Ronald McDonald House Love!

Ronald McDonald House, www.LaurasStampPad.comStampin’ Up has been giving to the Ronald McDonald House for many many years now. Each year they pick a Stamp Set that for every purchase of that set, they donate $3.00. This year it is the Tag It Stamp Set and I love love love that set! You can check out some samples using it here and here! I decided I wanted to join in! I have a little Ronald McDonald House in my kitchen to collect soda tabs! My husband has really gotten into it and he told everyone at work so now they all drop their tabs into his lunch bag each day! We fill the little house (sandwich baggie full) about every 3-4 months! When I send in my tabs, I always include some hand-stamped cards for them to use at the Ronald McDonald House! I know how much a hand-stamped card can brighten my day and so I wanted to share that with all of those at the house as well. Recently, I have told all of my stampers that they can join in the fun as well. They can bring their tabs and/or cards to me and I will mail them in with mine! I have had such an amazing response! In the photo above, you can see that I received LOTS of tabs AND cards! I’m so excited and can’t wait to send them in!!!! I will post more when I have it all ready to go later this month!!!! If you are local and would like to donate cards or tabs, feel free to bring them by any time or bring them to the next stamp event! If you are not local, you can donate to your local Ronald McDonald House. Click here to find one close to you and learn more about this fabulous organization!

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