My Big Shot Broke!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!! The Olympics have started and I couldn’t be more excited! I just love them and have moved my office into the living room for the next 2 weeks! Today, I wanted to share with your how my Big Shot broke…..and got fixed!!!

My Big Shot Broke,

This is my first Big Shot that I bought back in 2008 and have used so much all of these years. I can’t even begin to count how much  I have used this Big Shot for die cutting and embossing! I’m super impressed it lasted this long. While using the Big Shot and pushing through the plates with the die, I heard a pop and rattle and thought…..that’s not good! The handle then cranked smooth in one spot. I was still able to use it this whole time! It just slipped at that spot each time. If you notice in the photo above, what happened  was that the cogs were breaking off. Then one day, more little cogs popped and rattled and I knew it was over. I was sad that my first Big Shot was shot! My husband said if it is broke, I can’t break it more so let’s see if I can fix it!

New Cogs,

After taking the Big Shot apart and seeing that I just needed another cog and it would work again, my husband called Sizzix to see if we could buy the part! They said they would send a new part for free and took our address down! How amazing is that?!?! Due to the age, I was not expecting that at all. A few days later a new cog set arrived and my husband installed it!

Big Shot pieces,

Here are all of the parts of the Big Shot before my husband put it all back together!!! If you have any specific questions about this process, I would love to ask my husband for you and answer them for you! He was amazing and fixed it completely with the help of the new parts from Sizzix!!

Like New Again,

It’s like new again!!! I’m so excited!!! I can’t be more thankful to Stampin’ Up for carrying such amazing products and partnering with excellent companies. Love it!!!

If the Big Shot has been on your wish list for awhile now, I think you need to get one NOW! I love love love mine so much and couldn’t live without it. It does so much for each of my projects! Also, right now you will be earning Sale-A-Bration freebies as well! Woot Woot!

I hope you all have any amazing weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Happy Stampin’


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30 thoughts on “My Big Shot Broke!!

  1. What an amazing man you have there. It is good to know that they stand behind the big shot! I love mine and use it almost every time I stamp. I am glad yours is up and working again for you.

  2. My Big Shot handle broke in 2011 and had it fixed by my girlfriend’s husband. I did get the part from Sizzix. Right now, my Big Shot is still working and I had it from 2009.

  3. Wow…..A keeper for sure!!! So is Brad!!!

    I’m amazed that there weren’t parts left over….(kind of like when you fix a car & there’s an extra piece.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Theybare no longer sending the replacement parts for past warranty big shots. Do you know where I can find the small crankshaft?

    • Yeah I have heard that they stopped doing that. It’s a bummer for sure. I’m really not sure where you can get one except maybe a Home Depot or Parts Store. That would be my first stop or maybe google search the item?? I wish I had a better answer for you. ~Laura

  5. My big shot just broke this week. I have been a Stamping Up demonstrator for over 10 years, so it has seen lots of use. Took it apart and found The small gear is broken, but will still turn. The main thing, is one of the bearings broke, which won’t give even pressure on the rollers. No luck finding replacements, so Santa’s going to bring me a new one.

    • I feel ya! I have been a demo for over 15 years and got a Big Shot when it fits came out. I use it weekly. I had fixed that one back when I posted this and the company offered to send replacement parts. They just recently stopped doing that and this Big Shot is going to have to say good bye to the craft room. I have a second one that I got a few years ago and can’t wait to see the new machine Stampin’ Up is hopefully coming out with soon. ~Laura

    • Sizzix use to send out parts but I have heard recently they have stopped doing that. Because of this, I’m not sure where to find parts for the Big Shot. My only guess if you will have to purchase a new one. I know that’s a bummer since you know the part that is broken and would like to fix it but I just don’t know where to find the parts anymore. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Good luck with your Big Shot. ~Laura

  6. I saw your Big shot repair. Mine is passing the plates through in a kind of bouncy jerky type movement. What kind of repair does this indicate? My son in law could fix it. Its a few years old-teal. It’s applying too much pressure when using glimmer foiling machine.

    • That typically means that one or more of the cogs on the inside might have broken and that piece would need replaced. I know back when I first posted this Sizzix was sending out replacement parts but I have heard that lately they no long do that. If you can find a similar cog, that should work. ~Laura

      • My Big Shots broken. I’ve taken it apart and found the Gear supporting the handle does not turn. I removed the small gear The 2 rollers and larger 2 gears work. When I put on the smaller Gear, nothing
        moves. Can you or your husband help? Thanks, Babs

        • Hmmmm that’s interesting. It’s been a long time since we took mine apart. Are any of the cogs on the gears broken? This would mean that that gear needs replaced. If it isn’t turning, I would think maybe some grease could help it. I know that Sizzix doesn’t send out parts anymore either. I hope this helps a little. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or if you are in the market for a new die cutting machine! ~Laura

  7. Thank you. I think I will check with the hardware store and see it they have the the gears, or least the smallest one. Thanks for getting back to me.

  8. Ah glad your Big Shot was repairable! Mine’s just this minute gone, the same little cogg. So was hunting the net to see if we could find someone who sold parts and your post popped up! Great to know that my BigShot is meadable! And it’s not the end of the world! It’s an old work horse and I’d be so sad to see it go! So my search goes on!

  9. Thank you Laura! I have bought a new one already, which works fine and of course has new plates and an extra plate for thinner dies (I’ve been using bits of card!) I’m going to save my old Big Shot for ‘spares’ and you’re right Mr ‘Sizzix’ said they no longer sell or give out spare cogs for old Big Shots! Happy Crafting!

  10. Hola Laura: soy Alicia desde Panama, gracias por todas esas experiencias y ayudas tambien de otros dueños de Big Shot. Yo tengo la primera q salió y también me ha ayudado mucho, sin embargo he notado q se ha gastado la parte izquierda del rolo. Quisiera saber si hay repuesto y donde conseguirlo. Gracias otravez.

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