Laura’s Quick Tips: Fixing a Dried Up Shammy!!!

Today, I have another fabulous Laura’s Quick Tips! Are you loving the Simply Shammy as much as me?? I have finally gotten over the fact that it is forever stained with the stamped images but I still have fun stamping an image all around to make it show off more! Has your Shammy dried, curled, and gotten hard as a rock???? Don’t worry, it is not broke!!!

Laura's Quick Tips: Fixing a Dried Up Shammy,

If your Shammy is out in the open air, it will dry up like a rock and look all warped. At first when you add water, it just beads right off. That’s okay, you just need to work it a little bit. Allow the water to really get into the Shammy. Press the Shammy or submerge it allow it to really soak. Once it is all wet and soaks up all the water, wring it out and you are golden to use it all over again!

Another tip is to store it in a Clear Mount Stamp Case. It fits in there perfectly and this keeps more moisture in there. Also, you don’t have to worry about having something damp on your work surface. I had a question about mold and the Shammy smelling. I have not had a problem with mold. I think because it can breath and the case isn’t air tight, it won’t mold. At least I’m hoping it won’t. I have been doing this for 7 months now and all is good. As for smell, there is none at all. I don’t think the Shammy smells when it’s wet or dry. All good there! Get your Simply Shammy by clicking here!

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Happy Cleanin’ and Stampin’


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