Fun at the Ronald McDonald House!!!

I love the Ronald McDonald House and ever since last year when I went to make breakfast for those living there, I have really wanted to go back! I decided to sign up to make dinner and it all happened on last week!!! It was so much fun!!!

Ronald McDonald House,

This is my husband and I taking a selfie with Ronald McDonald.

Ronald Collage1

We made Tacos (it was Tuesday after all) and had it all laid out for them to eat. Then we cleaned up and put everything in the refrigerator with a label on it. They say that many of those staying there come back late in the evening and reheat the food then!

Ronald McDonald House,

Here I am with the welcome sign that they posted by the front door! Love it!!!

Collecting Tabs,

I got to pour my tabs into this big tab house!!!! It was lots of fun! You may have seen in past posts that we collect tabs at home to send to the Ronald McDonald House! Even though the tabs I added didn’t seem to fill this house very much, I know every tab helps!


Here are all of the goodies that were collected and donated. THANK YOU all for bringing cards, crafts, and goodies for me to take with us! I know they greatly appreciate it!!!! If you would like to donate cards (hand-stamped or bought) you can send them to me for the next trip! Also, if you collect tabs, you can send those to me. You will earn a $10 Gift Certificate from me for your donation.

Of course, what is a Friday without the Weekly Deals!!! Also, don’t forget today is the last day for FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Weekly Deals 4.7

Happy Stampin’


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