Technique Tuesday – Starburst

It is Tuesday and so I’m sharing a fabulous technique with you!!! This week it is this StarBurst Technique!!!!

Color Burst Technique,

Okay this card is the most AMAZING card I think I have ever created (in my almost 10 years of stamping). It is SO me – Pink and it says Fabulous!!! I got this technique from a fellow stamper – Ramona Simpson! It is super simple but when going all the way around can take 2 minutes or so. 🙂

Supplies Needed: 2 Ink Pads, Sponge Daubers, and 2 scraps of paper (one for a circle, and one as you edge for inking)

Starburst Technique,

You will see I punched a circle out and put a little dab of Snail on the back to hold it in place on my cardstock (not a lot because you will be pulling this back off). I put a dot in the center of my circle so I could line my other scrap piece of paper (you can use the cardboard piece that comes in the back of a package of Designer Series Paper since it’s thicker and stronger for reusing over and over) up with that dot each time I was going around to make my color burst. To get started you will put your scrap piece down and take your inside color (might not always be the darker one) and sponge dauber starting on the circle and rubbing down the scrap paper (only half way). Then you will take your second color and starting at the end of the first color, rub down to the end of the cardstock. Once you have done both colors, you will move your scrap forward (lining it up with the dot) and repeat. Do this all the way around or just on the top half of your cardstock for a sunrise/set or moon look. When you are finished going around you may have a few white areas towards the edge of your cardstock, just lightly dauber those with the coordinating color to fill in. I can’t wait to do it in a Purple next! I did another sample…..but then my husband informed me it is backwards. The light blue should be in the middle and the dark blue should be on the outside. Either way I think it looks cool! Right??

Moon Burst,

Please share in the comment what colors you want to try!

Happy Color Burstin’


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