Technique Tuesday – Halloween Wreath!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!! You know what that means!!! I have a fabulous technique to share with you and today that is this amazing Halloween Wreath!!!

Frightful Wreath,

I love how I can have a fabulous wreath on my door for every season because Stampin’ Up has amazing kits!!! Check out my last one here! This kit comes with everything you need except a hot glue gun and a black ink pad for coloring your doilies.

Frightful Wreath Supplies,

You can see it comes with the foam wreath, the web, the black foo foo to wrap around the wreath, beads for the spider, ribbon, doilies, a sponge to color the doilies, and all the other pieces you need! I love that because it makes it super simple to just follow the directions and come up with an amazing home decor piece! BUT that doesn’t mean you have to follow the directions. I know there are a few rebels out there that like to create their own thing and that is perfectly fine as well. Now that I have assembled my wreath and looked at it each day because it on my Stamp Room door still, I have decided I’m going to change mine up. I feel like the spider is super adorable (and fake so I’m okay with him) but he blends into the black too easily. I am going to take off the greeting banner and stick the spider in the middle so he pops! Here is an upclose look at him!

Beaded Spider,

Also, I thought I would share this video in action. I’m sorry it isn’t my beautiful voice (hehehe, right) but one of the fabulous ladies at Stampin’ Up! While this kit doesn’t take that long to make, I’m sure if I made a video on it, it would be way longer than this one! 🙂

So my technique for you today is try out a kit! These kits are great to make as shown or you can add your own flare and mix it up a bit!

Happy Stampin’


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