Memory Keeping with Project Life!!!

Have you heard about Project Life??? It is a wonderful line of memory keeping products that make it fun and simple. For anyone who has never scrapbooked before, this is totally for you because it is simple and yet exactly what you want – organized photos with information to remember through the years!!! To get started all you need are your photos, an album, pages, a Card Collection Kit, and Journaling Pens. It is that simple! I’m serious!!! Of course you can always add more embellishments and do more to the pages but I think they look great when they are simple! My style of memory keeping is lots of photos and some journaling with very little foo foo. Everyone has their style!

Project Life Family Page,

Here is a page that I did for my Family Album! This album has about 2-4 pages each year from the Family Reunion. I love how I didn’t have to cut the pictures at all; I just slid them right in! Also, I loved the 4 pockets for me to journal on. It was perfect. Another bonus I love about Project Life is that many of the cards have a grid or lines on them which make it perfect to write without trailing down or going big to little when you write. Come on, I’m not the only one out there who does that?? 🙂 I used a little washi tape and a few stickers from the Accessory Pack. That little green heart on the far right is covering up a mistake…..come on we all make them and just know how to fix it!!!!

Project Life Memory Page,

Here is another page that I did which was quick and simple. I popped the photos in, a decorative Card Collection and a journaled card collection with a little washi tape!!! Love it!!

I have done “traditional” scrapbooking in all size. I have done digital scrapbooking and now I have done Project Life. Each one has its pros and cons and it is all based on personal preference! I have done a few classes on Project Life and I have really enjoyed seeing all of the creations!!! Stay tuned as I will be showing you some OTHER things that you can create with the Project Life Card Collection!!

Also, if you would like to see what the Moments Like These Card Collection and Accessory Pack looks like, check out this Video!

Have you tried Project Life? What do you think? Leave me a comment down below!

Happy Memory Keepin’


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