Tomorrow is my husband, Brad’s Birthday! I thought I would share some fabulous things about him like I shared about myself on my Birthday just so you know a little bit more about me (and him)! I would share on his actual Birthday tomorrow but didn’t want you all to miss out on Technique Tuesday! 🙂
Brad and Laura, www.LaurasStampPad.com~Brad’s favorite color is Blue! 95% of his shirts are blue!

~Brad is my computer geek! He works in IT and fixes all of my computer meltdowns as well! It is great to live with someone who is sooooo tech savvy!

~Brad is also a gamer! Most of the time he plays late at night after I have gone to bed or when I have stamp events! All of his gamer friends ask me how my stamping is going because they know that is what I do when he is playing!

~Brad is a night owl and can survive on little sleep – total opposite of me!

~Brad knows more about stamping then most Stamper Girl’s husbands, I think! It is great because then I can ask him for advice like what does this project need or how can change this up!Domo Card, www.LaurasStampPad.com

~Brad loves spicy foods! He thinks that sweating through a meal means it is a good one!

~Brad loves to watch cartoons as much as my nieces and nephews!

~This card was created by Brad for my Birthday! He used all of my stamp stuff – markers, punches, stamps, ink and adhesive! He even cleaned the stamp afterwards! I taught him well!

Happy Birthday to the best Husband ever! Leave a comment below and I will be sure to pass it along to Brad!



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