March Paper Pumpkin Fun!!!

March Paper Pumpkin,

The March Paper Pumpkin was super fabulous because I love black and white with a pop of color! I also super love the sewn You letters. How fabulous is that?!?!?! I will admit that this kit took longer than 30 minutes due to the sewing part. If you are really good at that part, you might be done in 30 minutes. I was also super distracted as well! 🙂

Crafting on the Couch,

Don’t you all craft while sitting on the couch with your laptop on your lap and watching Dancing With The Stars??? I love that show! Let me know if you love it too and who your favorite it in the comments!!! I got all of the sewing down while watching DWTS on Monday night and I assembled them on Tuesday morning! DONE!!!

March Paper Pumpkin,

I did lots of different styles because I wanted to have some variety! Here are my Thank You cards with a few epoxy stickers on them! I also wanted to mix it up and make some of the cards sideways! I can’t always do all of the cards exactly like the instructions. I have to add my own flare!

March Paper Pumpkin,

These cards are perfect to have on hand for those Just Because or Thinking of You Cards!! I love the little epoxy heart on the bottom corner! <3

March Paper Pumpkin,

As always I need lots of Birthday cards so I went with a few of those and the arrows are perfect for them!

Of course if you want to see the excitement of me opening this box when it arrived, you can check out this video! If you are loving this kit and don’t want to miss out on any more Paper Pumpkin kits, be sure to sign up by clicking here before April 10th! It is $19.95 (plus tax, free shipping) each month and it is a surprise! I love that part! The kit comes with everything you need except scissors including stamps, inks, instructions and all of the supplies! Join me next month, you won’t regret it!!!

Happy Stampin’


4 thoughts on “March Paper Pumpkin Fun!!!

  1. Laura,
    I liked last month’s Paper Pumpkin also. I did stamping, sewing and finishing the cards in the car on our trip to Georgia. I was thinking the same thing as you, that the sewing takes longer than 30 minutes. Can’t imagine anyone completing all of the cards in 30 minutes or less!

    What will this month’s PP bring??

    P.S. Don’t watch DWTS, sorry!

    • Glad you enjoyed it and had something to do in your long card ride! It is the perfect thing to take along! This month…..I have no clue. All occasion? Mothers Day? Graduation? We shall see in 10 days or so! ~Laura

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