Ways to use Washi Tape!

So I will totally admit that when I first got introduced to Washi Tape, I was like “Washi What?” Everyone else was screaming and all excited and I thought to myself, “did I miss something?” The more I learned about Washi Tape and the more samples I saw, the more I was joining the bandwagon of screamers! Washi tape is amazing and something to scream about! There are so many ways you can use it.

Here are just a few ways to use Washi Tape: Yellow Flower Washi Tape

~Background on a Card (Yellow Gingham on the Just For You Card)

~ Banner Flags on Ribbon for a Card or tie the ends onto Sticks and place it in a cake for a special event (Gingham Garden Washi Tape on the Let’s Celebrate Card)

Birthday Washi

~ Use a piece to create an image like a candle or pencil or anything you can imagine (Epic Day Washi Tape as a candle)!

Washi Tape Candle~Wrap around a Toothpick and tear or cut as a flag on the ends and place in cupcakes or use on a meat and cheese display at your next party!

~Wrap around a clear bowl for your next Potluck Party to decorate it and know which bowl is yours at the end of the night!

~Accents on a Birthday Gift Bag or BoxThis & That

~Use as tape to hold a photo in your This & That Journal or on a poster board or just about anywhere.

~Any many more ways….

You can get Washi Tape for every occasion with the Gingham Garden (my fav.), Epic Day This & That, Witches Brew, and Season of Style. And if you want to get a Tutorial AND lots of Washi Tape, you can purchase the What To Washi Bundle!!

Would love to hear your ideas on ways to use Washi Tape so please share in the comments below!!!

Happy Stampin’



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