Tips for Extending Your Wink of Stella!!!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. The festivities continue today and through the weekend for me! 🙂 You may have missed it yesterday so I wanted to share it here on the blog! I have some tips for extending your Wink of Stella Brush today!

Extend the Life of Wink of Stella,

I just love Wink of Stella because it gives that perfect hint of shimmer to your project. It doesn’t make a glittery mess when you use it and end up all over your face. Also, the fine tip makes it easy to add shimmer to small spots! It’s perfect!!! The worst part about this pen is when it runs out. 🙂

Have no fear…..I have a solution for when you pen runs out. Simply unscrew the brush from the top. Then pop off that little black cap on the end of the barrel. The little black cap has a long tube into the barrel which will be filled with glitter. Look at all of that wasted glitter if you just tossed the pen when it seemed all out. Don’t waste the glitter!!! Just add some rubbing alcohol (70 proof or less). If the proof is higher, the alcohol will start to eat through the plastic and clog the pen. Also, be sure not to add a lot because you have to put that barrel back down in there and it will overflow. TRUST ME on that one. I did it once! 🙂

Now at the black cap back on and then screw on the brush and let the shimmer shine all over again! I have added alcohol 2 times already to my pen and it’s still looking fabulous and full of shimmer. How fabulous of a tip is this?!?!?!

If you would like to see this all in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

Happy Stampin’


22 thoughts on “Tips for Extending Your Wink of Stella!!!

    • For sure! I was able to refill mine 3-4 times before the glitter was mostly gone so it’s a big savings!!! ~Laura

  1. Love this product. Awesome…Thanks so much for this video /hack! Always love saving money on loved products on a fixed income!

  2. I love Wink of Stella! So I will be trying it – but I was wondering how it still sticks to card stock if you are diluting more? Thanks!

  3. Just came across your video and what a great tip for the wink, as I have all the colours I now know I have not wasted my money, a very big Ta.

  4. A friend forwarded this to me and I’m so excited to be able to extend the life of my wink of stella. You mentioned putting a drop of re-inker in and I’m just wondering if you can do that to have coloured wink of stella or if thats a use for it once you’ve completely used all the glitter. Will Distress re-inker work. I’d love to have Wink that matches my distress inks. Thank you for the great tip

    • Yeah!!! I’m excited for you to have your Wink of Stella last longer. As for adding color, you can do it before it runs out and have glittery color and to it after to have a paint brush type pen like an Aqua Painter. If you wish to not mess up an entire brush with 1 color, simple dab the brush tip in some color and paint away (going back for more as needed). As for distress ink, I’m not 100% sure because I have not tried it but I would think it would work. I’m just not sure. ~Laura

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