Technique Tuesday – Explosion Card Insert

Happy Tuesday All!!!! Tuesdays means one thing and that is a fabulous technique!!!! Today, I’m sharing with your this fabulous Pop Up Explosion Card Insert. It is super fun and has a 10 on the WOW scale. Also, it can be inserted into any card you create!!!

Cupcake Pop Out Card,

Did you think I was going to give it all away with the first picture??? Ha, you have to wait a smidge longer! 🙂 How cute and simple is this card already though!!! Love Sprinkles of Life Stamp Set and Cherry On Top Designer Series Paper!!!!

SUPPLIES NEEDED: a piece of printer paper, Bone Folder, and stamps to decorate

This is rather simple once you get the folds down! (That is a big part of it. hehe) You will need a piece of 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ Printer Paper. If you use Whisper White cardstock it is too bulky and thick. I started out folding the piece of printer paper in half so that I would know where the middle was. Be sure when you fold it that you are use a bone folder for a nice strong crease and it will fold and unfold much better this way. Now that you know where your center is, you can start stamping all over……like this!!!!

Pop Up Explosion Card,

See how fabulous that is!!!! You totally have to watch the video below to see it in action! It is amazing!!! You can see my center line right above the greeting “there’s something really worth celebrating today…” I wanted that line so I knew to stamp that greeting either right above or right below for the center. That is the only fold that I did in the beginning because it is much harder to stamp on folded paper than flat. So I stamped the greetings from the Remembering Your Birthday Stamp Set and the candles, confetti, and cupcake from the Sprinkles of Life Stamp Set!!! Once you have decorated, it is time to do the rest of the folds. Fold it in half diagonal corner to corner both ways so that it creates an “X” on your paper. So now you should have a line across the middle and an X. So now, fold it in half diagonal on the line you created to make a triangle. Fold it again on the other diagonal line, making it into a smaller triangle. Now with your triangle, you will fold in both ends that have the open sides (not folding the tip that is all folds but the other 2 that have openings so you can see your stamped images). I hope that makes sense…..that is why I created a Video Tutorial. 🙂 Fold the 2 sides into the middle, be sure to use your Bone Folder for those nice strong creases. Now unfold it all and it’s time to make it into the explosion piece. You are done making new folds. Fold it in half on your line, pop in the large triangle sides. Then you will pop in the 4 little triangles as well. Now you are all done and it is time to insert it into any card!!! I used Fast Fuse for a strong hold but I’m pretty sure that Snail would work as well! Add adhesive all along the edges, peak in to see if you added it to the top or bottom so you are inserting it into your card correctly. Then lay it in your card, adhesive side up, be sure to line it up with the edge of the card and centered. The point of the insert should be in the crease of the card. Once it is all lined up, close the card, pressing on that adhesive. Now flip it over, add adhesive to the other side and again, close the card to seal it. You are all done and can decorate the front of your card as well!

Explosion Card Insert,

For the front, I used the Cherry On Top Designer Series Paper Stack and then added another cupcake from the Sprinkles of Life Stamp Set! Now for what you have been waiting for……the Video Tutorial. I hope it helps you create this amazing insert because it is really fairly easy (just hard to write out). Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to share your creations. I would love to see them!!!

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Happy Stampin’


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  1. Very fun “Explosion” card Laura! I love that this technique is actually pretty simple yet you really do get that Wow factor with it. Thanks for sharing and for joining us over at What Will You Stamp?!

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