Stunning Designer Series Paper!!!

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Happy Thursday!!! Today, I’m sharing with you some of the stunning Designer Series Paper coming out in the New Catalog. I love patterned paper as a focal point on my card or project or a nice background. Stampin’ Up does an amazing job at knocking it out of the park with amazing patterns and designs. The bad thing is that the catalog only shows a small swatch so I’m here to help you out!!!

Stunning Designer Series Paper,

Okay, this paper is a MUST HAVE in everyone’s collection – 2018-2020 In Color Designer Series Paper Stack. It is bright beautiful colors and perfect patterns for so many different occasions. It’s like have a pair of jeans or a classic white shirt in your wardrobe! Polka Dots and stripes and perfect for a simple background or punching out balloons for a birthday card and so much more! I can see me going through lots of these packs of paper. Check out this Video Tutorial to see each sheet in all it’s glory!

Share What You Love Designer Paper,

This is my favorite so far – Share What You Love Designer Series Paper! This paper has stunning colors, flowers, and a pearlized look. That pearl shine is just amazing. It’s not like a foil but rather a glossy shine with that pearl iridescent look. I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it but it’s stunning! Check out this video for a full look at each sheet and the shine!

Garden Impressions Designer Series Paper,

The Garden Impressions Designer Series Paper has lots of fun floral patterns but the other side includes lots of great background and more subtle patterns. This makes the paper very versatile for different occasions. There are also lots of different colors for more masculine and feminine looks. I love flowers so of course I was drawn to this but I’m also loving the new color combinations and can’t wait to play with them! Check out each sheet in the Video Tutorial below!

Stay tuned for more Designer Series Paper reveals once the New Catalog officially comes out on June 1st! Also, let me know in the comments which paper pack is your favorite! I would love to hear from you and know which one you can’t wait to see samples using it!

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Avoid Duplicate Stampin’ Up Product With This Tip!!!

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Today, I’m sharing a tip to help you avoid duplicate Stampin’ Up product by keeping track of what you have in a quick and simple way. This will also help you when you go to a party or class and you are wondering what you have at home already! We have all been there where we really love something and accidentally buy it twice. I have been tracking my stuff this way for a few years now and it seems to work really well for me!

Avoid Duplicate Stampin' Up Product,

I simply mark the item in the catalog with a big X when I buy it! Now I understand this might not work for everyone or it might give you heart palpitations to mark up your catalog. You could always go smaller with a little X over the name or writing “have” next to it.

This works for me because:

~I always have my catalog with me so then I know what I have and don’t have.

~This gives a nice visual of the stamps, the name, and the ordering number all in one place.

~There is no need to type up the information on your computer and remember to print it off and stick it in your catalog. Then it falls out and you can’t find the list or you forgot to hit print or just typing out the name isn’t enough for you to know what the item is. When someone asks me about a random stamp set by name, I immediately go to my catalog to see what it looks like. This helps me so much more as I am a visual person!

Catalog Tracking,

Another tip I have is to mark all of the items that are retiring when the list comes out at the end of the catalog. Again, I’m a visual person and looking at that long list of items is just crazy to me. I sort the list my page number and go through and mark the items with a different color. My 2017-2018 Catalog is green and red and I wrote with that color in the front so I would know which is which. As you can see in the photo above, No Bones About It is in my collection and it is retiring this month! Both a red and green X makes me sad but I always remember more fabulous goodies are coming out soon so there will be new stuff to play with! 🙂

I hope you try this out and see if it works for you! Of course, everyone has their way of organizing and what works for one might not work for another. I wanted to share mine in hopes to help even just 1 of you out. This works for me and avoids frustration on ordering duplicates and helps me see what I have and still NEED (or want). hehe

If you would like to see all of this in action and my big 39 Week Ziggy Belly, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

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Technique Tuesday – Layering Embossing Folders!!!

