The NEW Stamparatus!!!!

The New Stamparatus has arrived and I’m so excited to get to start playing with it! I was on the team that worked with Stampin’ Up! to create this tool and it has been a long 2 years! Together I think we have come up with an amazing tool!!!!

The New Stamparatus,

My first thoughts when I first opened it:

~It has some weight to it….more than I thought. I was thinking it would be light and plastic but there is a little weight to it which makes it feel strong and sturdy! When I say weight, I don’t mean it weighs 5 pounds or anything.

~While I have watched a few videos from Stampin’ Up using it, I felt that just looking at it, it seemed fairly user-friendly.

~It is clean, sleek, and I love the grid lines!

~The magnets are SUPER STRONG!!!!! Be careful that they don’t snap together. It would be hard to pull them apart and if they snap together hard enough they could chip or break.

Stamp Positioning Tool,

After playing with it a little here are my thoughts:

~I LOVE IT!!!! This tool is super fabulous and solves the following problems! Rocking or having the clear block leave a mark on your project because it has ink on it. No worries because this tool doesn’t go down enough to touch your paper due to the magnets! Woot Woot! If you don’t get a portion inked up or stamped evenly, no worries because you can just ink it up again and stamp. It’s already perfectly lined up….even with the clear mount stamps that you can’t see through!

~The hinge moving ability is AMAZING! If you wanted to stamp an image all the way down you project, just stamp, move down a hinge, stamp, and so on. How fabulous is that?!?!?!

Stamp Perfect Everytime,

~See how those banners are perfectly lined up and with the same amount of swag for each one. That wasn’t luck….that was the Stamparatus and just moving it down 1 hinge each time. PERFECT!

~The “You make me so happy” was stamped all at once in Melon Mambo Ink even though it is 2 separate stamps. Creating lot of cards at once will be super easy with this tool. Just ink and stamp, place a new piece of paper down, ink and stamp! I am in love!!!

~A few things I have to get used to include using the magnets and positioning my paper in a memorable spot. A few of the times I was using it, I didn’t place the magnets down and just got too excited and stamped. This isn’t the end of the world but your paper could move. Also, take note as to were you position your paper so that you know how to line up the next one! Using a Post It Note on the edge of the line would make it super easy when making multiples!!!

Okay, I feel like I could go on and on about this tool. I will leave you with a little Video Tutorial and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future projects using this tool! If you have any questions, just reach out or leave a comment below! If you would like to reserve your own Stamparatus, click here! This  is just to reserve it for a shipment date of April/May! You will enter your credit card to reserve it but the card will not be charged till it’s available to ship. At that time you can add to your order, not order, or continue forward!

Enjoy the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give it a thumbs up it you liked it!

Happy Stampin’


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