Laura’s Quick Tips: How Much Ribbon Do I Need??

Today, I’m sharing another one of Laura’s Quick Tips!!!! Since ribbon is my favorite embellishment for sure, I used it for almost all of my project. How much ribbon do I need is a question I get asked a lot. Let me show you my trick for that…

Laura's Quick Tips How Much Ribbon Do I Need,

The way to know how much ribbon you will need when tying a knot around something is to simply wrap it around. Take the ribbon and go across the front, around to the back, back around to the front and across. The two ends of the ribbon should be going in opposite directions across the front. Now you can cut your ribbon off the spool and tie it into a knot. There will be some excess ribbon that you will need to trim off but very minimal. Of course this may seem a bit confusing which is why I posted a video below for you to see!!!!

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