My Family Album in My Digital Studio!!

Today I am sharing my Family Album that I have been working on for what seems like years. I have been wanting to create a Family Tree Album for awhile now! Then Stampin’ Up came out with a Family History template and I got super excited! This template has nice subtle colors of blues, greens, and yellows! It has a perfect layout for adding in your family information which is great because you just fill in the information that it asks for or you can change it up and input your own! I’m excited to have finally started this album, although it is still a work in progress! I have started asking family members to share stories and photos to add into it! I’m so excited and it is really coming together amazingly! And I love the fact that I will have this great album with my Family History and Information in! Okay enough talking, Laura, show them the album!!!

My Family Album,


The page on the left is the front of the album! The picture is of our Family Farm! It is the house that my Father grew up in and I made many memories in that house when my Grandparents lived there! My family moved into that house when I was 8 years old and it is still the house that I call HOME! The page on the right is the first page and it is a fabulous picture of my Grandparents!

My Family Album,

These two pages aren’t complete yet….I’m telling ya this is a major work in progress, bear with me! 🙂 The page on the left is pictures of major events – Flood of 1993 and Hail Storm of 1989! Both of these events have made an impact in my life and of course I want to be able to share them with the generations to come! The page on the right side is a few pictures of my Grandparents over the years. Of course, you may be thinking what about the other side of my family? I’m working on that too! This album will include both sides of my family! I hope you enjoyed these My Digital Studio creations and I’m hoping that by sharing this, I will be held accountable for keeping up with it and sharing more later too! If you would like to try out My Digital Studio for 30 Days for FREE, click here! If you would like help on your album or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me!

Happy Digital Scrapbookin’


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