Something Good To Eat!!!

Something Good To Eat,

The September Paper Pumpkin arrived and I was excited as always because I love seeing that orange box in the mailbox and the suspense of what is inside!!! You can see my excitement and all of the goodies inside here! All the goodies are in the photo above. I LOVE the test tubes. They are super cute and different than your typical treat bag or box. I was pumped!


Then I realized that none of the candy in the big bag that I bought for trick-or-treaters will fit into the test tube. Bummer. When giving treats to others, I try to always use prepackaged treats so this wasn’t going to work. I already had an idea for my Halloween treat so I decided to save these test tubes for Valentine’s Day (red hots, M&Ms, or Tic Tacs) or another project I have in mind (stay tuned). 😉 I stamped all of the witch’s pot and and scary cats in Pumpkin Pie Ink and used them for my Halloween Treats I planned on creating. Perfect!!! I was just using a “For You” tag!

Sunflowers, My favorite thing from this whole set after the test tubes was the stamp set – a SUNFLOWER!!!! It is a 2 step stamping sunflower so you can get that yellow petal/brown center. I used the banners and the sunflower tags and stamped all over to create 8 greeting cards!!!


The pumpkin stamp was super fun to do as well….once I figured it out! I think this is right…..stamp the solid pumpkin image with the splits on the top. Then stamp the outline/lines on the bottom side and the stem on the top! I used Pumpkin Pie Ink and Garden Green Ink. These cards are perfect for the Fall. I plan on using them for my Thank You Notes to customers for their orders and just general thinking of you cards this Fall!


Here are all of the tags (minus the sunflower) that came in the kit. With so many, I was able to create tons of cards and treat bags. I am saving the gold border and black border tags for the test tube project or another project! I’m so excited I got 14 cards, tags for my treat bags and still lots of leftovers for another project! I love Paper Pumpkin even if I don’t make the intended project! Here are a lot more ways to use the tubes – check out this video! I think a Pumpkin Spice Mix would be fabulous! After all everyone seems to love pumpkin spice!


Don’t forget that you can get signed up for the October Paper Pumpkin Kit before the 10th using the Promo Code: BOGO and you will get your November Kit for FREE!!!! Click here to get signed up!

Happy Stampin’


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