More Quick and Simple Work of Art Cards!!!!

Work of Art Quick & Simple,

I feel like all I need to do is post this picture! Of course, I can’t leave it at that so let me do some talking! ๐Ÿ˜‰ All of the cards above were created with 3 things – Work of Art Stamp Set, Note Cards & Envelopes, & the New In-Color Ink Pads! I would say that 3 supplies makes for simple cards, right? Many of the cards were created by inking the image and stamping it multiple times to get that variation in color! You can check out a video on the plaid card by clicking here! The 2 in the back on the right were created at the same time, the one on the right is full strength ink and the one on the left is the 2nd stamp ink. You can see I also stamped my envelopes to match each one! Super fun and cute!

Work of Art Quick & Simple,

I did these cards in one of my classes and the picture above showcases some of the amazing ideas my stampers came up with! I love the Polka Dot cards….who doesn’t love Polka Dots?? Also, I had lots of stampers love to flower card (check that out here) and they recreated it with a dot in the center and in PINK (melon mambo)! Love it!!!! So many amazing ways you can use this stamp set and I love how my original ideas got everyone’s creativity flowing! I hope you try out the Work of Art Stamp Set and let me know in the comments below which one your favorite is!

Happy Stampin’


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