On the 9th Day of Stamps-Mas!!!

On the 9th Day of Stamps-Mas, my true love gave to me…..coloring tools!!! Markers, Aqua Painters, and Blender Pens make coloring stamped images or background so much fun!!! Also, you will notice……Watercolor Pencils in this photo. That is because they are coming out in the Occasions Mini Catalog on January 4th!!! WOOT WOOT!

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Aqua Painters are probably my favorite out of all of these above. I feel like I have found my groove on using them and just love the look that comes out. I like to use a Clear Block pressed into an ink pad as my color palette. Then just brush into the color and then color on your project. You never really want to squeeze when coloring because then you will too much water. You also don’t want to press hard on tip because it will flare the bristles and allow more water to come out. You can use these for a watercolor background like in this sample or to color small details like this sample. You can also add other things into the pen like alcohol or bleach for many other techniques!!! Also, you don’t always have to use these with Watercolor Paper. You can use any type of paper like Whisper White, Very Vanilla, or Shimmery White. Check out this video tutorial to see more on these!

Blender Pens are similar to Aqua Painters but they are more like a clear marker. There isn’t a way to squeeze out too much water so you never have to worry about that. Again, you can pick up color from a marker, pencil, or color palette like the one mentioned above! I feel like these are to much like a marker and I end up with streaks but for small things I think they work well. When doing a large image, I prefer Aqua Painters.

Markers are always great to have on hand. Any time I leave my house to craft, I always take them because then if I forget an ink pad I still have every color. I love that you can color with the markers directly onto the stamps to create multi-colored stamped images, omitted images, and so much more! I don’t really prefer to color in an image with the markers, at least not a large image. I tend to always see the strokes of the marker when I use them for coloring. Each marker has 2 ends – a larger marker tip and a smaller pen tip. This makes journaling fun when you are scrapbooking! Because there are 2 ends to the markers, you want to make sure that you store the markers on their side so the ink doesn’t go all the way to one side.

Watercolor pencils are coming out in the Occasions Mini Catalog in January!!! I have played with them a little and they are super fun to color with and then blend with an Aqua Painter or Blender Pen. You can color images in and even do a watercolor background with them. Stay tuned for more on these as I play with them more!!! 🙂

What is your favorite coloring tool?? Let me know in the comments below!!

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Happy Stampin’


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