NEW – Envelope Punch Board!

Wouldn’t you love to get the mail and see a fabulous patterned envelope with your name on it in the mailbox? Would you like to add a little flare to your envelopes when sending out a special card to someone? Well then this is so totally for you!!!!

Envelope Punch Board,

So I totally love getting mail….sometimes even junk mail, at least there is something in my mail box waiting for me to pull it out (even if I just throw in in the trash.) It is still super exciting to me! And I get even more excited when there is an envelope….not a business size envelope, but a pretty one with a return address that I recognize! Eeeee! It’s so exciting. But image a pretty PINK envelope or flowered envelope (or other designs but you know those are my favorite)! That would be so fabulous! And with this Envelope Punch Board you can create these envelopes in whatever color, pattern, and size you desire (Stampin’ Up gives dimensions right one the board for 66 different envelope sizes)! Super simple to use and lots of fun! Check out this video from Stampin’ Up to see more about this new product! 

Happy Stampin’


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