My Digital Studio – 2013 Album!

So I can officially say that I am “caught up” with my Scrapbook to 2013 (and as I write this this post I’m only 2 months behind)!!! I know I know, many of you are probably years behind on your albums. Don’t hate me! JOIN ME! This year I have decided to do my album digitally with My Digital Studio!!!! Super quick and simple! I scrapbook on random evenings while watching TV on the couch! There is no mess to drag out or put away and I’m multi-tasking. 😉 hehe I’m thinking about starting a My Digital Studio “Class” where we all get together on our laptops and work on My Digital Studio projects (scrapbooks, cards, etc.) This way you have dedicated time set aside to work on your project and if you come across a problem or have a question, I will be there to help! Post in the comments if you are interested in joining a class like this! Okay so here are a few pages from my album!


My Scrapbooks are ALL about photos! I love taking pictures and to me a picture says a thousand words! My pages focus 95% on pictures with maybe a few embellishments and a little bit of writing. I do enjoy digital scrapbooking because there is a spell check and a backspace! Come on, you all know you have made a misspelling before or your mind wanders off and you write the wrong word! I enjoy writing more when I can type versus my handwriting!


Everyone has a different scrapbook style! You can use my pages as inspiration and you can add many more stamps, embellishments, and layers or you can keep it super simple! With My Digital Studio, you can layer your photos with color or white! You can add ribbons, buttons, banners, brads, etc! There are templates where your entire album has the same theme and colors throughout or you can customize each page to your liking! I will say that not all of my pages have polka dots although the ones I picked to share with you seem to all have them! I hope you are inspired to try out My Digital Studio! Try it out for FREE for 30 Days by clicking here!

Happy Digital Scrapbookin’


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