Surprise #2!!!

So a few weeks ago, I said I had some exciting things! One of those was earning Maui! Surprise #2 is………

Surprise #2,

We are buying a house and moving!!!!! This is super exciting for us…..and very nerve-wracking! We had been looking for awhile and not finding anything even close to a possibility. A little 1 year old has quickly taken over our current house and I just didn’t think we could make it through Christmas. If we did, she was getting money for her piggy bank because we are out of room. 🙂

Then, a random Monday 3 weeks ago, I took Claire to the Splash Pad one afternoon and then stopped by Brad’s work for a quick visit on the way home. Brad mentioned a new house hitting the market that sounded amazing but there were no pictures. We went to see it that evening and put an offer on it the next morning. Wednesday afternoon the offer was accepted. And since then everything has gone that fast with appointments, paperwork, and chaos. I never know what day it even is anymore.

In 2 weeks, we will be closing and moving. Don’t worry if you are one of my local stampers……we are just moving to Edwardsville!!! The other exciting thing is that I will have the entire basement for my stamp room! Woot Woot! More details coming soon.

I would also like to throw it out there that my October classes at Laura’s Stamp Pad might be all over the place/not happening. There is also a chance that I won’t get a blog post up every day of the week, Monday – Friday! Please bare with me. Also, let me know what you would like to see in this fun and crazy process and I’ll share! You all know I’m super open about things and love to share!

Off to go pack some more and make sure Claire didn’t toss in her current snack. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Happy Stampin’


PS: Don’t forget the Buy 3, Get 1 Free Designer Series Paper Sale this Month!

4 thoughts on “Surprise #2!!!

    • I’m hanging….by a thread some days. I just can’t wait to get everything moved there. Then I can unpack, enjoy the space, and get settled! I so have no patience for waiting around. lol 2 more classes at this Laura’s Stamp Pad!!! ~Laura

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