NEW Stamp Cleaning Pad Review!!!

The New Catalog that came out last week and that means there are new products to try out!! Today, I’m sharing my honest review of the New Stamp Cleaning Pad. It sounds super interesting so I had to get it. It cleans Photopolymer Stamps!!! Woot Woot!

New Stamp Cleaning Pad Review,

So I bought this little Stamp Cleaning Pad to see what it was all about. It arrives all white/cream and clean. We all know that won’t last long….but it is okay! After all if the Stamp Cleaning Pad is clean, your stamps probably aren’t. 🙂 Am I right?

So the instructions say to clean the excess ink off of the stamp and then rub it onto the pad! I went all in and tried it out with a new photopolymer stamp and Melon Mambo Ink. Stamped onto some paper and then wiped it off on the Simply Shammy like I normally would! Of course the stamp still has a pink look to it because that’s what pinks and reds do! I lightly rubbed it on the new Cleaning Pad and pink everywhere. The Stamp Cleaning Pad is no longer clean and perfect and I panicked a bit. BUT the stamp was clean. I was super impressed. There is still a hint of pink here and there but the stamp is clear again! As long as the stamp looks fairly clean and not neon pink after 5 stamping sessions, I’m sold!

No More Pink Ink,

Check that out??? The right side has been cleaned and the left has not!!!

The Stamp Cleaning Pad does leave the stamp a bit wet with the solution so I just wiped it again on the Shammy as the final cleaning! I’m impressed and love it. Now I won’t be going through all of my stamps to clean them from the past but going forward I will!

Click here to get your Stamp Cleaning Pad so you can stamp in Pink with no fear of stained stamps! There is also a Refill Solution to add to it. I haven’t needed any yet but I’m guessing after many, many, MANY cleaning sessions, it will sort of dry up?!?! Then adding the solution back will make it fabulous again!

If you would like to see all of this in action of the New Stamp Cleaning Pad, check out the video below or click here! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

Happy Stampin’….or should I say Cleanin’


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