Technique Tuesday – Shaving Cream Creations!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Today I have a wonderful technique to share with you! It is fun, messy and smells good (if you get the scented kind)!!!! 🙂 Now go get your can of shaving cream and let’s get started!!!! (Note: Shave gel does not work!)

Tie Dye Technique,

ROCK ON!!!! I’m sorry but when I see this card, that is what comes to mind!!! 🙂 This card was the first piece that I did when I placed it on the shaving cream! The images change the more it gets mixed together and moved around. Also, I got more brave on moving the paper around and pressed differently the more I did!!! So let’s get started on how to create this amazing look!

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Re-inkers, Shaving Cream, Cardstock, Container or Paper Plate, Tooth Pick, Butter Knife

To get started, you will need a plastic container or paper plate to spray the shaving cream on. Spray out the shaving cream, back and forth to cover your plate. It doesn’t need to be super thick or even all across. Now pick your re-inker colors and drip all over the shaving cream randomly. I used Tempting Turquoise, Melon Mambo, Daffodil Delight, and Elegant Eggplant! You can use 2 colors or lots and lots of colors! I wanted to add in the yellow so that it would mix with the blue and create green for me! 🙂 You can leave it like this or you can use a tooth pick to swirl or drag the colors around! Now it’s time to place the cardstock in it!!! You will do exactly that – take a piece of cardstock and place it into the shaving cream pressing all over and then pulling it out. Place it on a napkin and take your butter knife and wipe all of the access shaving cream off. Now you can use another paper towel to wipe off any left over shaving cream. ALL DONE! It’s that simple. Each one is going to look different!

Re-inker Fun,

This was the second piece that I placed into the shaving cream. You can see that the colors are starting to mix a bit more!

Shaving Cream Technique,

As for the one above and the next 2 samples, I’m not sure what the order was but the more times you use the shaving cream, the more it is mixed up. I also started smearing it around more and more just to see how it would come out!!

Color Splash,

This was a long strip of cardstock that I then cut into the 3 pieces. I actually drug this piece through the shaving cream more than pressing it into the cream! Each way will achieve a different look!

Shaving Cream Fun,

As you can see each one comes out completely different!!! I decorated each card with some basic supplies. I used Whisper White Cotton Ribbon, Whisper White Baker’s Twine and the New Whisper White Satin Stitched Ribbon!!! For the greeting, I used the Happy Birthday from Age Awareness! I punched it out with the Decorative Label Punch!

Plate of Shaving Cream,

This is a photo of the shaving cream after I did all of these cards in it. I really mixed the colors up to see what would come out!!! I did say it would be messy in the beginning! 🙂

Shaving Cream Creations,

Here are the samples that I created in the Video!!! If you would like to see this in action, check out my Video Tutorial below! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it!!!

Happy Stampin’


7 thoughts on “Technique Tuesday – Shaving Cream Creations!

  1. This is such a messy technique but lots of fun to do. You never know what you will end up with and that is the mystery. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! It actually wasn’t hardly wet at all. You can set it aside while you prep your greeting and card base but otherwise it’s ready to go!! ~Laura

  2. I made such a mess doing this last night, lol. You make it look so easy and neat. I’m following your instructions next time. Thank you for sharing. Cindy C.

    • It is a messy technique. Good Luck! Have a towel near by and maybe put down some parchment paper or wax paper too! Have fun! ~Laura

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