Technique Tuesday – Card in a Box!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!! This is sooooo amazing! Don’t you love flowers? Don’t you love having flowers on your desk, workspace, or table? Wouldn’t you love to keep it around longer than a week and no watering needed? This card in a box is PERFECT for you then!!!!

Card in a Box,

This card went to my Best Friend to brighten her day after taking her Nursing Boards Exam!!!! I do kind of think it is a LOT of Strawberry Slush but it is amazing!!!! AND it still fits into a regular sized Medium Envelope!!!! I love that part!

Here is how to make this fabulous Card In A Box!!!!

1. Start with a piece of cardstock measuring 9″ x 5-1/2″ and you will score on the short side at 2-3/4″ and on long side score at 2-1/8″, 4-1/4″, 6-3/8″, and 8-1/2″!

2. You will then cut all of the score line on the top side to make your flaps for the box. Cut all the way down to the 2-3/4” score line. When you get to the end with the little strip you will cut that off!

Box Card Template,

3. Using sticky strip, apply it to the little flap that you have on the bottom portion and fold over the opposite end to adhere to your sticky strip.

4. For your inserts to hold all of pieces in your box, you will need two 3-1/8” by ¾” piece of cardstock and then you will score at ¾” from either end. Fold the scores lines opposite to create a Z pattern and then attach those inside your box, close to the top.

5. Now it is time to decorate. For the panels of your box, you will need 2” x 2-5/8” rectangles. For the back piece you will need 2” x 5-3/8” rectangle.

You can decorate with so many different items – balloons and birthday cake, other flowers, butterflies, and flowers….all I can think of is flowers. HELP ME! Put in the comments below what you would decorate your Card In A Box. I need ideas!!!! Check back tomorrow for more ideas that were made by my fellow stampers….but they are all flowers!

Happy Stampin’


3 thoughts on “Technique Tuesday – Card in a Box!!!

    • Great Idea!!! I actually used the Bird Punch for the leaves on here….I should have added the bird in! Thank you, Julia!

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