Laura’s Quick Tips: Sealing Envelopes!!!

I am starting a bit of a new series called Laura’s Quick Tips because I feel like I have so many cool little things that make life easier and I wanted to share. Some are things I do and didn’t think to share. Some are new things I learned….even I still have lots to learn! Some are questions I have gotten from all of you and thought I would share the answers because surely someone else wondered the same thing!

Sealing Envelopes,

Do you hate licking envelopes?? Have you tried using a wet paper towel but hate how it slowly falls apart or makes a wet mess all over? I have the perfect solution for you. Use you Aqua Painter to add the perfect amount of water to the seal and you are all set!!! It’s so easy and doesn’t make a mess. I….correction my husband sealed all of my Christmas Cards this way and it was so quick. I even said, “are you sure you got them all?” since he was done so fast. It was amazing. Normally he does use the paper towel and he said this was so much easier and less messy. I call that a win!

Click here to get your Aqua Painter to seal envelopes next time!!!

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