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!!! You all know that means I have a fabulous Technique to share with you! Today, I’m sharing the basics of embossing folders and the difference between regular and dynamic ones! It came be frustrating figuring out the layers for each so you don’t break your Big Shot or drive yourself crazy! Been there before which is why I thought I would do this post! 🙂

Layering Embossing Folders,


Both folders in the photo above look very similar and create a stunning embossed image. You might notice that when you order a folder, some are super thick and different from ones you have received in the past. These are the folders with a SUPER long name – Lovely Floral Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder (right side)! The Garden Trellis Embossing Folder is on the left side! The regular folders are much skinnier whereas the dynamic folders are thick. This makes a big difference when running them through the Big Shot. It can be frustrating trying to figure out the perfect layering. Sometimes you run it through and it isn’t thick enough to emboss and then you try another layer and it’s so tight you just might pull a muscle or break your Big Shot. I’m here to solve that frustration!!!

Layering for the Regular Embossing Folders:

Multi-Purpose Platform – if it is the older style with the hinges, open up Tab #2. If it is the newer style, leave off the Adapter layer.

One Standard Cutting Pad (clear plate)

Embossing Folder with cardstock inside

One Standard Cutting Pad (clear plate)

In the video tutorial below, you will see that I also mention the Precision Base Plate. The majority of the time, I have the Precision Base Plate out for framelits and all so you can replace one of the standard cutting pads with the Precision Base Plate. This would mean Multi-Purpose Platform as described above, Precision Base Plate, Embossing Folder, and then Standard Cutting Pad. Again, I just do this when it’s already out and layered up rather than putting that aside and pulling out more items to layer. 🙂

Layering for the Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder:

Multi-Purpose Platform – if it is the older style with the hinges, open up Tab #2. If it is the newer style, leave off the Adapter layer.

Embossing Folder with cardstock inside

One Standard Cutting Pad (clear plate)

Due to the thickness of the folder, this layering only requires one Standard Cutting Pad. Another TIP for these folders is to spritz the paper ever so lightly with some water. This will moisten the fibers of the cardstock and allow for them to press into the folder without leaving creases in the cardstock. Many times I just grab my Stampin’ Mist because it’s right there and it works just as well! 🙂 You can always add some water to a Stampin’ Spritzer too!

Debossed Images,

In the photo at the top of the post, the images are Embossed and I lightly went over them with a Sponge Dauber to add color so you could see the image better. In this photo here, I flipped over the image to reveal the Debossed image and added some color. Both images are stunning so keep that mind when creating your next project. There are lots of ways to use embossing folders!

If you would like to see all of this in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! I hope you found this super useful. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

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Product List

New Catalog Pre-Order Haul!!!

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I am sooooo excited for the New Catalog to come out on June 1. As a demonstrator, we get to pre-order some supplies from the New Catalog! Today, I wanted to share a sneak peak of my New Catalog Pre-Order Haul!!! If you just can’t wait till June 1, you can always join Stampin’ Up and enjoy these early release perks too. Click here to join my team!

New Catalog Pre-Order Haul,

Oh look at all of the goodies. Can you guess my favorite item?? To be honest, I’m not even sure what my favorite is just yet but if I had to pick RIGHT NOW I would say that fabulous floral paper in the lower right corner – Garden Impressions Designer Series Paper. Of course, no surprise there because I just love everything floral and bright colors. That pack includes Calypso Coral, Mango Melody, Melon Mambo, Night of Navy, Pacific Point, Petal Pink, and more!

The one item was blown away by and can’t wait to use on a project is this New Delightfully Detailed Laser-Cut Specialty Paper. It is below the floral paper and ribbon but you can see it more in the video below! This stuff is stunning and so amazing looking. There are 4 sheets of 2 different designs that are super detailed and perfect for so many projects. The one design is a full floral look and the other is a bunch of pieces for card fronts or borders. It is vanilla on one side and white on the other which makes it more versatile. Also, coloring it will be super fun! Stay tuned as I will be showing this off more after I play with it!

