thank you for coming along on this fun and crazy journey with me! I appreciate all of you!

Back to New Catalog product tomorrow!!! Happy Stampin’


6 thoughts on “Claire Turned 2!!!

  1. Party sure looks fun! I just got asked this weekend to make a 1st birthday card if possible with……Elmo! So I’m going to be caseing your Elmo, I hope that’s ok?
    Thanks so much for all the inspiration, I read your blog everyday & your therapy videos were awesome.

    • Oh how wonderful! Of course it is okay for your to case my card. That’s what it is there for!!! Enjoy!!! Thank you for following along. I still hope to do Therapy Videos and get that into the new routine. All of this change is just crazy. ~Laura

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