Loving Ronald McDonald House!!!

Gift for Ronald McDonald House, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Ronald McDonald House is a house located near a hospital for those with loved ones in the hospital to stay during their time there. The house is like any other house! It has a kitchen, bedrooms, laundry rooms, and so much more. These houses are the perfect support that the families need during this difficult time they are going through. I have had the opportunity to help out at the house near me a few times with preparing meals and donating items. The little blue house sits in my kitchen to collect tabs and every time the house is full I send the tabs as well as the collection of cards to the house. I always mention to my stamp ladies in person, on social media and here that you can donate tabs or cards or anything at all. Here is the collection that I sent off last week. I got an amazing amount of goodies and I’m so appreciative of all of your love and support.

ronald-mcdonald-braille, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Once my customers works with the blind and therefore does a lot of work with braille. She had some of her students make cards and added in the braille. How amazing?!?!?! I love it!!

ronald-mcdonald-lovenstampfuls, www.LaurasStampPad.com

Also, I recently attend a demonstrator event where we collected money for Ronald McDonald House and then went shopping for supplies for the house. Look at all of these goodies! I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing group. To know I am making an impact with my cards and stamping is so powerful. If you would like to send me cards or tabs or any other type of donation, you can message me here. I offer a $10 Gift Certificate for your generosity. You can also search for your local Ronald McDonald House and send your goodies there. Also, if at any time in your life you are in the hospital with loved ones and would like a place to stay, check out your local Ronald McDonald House! It is an amazing place!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!!!

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