Season to Season Wreath!!!

4 Season Wreath,

This wreath is fabulous! I love the look and I love that I have my wreath all set from now until 2016!!!! Not having to worry about my wreath decoration during some of the busiest months of the year….sound amazing to me!!! The Season to Season Wreath Kit comes with all of the supplies to make this wreath including the foam circle!!! The kit comes with TONS of the leaves to fill the wreath too! I am usually the one that goes too close in the beginning and then runs out so I was very careful and what happened….I had tons left over. I used lots of the extras to fill in open holes but still had tons left over so that was awesome!!! Now here are some up close looks at each one!!!

Hello Fall Wreath,

I took a photo of each wreath on the inside and outside door as well as a close-up! This wreath I will hang up this month for Fall….maybe in a few weeks, I’m holding tight to Summer! 🙂 The kit includes the burlap ribbon and all the goodies for the banner. You will want to purchase the Cheer All Year Stamp Set to stamp on all of the die cut included in the kit. The little pom pom looking things are adorable too!!!

Halloween Wreath,

This wreath will go up in October for Halloween! I love the black and white striped ribbon!!! The bats, spider, and Boo are super cute too….well minus the spider. I really don’t like spiders even stamped ones!

Thanksgiving Wreath,

This wreath will go up in November for Fall/Thanksgiving! I love the leaves, especially the wooden element leaves in the kit. I used the burlap ribbon again for this one!

Christmas Wreath,

This one is my favorite! That Cherry Cobbler satin striped ribbon is AMAZING!!!! It is just beautiful! I did a two loop bow for this one. I really like the red sequins on the trees as well! Love it!!!

Ribbon Attachment,

Here is how I attached my ribbons and banners – with straight pins!!! It is really simple to do and to change out! It holds really well as long as you angle the pins in different directions!! You could also leave a spot open on the wreath with no leaves and have the ribbon loop around the foam. This would work if you ran out of leaves and still had foam showing.

Holiday Banners,

Here are all of the banners. The kit comes with the twine and four T pins to use to attach to your wreath. I tied a knot in the twine and then pushed the pin through the knot. Some of the banners I pinned in across and some diagonal. It was really easy to do!!! This entire kit was pretty easy and didn’t really take that long. The longest part was the leaves on the wreath…..but I seriously think it is because I am not good with a hot glue gun! 🙂 Picking it up and setting it down and up and down is so not cool and time consuming. Tips anyone?

If you would like to see the Unboxing and Reveal of this Season to Season Wreath Kit, you can check that out below or by clicking here!!! If you are local and want to create this kit, I’m having a class on September 29th!!! Come over for stamping, chatting and gluing! Go home with a beautiful wreath!!!

Happy Stampin’


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