My Digital Studio – 2014 Album is Done!!!

I’m so excited to say this! I love when I complete another year in my scrapbook because then I know that those memories are documented. Of course, I’m sure I missed some things here and there but I know that looking through the album so many amazing memories coming flooding back. That is what I love about it! Plus I’m an organizational freak so I like knowing it is all in one place, put together and complete! I did my 2014 Album in My Digital Studio just like last year! You can see some more samples here, here and here!

My Digital Studio Family Album,

Many of my pages are fairly simple with a solid or patterned background paper, lots of pictures which are sometimes layered on a color and sometimes not, some journaling and maybe a few other images. I am all about the pictures (all about the pictures…..anyone else singing that song?) and that is what is most important to me. While I enjoy seeing a page with one large picture and lots of embellishments, that isn’t my style. I can take 200 pictures in one hour of an event and I find it hard enough already to narrow it down to 20 or less for my pages. I love My Digital Studio (MDS) for the journaling. I’m still not a huge fan but I say (type) SO much more in these albums then I ever did in my other albums. I would run out of space or misspell something and get frustrated and I don’t like my hand-writing. With MDS, I have spell check, different fonts, I can backspace and delete and it is so much easier!

My Digital Studio Family Album,

Documenting my family history has become very important to me as all of my grandparents are now angels watching over me rather than here telling me stories and giving me hugs! I have a big family and I find it really interesting to see how we are all connected because many times my parents will say, “oh they are related to you” and I never understand the connection. With photos and timelines and stories, I have made some of those connections and I love it! Family is so important to me and I love these pages now and I’m sure I will even more with every year that passes. I added some ribbon and some of the embellishments to these pages!

My Digital Studio Family Album,

I have to document Date Night! After all, they say date nights don’t happen very often after children. No we aren’t pregnant yet but we hope to have children in the future! 🙂 I love the Baroque Motifs Stamp Set which is now retired but still available as a Digital Download! Woot Woot! I love how I POPPED my two favorite photos by backing them differently!

My Digital Studio Family Album,

The most amazing night – Garth Brooks Concert with my family! My parents took us to the Garth Brooks Concert for Christmas this year. It was an amazing concert. It was fun to go with my family. The songs and moment were breathtaking. I used two photos that I took as the background for my pages. I LOVE IT! If you have been to a concert and seen everyone with their phones (or lighters), you know how amazing it looks and here I was able to show that off in my album!

Are you working on documenting your memories?? A Wedding, A Baby, A Vacation, Every Year? What is the hardest part for you – picking a layout, journaling (like me), or just finding the time? Leave me a comment down below!

Would you like to organize your photos and document those memories but don’t have the time, energy, or creativity? I have the perfect solution for you – Project Life! It is super simple because all you have to do is drop the photo in, drop in a decorative card and maybe write a few words! Interested in learning more, leave me a comment down below! I’m working on adding an event to calendar and I want to make sure to invite you!

Happy Memory Keepin’


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