Forever Evergreen Project Kit!!!

Forever Evergreen Supplies,

When I first looked at the Holiday Mini Catalog and saw the Forever Evergreen Project Kit, I was like I need those!!!! The trees look perfect for decoration on an end table or buffet for the holidays!!! I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to display mine but we shall see. There are so many goodies in the kit and all of the trees are die-cut and scored so that is super handy! You can see the full reveal of the kit and the goodies here!


I’m not going to lie, I think it took me almost an hour to pop out all of the die cut pieces….which some of the images should probably be stamped before popped out so it is easier to line them up. It wasn’t all that hard but I think it would have been easier! 🙂 Also, there is so much leftover cardstock around the trees. I just had to save it for future projects because look at all of that. Here is one card that I used a lot of it on!

Evergreen Trees,

Here are all three of the trees looking fabulous!!! My husband did the kit with me. He did all of the trees which was fairly simple since they are already scored. You will fold them in half and add adhesive, place the next one on top folded in half. You will keep stacking them up until they are all in place and then add adhesive and bring the top around to the bottom to create the full circle. I added a Mini Glue Dot to the top and bottom to secure them so that maybe at the end of the season I can pop it open and store them flat. We shall see if that works!


This was the easiest tree because it is just ribbon and garland wrapped around it. This is the biggest tree and to be honest I think I would put the ornaments on the biggest tree because there are tons of those and you would be able to use more on the big tree. I wasn’t changing it after I had it all complete though. I also mistakenly added a small star to the big tree so I had to put the big star on one of the smaller trees!

Star Tree Topper,

I used a Hot Glue Gun for the start to secure the pieces together as well as to secure it to the top stick in the center of the tree.


This tree is probably my favorite. I hot glued all of the pieces together to each other and then to the tree. I placed the red berries and the laced pine cone piece down onto the Silicone Mat and then I added hot glue to the back of the stamped pine cone and pressed it over the 2. I added a little more hot glue to add the bow and let it all cool. Once it was cooled, I added some hot glue to the back and placed it on the tree. Stamping the garland was super easy and I glued each of them together by overlapping a half circle. I attached it to the back of the tree on top with a little adhesive and then wrapped it around and attached it to the bottom with a little adhesive. Love it!


This is probably my least favorite tree. The hardest part of this entire kit was assembling those little red ball ornaments. I think I broke 3 of them. You peel off the two backs and bring them around to stick to each other but before be sure to place a loop of linen thread in the top. Sounds easy…..but remember these are little delicate balls of tissue type paper so you can squeeze them and when you press them together, don’t smash it. Oh my goodness, it stressed me out! This tree did turn out super cute. I did 9 of each of the ornaments on this tree and it wasn’t even half of all of them given in the kit. There are TONS!!!! If I am able to store them flat and enjoy this kit again next year, I can create all new ornaments! Look at all of the leftovers!


This baggie has all of the leftover pieces from the kit. There is tons of ribbon, ornaments, hooks and so much more! I love that Stampin’ Up always give you plenty of supplies!!! If you would like to order your Forever Evergreen Kit, click here! Don’t forget to get the coordinating Forever Evergreen Stamp Set! Let me know what you think of it if you get it or let me know what you think of mine in the comments below!!!

Happy Stampin’


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