Decorated Mason Jars!!!!

Mason Jars are so cute to me and what is even better is how useful they are!!! I have done lots of decorated mason jars for various gift ideas like adding layered cookie mixes, adding actual cookies or candy, adding a few gift items like nail polish and a nail kit, and so many more fabulous ideas! Another great idea is to use them at parties. You can create a layered dessert in them, add some of the items listed above as a party favor or use for the drinks at the party! The possibilities are endless!

Decorated Mason Jars,

How cute are these? I have decorated the one on the far left with a Tea Lace Paper Doily and then a punched circle piece of cardstock! The middle one is decorated with punched circles of cardstock on the lid and layered on the side with Ruffled Ribbon around the edge! Super adorable! The one on the right is the same Ruffled Ribbon tied around the jar and into a bow and some punched circles for the lid! You could add any type of greeting on the side to match you Bridal Shower, Wedding, Birthday or Gift theme! Greetings such as Thank you for coming, Happy Birthday, Enjoy your treats, and so many more! You can check out some of my other decorated mason jars here!

Happy Stampin’


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