I can’t wait to start playing with the stamps and coordinating framelits! There is also a stamp set with a coordinating trio punch. What’s better than 1 punch? A 3 in 1 punch! Woot Woot! New ribbons, new colors, and new embellishments are all so exciting! I’m ready to play a little before lil Baby Ziggy arrives! 🙂

If you would like to see all of these items as I unbox them, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!! Also, if you would like a copy of the NEW Catalog, click here to send me your address and I’ll get one sent out to you!

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New 2018-2020 Stampin’ Up In-Colors!!!

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Today, I’m introducing the New 2018-2020 Stampin’ Up In-Colors and new style of ink pad!!! I am giddy, little girl squealing over these colors. You all know I love bright colors and these make my heart happy! Also, I always notice after Stampin’ Up released In-Colors, I start to see them all over in stores as clothes, decorating pieces, etc so I’m even more pumped!!!

New 2018-2020 Stampin' Up In-Colors,

Look how pretty they are!!!!! What color is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! I haven’t played with them a lot so I don’t know which one I’m honestly be drawn to and love the most. For now, my pick is the Lovely Lipstick though!!!! Eeeeee!!!!!

These 5 ink pads are available NOW which  is even more fun! You can purchase them as a bundle here! If you aren’t really sure yet, you can always purchase one of the Share What You Love Bundles which includes the Grapefruit Grove Ink Pad. Click here to see those! There are lots of goodies in the New Catalog coming out June 1 in these colors too like ribbon, designer paper, cardstock, and more!!! 🙂

Stackable Ink Pads,

Now let’s chat about the New Ink Pad styles!!!! They are stackable which you can see in the photo above. Notice the little dimples on the 4 corners of the Grapefruit Grove Ink Pad. The bottom of the ink pad has little nubbins (or whatever you want to call them) on each corner to fit in the grove. This comes in handy for stacking and for smaller storage space!

Sticker Placement,

When you get the New Ink Pads, be sure to apply the labels for easier use!!! On the back of the ink pads there are labels in different languages. Peel off the one you wish to use with the wording and place it on the end of the ink pad (see stacked photo above). This way when the ink pads are stacked or facing out, you can quickly and easily find the right one. There is another label in the row that is just a solid color. That one is meant to go in the little slot next to the ink as shown above. This makes it super handy to know the color when you have multiple ink pads open! After all, if there are a few dark ones open, they all look the same like in the video below!

Old Ink Pad Vs New Ink Pad,

Here is a side by side photo of the old style of ink pad and the new one. Overall size, they are about the same. The new ones are more smooth and rectangle whereas the old style has all the bumps and groves like that front lip. The new style is much skinnier (shorter) than the old style. You can see this better in the video below! The major difference in the new ink pad is the ease of opening. Just flip it open like a ladies compact mirror and slide it back. No more push, pull, flip, slide confusion!

If you would like to see all of this in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

Don’t forget to let me know your favorite color and remember that you can purchase the New In-Colors now! No waiting till June 1st for those! Click here if you just can’t wait any longer!

Happy Stampin’


Sale-A-Bration Second Release!!!

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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week! I’m enjoying the Olympics but I sure wish they were on at a more normal hour so I can still get my sleep! 🙂 Before we head into the weekend, I wanted to let you know about the Sale-A-Bration Second Release of goodies!!!

Sale-A-Bration Second Release,

Today, Stampin’ Up has brought out more items to pick from for your Sale-A-Bration freebies. There are $50 options as well as a $100 option item. You can check them out here – Second Release Sale-A-Bration 2018!

The Springtime Foils Designer Series Paper looks really fun and blingy! I think it’s super elegant as well for some wedding cards for this upcoming wedding season. It’s fabulous for lots of other occasions too though!

