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This & That Album,

I love using the This & That Albums for all of the items I collect throughout the year. Every ticket stub, game score card, receipt and other little fun items cane be found in these little Albums! Of course I have to add in a few pictures here and there as well! This album is fun and all over the place because I just pick a page and put it in there. It doesn’t go in chronological order or have any theme, it’s a little bit of This & That (hehe see how I did that)!!!!  My 2013 Album is the one of the bottom right with all the ribbons on the binding. I love that and it’s a great way to use up those little pieces of ribbon you have left over!!! The 2014 Album is on the bottom right. As you can see I have ticket, score cards from playing games with friends and family and a few of my favorites in pictures and in writing!!!

This & That Album,

Here is another page with our Garth Brooks tickets and a little writing about the night. Yes, that is a Home Depot receipt from our Christmas Tree! 🙂 I know I’m silly to keep it but I love it!!!

T&T Album5

This page is fabulous to me!!! Throughout the year, each month Brad and I wrote on little punched pieces of cardstock what made us happy that month and we kept them in a jar. On New Year’s Eve, we read through the items and really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing things in our lives. I then put all of those in my This & That Album! There is a lot of talk about nice weather and yummy foods and time spent with each other in there!!! Just a wonderful page that makes me smile!

This & That Album,

My nieces and nephews always can make me smile so this page is all about them and how much I love them!

This & That Album,

I love having my picture taken but it doesn’t happy often because I’m usually behind the camera! Here are some pictures of me throughout the year! I love seeing how I changed and how I cut my hair to donate it and how amazing life is!!!!

Have you ever used one of the This & That Albums? Do you have tickets and items that you would like to put in a book to remember the moment? You can check out all of the goodies here! It is super simple and lots of fun! Let me know in the comment below how you use your This & That Album or how you plan to use it!

Happy Memory Keepin’


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