Laura’s Stamp Pad – My Room Tour!!!

Stamp Table,

I am so excited to share my new Stamp Room with all of you! I hope this gives you some ideas for your craft room and if you have ideas or suggestions for me, leave them in the comments below! I would love to hear them! You can see what my stamp room looked like before here! There are a few similarities but the BIG one is my new table. I use to have a small desk as my workspace but now I have this huge kitchen table. My husband and I came up with this idea late one evening and a few hours later we were picking up this table a few miles away. We had found it on a swap and sell site and it was just $30.00! Love it! It even has another leaf to put in for when I have a big project or have another stamper join me!! 🙂

It took some getting use to but I love it! I really enjoy all of the space! I have my Color Caddy within arms reach with all of my ink pads on it. Then I have a Shoe Box Container (found at Target here) with all of my Clear Blocks in it! I got this idea from another crafter when I was looking around for craft room ideas! These boxes are amazing, cheap, and super handy! They stack and since they aren’t a speciality item they aren’t retiring or changing! Behind the clear blocks is a large box (Stampin’ Up Large Die Box without the lid, in fact) that holds all of my small tools. I have 3 coffee mugs in the box and they hold pens, pencils, scissors, bone folders, and all of my adhesives. It’s a bit of a catch all box! On the end of the table, I have all of my punches. I found those wire racks at Aldi. There are 2 of them there and they stack and interlock. They are super strong and sturdy which is great for punches since they are so heavy.

Cabinet Stamps.Paper,

The one thing that is a must in my craft room is to have all of the items I use the most within arms reach so I don’t have to get up and down and look for things. This cabinet is directly to my right when I am sitting to craft. This cabinet is one that I have had for a long time and I am looking for something to replace it but haven’t found the perfect one yet. The bottom drawer has seasonal stamps and cellophane bags with scraps in it. Each bag has a different category like Foil Paper, Designer Paper, Glimmer Papers, etc. The next drawer up has all of my stamps in it. Here’s the problem…..I really want all of my stamps in 1 drawer/spot and while most fit in the one drawer, I have to pull out the ones up front to get the others out. I really don’t think I prefer a drawer for my stamps and instead would like a shelf. Moving up from the drawers, I have all of my 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock. I got the paper trays from Ikea – Ikea Paper Tray! They are much sturdier than the plastic ones I had before and rather than a drawer for each color family, I have 3 shelves. I put labels on each of the shelves so I know which color family is where. The little pink polka dot box has cellophane bags in it with scraps for each of the colors. I try to use those as much as I can before reaching for a full sheet!

Top Shelf Ribbon,

At the top, I have the plastic drawers which hold my Rhinestones, Pearls, Doilies, Washi Tape and a few other items. I have 2 more of those shoe boxes with all of my ribbons in them! I love those for the spools of ribbon but the other box is mostly little baggies of Baker’s Twine on the spools!! I have all of my Enamel Shapes in that little pink box. It’s called “Very Useful Box” and it’s the perfect size. You can see that better here!

Top Shelf Craft Room,

So this is the shelf that is on the other side of the table. It is one of those super sturdy black metal shelves. I have a 3 drawer 12″ x 12″ container that holds all of my Designer Series Paper, Glimmer Paper and Foil Paper. My sets of markers are on top of the paper! Next to that I have 2 more of those Shoe Boxes that hold my “coloring tools.” This includes sponges, sponge daubers, sponge brayers and spritzers. The box on the bottom is miscellaneous items. The blue 12″ x 12″ tote on the far left holds all of my cellophane baggies in various sizes. I love love love those 12″ x 12″ totes to put projects in, upcoming class supplies, and so much more! They are stack-able and super durable! The next shelf down has those totes on it with various projects including some of my wedding stuff – samples, brides I’m working with, etc. That giant flower is sitting there just waiting for the perfect place to go! I also have my little label maker sitting there! It is a Brother P- Touch Label Maker! This is what I used to add labels to all of the drawers, containers and more!!!

Wedding Supplies,

On the bottom shelf, I have woven totes that I found at Aldi! These are what I use to carry my supplies to classes and use for all kind of different things. It is actually rather rare to have all of them on the shelf. I have 2 expandable file folders on the far right that hold all of my Wedding Stationary Samples that I have created. You can check out my wedding stationary here – I have some white board easels on the far left that I use at events, craft fairs, and bridal fairs!

Display Shelf,

So this is across the room! I just got the black shelf sitting up top. I painted it black and had planned on putting it on the table and adding all of those tools in the box to it. When it came to putting it in the room, I realized I needed more space over here on this shelf. It looks all clean and nice right now but that’s not how it normally looks. I have samples for upcoming classes and events in those little stack-able black baskets. I also have a few samples out on display to admire! 🙂 The bottom is clean in the photo but I use that for placing items I’m running through the Big Shot, stacks of catalogs, samples that need photoed and so much more!!

Business Cabinet,

This is the cabinet that is under the black shelf pictured above. This cabinet has lots of my business supplies in it like catalogs, order forms, Hostess Gifts, and my card stash! One the bottom, I have my Silhouette machine and supplies!

Big Shot Station,

This is my Big Shot Station which has my Big Shot, Framelits, Embossing Folder, and supplies all in one spot! It is super handy to have it all readily available! The 3 drawers below the Big Shot contain cutting plates and accessories up top. Heat embossing items, hot glue gun, ink refills, and more in the second drawer. The bottom drawer has more supplies for my wedding fairs and brides!

I have various other items in the closet like business supplies, additional items like adhesives, memory keeping items, and all the 12″ x 12″ totes with class supplies in there!

If you would like to see all of my room in action, check out my Video Tutorial below or click here! Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and be sure to subscribe if you are new! If you have any ideas to share, I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Stampin’


7 thoughts on “Laura’s Stamp Pad – My Room Tour!!!

  1. Wow! Love the new desk. What a steal!!!
    I’ve been trying to get organized, but so much more work needs to be done before that happens.
    Like the inspiration I get from you.

    Looking forward to ladies night!!!

    • It was a steal! I was super excited about that! It doesn’t always look this clean but I cleaned it up for the video and pictures! 😉 Can’t wait to see you at the Girls Night Out!!! ~Laura

    • Thank you! I love all of the work space now. Things aren’t falling off the edge….as much! I sure do find a way to fill it fast again! Crazy how we learn to work in a small spot but when given a bigger spot, we fill that fast too! 🙂 ~Laura

  2. Very nice craft room tour. Where did you find the black basket holder that you’re big shot supplies are in that’s sitting on top of the white drawers?

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! That is actually a DVD Storage piece that I think I found at Aldi but that’s always hit or miss since they restock so often. If you look at the DVD section in any store, you might find something similar! ~Laura

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