Friday Favorites!!!

Happy Friday!!! This has been a crazy week…it went slow? or fast? I don’t even know! I have started playing with Holiday Mini Catalog goodies but yet I’m still holding on to summer as long as I can though especially with my new love Mochi Ice Cream!!! Since it is Friday, I’m sharing my top 5 Friday Favorites of the week! Be sure to let me know yours in the comments below!

Mochi Ice Cream,

I’m all over the place this week with my favorites!!!!

Isn’t that monster the cutest little thing you have ever seen??? Okay….besides the little flamingo booty in glitter shoes walking and crawling all over. OR the unicorn lunch bag?? So much cuteness this week, it’s almost unbearable! 🙂

The second I saw the monster stamp set, I just had to have it. It is super cute. Actually it’s just this 1 monster that I find super cute. The others are more Halloween themed and if you have been following me long, you know I’m not a huge fan of Halloween! I just knew I had to make this little monster in purple and orange. Now I’m totally seeing blue and green too so that will be up next! The Holiday Mini Catalog is AMAZING! I can’t wait to share more of it in the weeks to come!

Resolve saved me this week as it cleaned 3 blue spots out of my carpet. I noticed 1 in my stamp room and had no clue what it was. It isn’t next to my chair and I surely would have noticed when I dropped an ink pad that it made a spot. I haven’t dropped blue recently. My mind was boggled! Then one day I was in the stamp room working and Claire was…..”playing”. AKA making a huge mess and getting into everything. I hear the noise of my return address self-ink stamp being pushed. Instantly I jump up and grab it from Claire and noticed a blue spot on the carpet. Ahhh Haha! That’s how it got there! So now I have 3 spots! Resolve to the rescue!

Have you tried Mochi Ice Cream??? It is weird and amazing all in one. I love it and still feel so confused at the texture and flavor each time I eat it. Let me know if you have had it and what you favorite flavor is!!!

My little cutey wants to walk, crawl, and do steps all day long. She could live outside if we would let her. Each evening we go to the park, walk around outside, or go for a stroller ride….I wish I was the one riding sometimes! 🙂 We love her so much! At the end of the month, she is going to start a kids program that is 3.5 hours on Tuesday and Thursday. This will give me a chance to work uninterrupted and her the chance to play with other kids and with new toys and games. I’m so excited for her and this opportunity as she loves playing with kids. I’m a little worried how I will handle it though. Getting some routine into our schedule excites me A LOT! We got her a little unicorn backpack and lunch bag and they are the cutest!

Those are my top 5 Friday Favorites! Let me know yours in the comments! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday! Happy Stampin’


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