Technique Tuesday – Painter’s Tape!

It is Tuesday and so I’m sharing a fabulous technique with you!!! This week it is the Painter’s Tape Technique!

4 Painters Tape

I have had lots of fun with this technique, trying it with different colors and patterns! Here is how to get this look:

Supplies Needed: Cardstock, Ink Pads, and Painter’s Tape (optional: gloves)Painters Tape Demo

Rip off a piece of painter’s tape a little bit longer than the ink pad (the longer side is what I use). The first time I do it, I stick it to the sides of the ink pad and grab a pen to make markings on the tape to show where the ink begins and ends. This way when I go back to the ink pad I line those up so I’m using the same area of the tape. Press the tape into the ink with your fingers or a sponge and then pull it off and press it onto your cardstock. Pull it off your cardstock and repeat. If using multiple colors, start with your lightest color first and work your way to the darkest. If using different colors, you might need multiple pieces of tape.

This picture was taken when I did the Painter’s Tape Technique as my demonstration at an event in April! I had so much fun and my fingers were purple for about 2 days because I didn’t wear gloves and I did the technique over and over! Nothing says crafty fun like inky fingers! 🙂

Happy Stampin’


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