On the 1st Day of Stamps-mas!!!

On the 1st Day of Stamps-Mas, my true love gave to me……Stamp Tools!!! These are some of the basics to stamping and crafting! This would include Paper Snips, Stampin’ Trimmer, Bone Folder, and Stamp Cleaner!!!

1st Day of Stampsmas, www.LaurasStampPad.com

The Stampin’ Trimmer is my go to item for each project. I use this to cut all of my cardstock for my card bases and each of the layering pieces. The grid/measurements going across and up make it super easy to cut the perfect size of cardstock. There is also a Score Blade provided so you can score for boxes or a card base or so much more. You can see a full review on the Stampin’ Trimmer here!

Paper Snips are super fabulous. I always thought that scissors were scissors so why do I need special ones. Then I bought these and realized that not all scissors are the same. These snips are super sharp and have a VERY pointed tip. The little sleeve that comes with them is necessary to place over the end while not using them or you will spear your hand. Yes, this is learned from experience. I have placed them in my bag without the cap thinking oh I’ll put it on later and then later I reach into the bag and Ouch! These are sharp for sure. They are perfect for intricate fussy cutting and for ribbon cutting. I will say that you will need to clean them with some rubbing alcohol if you use them with something sticky like Washi Tape or Adhesive. I have used them on that and then went to cut ribbon and it was a mess but after a little clean-up they were perfect again. Another fabulous way to use them is for placing Pearls and Rhinestones on your project. The Paper Snips make perfect little tweezers to pick them up and place them on your project.

The Bone Folder is one of those tools that isn’t super necessary but really makes life easier when you have it. Bone Folders are perfect for getting that nice strong crease on your card base. Rather than running your finger across the cardstock and pressing it, you just run the bone folder over it. The strong crease makes the card not pop open. It works really well when making boxes or other 3D items. Love it!!!

The Stampin’ Scrub and Stampin’ Mist makes cleaning stamps a breeze. The Stampin’ Scrub has a wet side and a dry side. You will notice in the corner there is a droplet on one side and a sun on the other side. This is to help you remember which side to spritz and wash and which side is for drying. My husband LOVES the Stampin’ Mist and I could spritz it across the room and he can instantly smell it. I don’t think it really has a smell but he sure loves it. Just spritz a few times on droplet side, rub the stamp over it and the rub the stamp over the dry side and you are all set. This is really good to take the ink off of the stamp and condition the rubber for longevity. If you Stampin’ Scrub seems to be super dirty and your stamps are getting more dirty when you clean them than they were before, you can wash it. Just place it under running water and watch all the color wash out. You can even add a little hand soap or dish soap to really clean it up. After it starts to run clean, allow it to dry and you are good to go!

What are some of your must have stamp/craft tools?? Let me know in the comments below! I hope this was helpful to those who are new to stamping or even the seasoned stamper!

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Happy Stampin’


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