The Blooming Basket Bundle is for the $100 level. This bundle includes the basket/floral stamp set which you all know I’m excited about because I love flowers. Also, I’m not wanting to put down the Stampin’ Blends lately. Bring on some coloring!!! The bundle also has that basket embossing folder which is just fabulous! Perfect texture and background for a full card or cut into a basket piece. LOVE IT!!!

The Eclectic Expressions Stamp Set has some cool background images as well as great greetings for every day cards!

Which one is your favorite??? Let me know in the comments below! Mine is the bundle! Can’t wait to start playing with it!

Don’t forget that all orders of $40 (every $40 increment) will earn you Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers! I love awarding my customers for the loyalty! My way to give back to you!

February Free Stamp Set,

Of course the February Free Stamp Set of the Month for every order of $75 (before shipping & tax) will earn you the Fruit Basket Stamp Set as well! So much to celebrate this month!

Click here to start shopping and earning!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!!! Happy Stampin’


My Big Shot Broke!!

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Happy Friday, everyone!!! The Olympics have started and I couldn’t be more excited! I just love them and have moved my office into the living room for the next 2 weeks! Today, I wanted to share with your how my Big Shot broke…..and got fixed!!!

My Big Shot Broke,

This is my first Big Shot that I bought back in 2008 and have used so much all of these years. I can’t even begin to count how much  I have used this Big Shot for die cutting and embossing! I’m super impressed it lasted this long. While using the Big Shot and pushing through the plates with the die, I heard a pop and rattle and thought…..that’s not good! The handle then cranked smooth in one spot. I was still able to use it this whole time! It just slipped at that spot each time. If you notice in the photo above, what happened  was that the cogs were breaking off. Then one day, more little cogs popped and rattled and I knew it was over. I was sad that my first Big Shot was shot! My husband said if it is broke, I can’t break it more so let’s see if I can fix it!

New Cogs,

After taking the Big Shot apart and seeing that I just needed another cog and it would work again, my husband called Sizzix to see if we could buy the part! They said they would send a new part for free and took our address down! How amazing is that?!?! Due to the age, I was not expecting that at all. A few days later a new cog set arrived and my husband installed it!

Big Shot pieces,

Here are all of the parts of the Big Shot before my husband put it all back together!!! If you have any specific questions about this process, I would love to ask my husband for you and answer them for you! He was amazing and fixed it completely with the help of the new parts from Sizzix!!

Like New Again,

It’s like new again!!! I’m so excited!!! I can’t be more thankful to Stampin’ Up for carrying such amazing products and partnering with excellent companies. Love it!!!

If the Big Shot has been on your wish list for awhile now, I think you need to get one NOW! I love love love mine so much and couldn’t live without it. It does so much for each of my projects! Also, right now you will be earning Sale-A-Bration freebies as well! Woot Woot!

I hope you all have any amazing weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Happy Stampin’


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New Ways I Have Started Using Ribbon!!!

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So I love ribbon and probably use it most as my embellishment of choice! I have knots and bows down to an art and I know my class attendees probably curse me every time they see ribbon…….practice does make perfect though! That is how I got good! 🙂 Lately, I have been using ribbon in other ways and I thought I would share those with you!!!

Started Using Ribbon,

I love adding ribbon behind a greeting to make it pop and add texture!!! It’s fun and there are no knots or bows! 🙂

Rustic Ribbon Trick,

Linen Thread is fun to use because it isn’t very bulky and it adds a little rustic touch! I like using Linen Thread for man cards a lot! For this technique, I wrapped it around my fingers a few times, slid the loops off my fingers and twisted the loops into a figure eight. By doing this, it really helps the loops flare out so perfectly! Then I place the figure eight on the back of the greeting or image and placed a Stampin’ Dimensional in the center to secure it. Next, I fanned out the loops and secured them in place with more Stampin’ Dimensionals! You all know I love those things anyway! 🙂 Check out this sample to see it used!

