Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday and in celebration I thought I would do a little post about her!!!!!

Flip Flop Card, www.LaurasStampPad.com

This card is perfect for her and while it isn’t the exact card I sent her on her Birthday, her’s did have the little lizard on it! She really likes little lizards. And you might think that this card looks a little like a kid’s card but that is perfectly fine! My Mom is the biggest kid I know! She really knows how to have fun and play! She is an amazing Grandma for that too! Roller coasters, concerts, swimming, games and so much more are some of the fun and crazy things we have all enjoyed together!

My Mom isn’t a hardcore stamper like me but she does enjoy stamping! Every year we get together and create her Christmas Cards which I love doing! You can check that out here! When I get to share what I love with someone I love, it is even more special to me! 🙂 My mom has had a few stamp classes at her house before too which is always so much fun and lots of laughs! I am planning one for next month already and I can’t wait! January was out of the question because she is in Hawaii while the rest of us are “enjoying” this fabulous winter weather we have been getting. Boo (sarcasm)! I can’t wait to celebrate my Mom’s Birthday this weekend with her! Leave a comment below and I will share all your Birthday wishes with my Mom!!!

Happy Stampin’


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