Sequin Trim Decoration,

Who doesn’t love a little bling?? Adding loops of Sequin Trim is super simple. Start by securing the end with a Stampin’ Dimensional and then loop it around as you wish, securing it along the way with Dimensionals. TIP: Make sure that the thread side of the sequins is showing up when securing it down because when you flip the greeting over, the correct side will be showing! Here is a sample show off this style used!

Ribbon Loops,

Here is just a simple ribbon swoosh behind a greeting! Again, for this one, I placed the end at the top with as much as I wanted hanging off. Then, I secured it with a Stampin’ Dimensional. Next, I made a loop and placed a Stampin’ Dimensionals in V of the ribbon making sure to be touching both sides of ribbon and the cardstock in the middle. Then I did this one more time. If there is a spot that needs a Stampin’ Dimensional to help even things out, just add more! Here is a sample using this technique!

Side Ribbon,

This last one is rather simple but does require a knot! I took a piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the cardstock with both ends on the right side. Then I took some Metallic Thread and tied the ends together to hold them in place.

Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

If you would like to see this all in action, check out the Video Tutorial below or click here! Be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe if you are new. If you would like a notification when I post a new video, be sure to click the bell right next to the subscribe!!!

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February Free Stamp Set of The Month!!!

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Happy Friday and Happy February! I’m excited because the Olympics are this month!!! Woot Woot! Let me know in the comments if you are a big Olympics fan too!!! Today, I’m sharing the February Free Stamp Set of the Month…..drum roll……

February Free Stamp Set,

The Fruit Basket Stamp Set from the Occasions Mini Catalog is the February Free Stamp Set!!! I thought this little set of fruit was just adorable and makes me think of Spring and Summer! It can’t get here fast enough! All orders placed this month (online or at one of my events) totaling $75 or more before tax and shipping will earn this set for Free! This set will come separate from your order if you place the order online! Click here to start shopping and earning!

There are lots of fabulous deals going on this month!!! Sale-A-Bration is still going on all month long which means a free item for every $50 spent! My favorites and customer favorites so far have been Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set, Shimmer Ribbon, and Lots of Lavender Stamp Set. If you would like to see some samples using those click here, here, and here!

Don’t forget about Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers too for orders in increments of $40.00! I had 4 fabulous stampers earn $40 Gift Certificates in January….perfect timing for Sale-A-Bration! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If you are a football fan….enjoy! If not, happy crafting while everyone else watches! I think I will be stamping a kit while having it on in the background! 🙂 See you all back here on Monday!!!

Happy Stampin’


January Free Stamp Set of the Month!!!

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Happy Friday!!! I realized I never did the reveal of the January Free Stamp Set of the Month!!! This month it is…….drum roll…….

January Free Stamp Set -


The Birthday Wishes For You Stamp Set is one of the NEW sets from the Occasions Mini Catalog. Birthday cards are something I am making all the time and this set is going to coming in handy!!!

PLACE an order of $75.00 or more (before shipping and tax) thru my on-line store or at one of my events (click here to start shopping) between now and the end of January! When you do this, you will earn the NEW Birthday Wishes For You Stamp Set that is in the Occasions Mini Catalog for FREE.  This offer is exclusively available for orders placed through me. You will receive your Free Stamp Set after your order is placed. It will arrive separate from your order placed online.

PLEASE REMEMBER!  If your order is $150 or more (before shipping and tax), you will earn Hostess Rewards and you will automatically qualify for the free bonus stamp set, Birthday Wishes For You Stamp Set.

Of course don’t forget that Sale-A-Bration is going on now till the end of March as well. Every $50 order (increments of $50) will earn a FREE Sale-A-Bration item from the brochure. This year there are even 2 special items for the $100 level so you can pick one of those with a $100 order or 2 of the $50 level items! There is something for everyone including stamps, ribbon, card kits, and more!

Click here to start shopping and earning FREE stuff! Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Happy Stampin’