Family Time at the Lake!!!

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We have been home from our annual family time at the lake for a week now. I think I’m finally getting back into the swing of things!!! Here is a little sneak peak of the wonderful time we had!!!

Family Time At The Lake,

This year my entire immediate family was all able to attend! I’m still surprised we got a great group photo with everyone basically looking at the camera! That’s  a win for sure! The weather was amazing and on the cool side. I still got a little sun on my legs one more really early while on the Paddle Board. By the way, if you ever get a chance to play with one of those, I highly recommend it. It is super easy and lots of fun to paddle around on. We (adults and kids) had lots of fun on it!

Lake Vacation,

The sunrises and sunsets are just stunning at the Lake! It is so calming and amazing! I love it! Lots of selfies took place throughout the week since I’m the only one who is snapping photos all of the time! I spent one afternoon on the dock reading. It was amazing and peaceful especially when it started to rain lightly! My fabulous husband went to an ice cream shop and he knows me so well. I could care less about ice cream but a waffle cone is totally my jam! YUM!

We had a wonderful time relaxing and making memories! Now I’m home and excited to get started on Holiday Cards. The Holiday Mini Catalog is coming out on September 1st and I’ve received my Pre-Order already!!! If you would like to check out all the fabulous goodies, check out the video below or click here! Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and let me know in the comments which item you are most excited about!!!

Happy Stampin’



Road Trip around Southern Indiana!!!

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I’m going to share with you some of the fun I had last week during a little road trip around Southern Indiana! While a lot of my stamper friends were enjoying Thailand (Stampin’ Up’s Incentive Trip), I chose to not go on that one. I’m not a huge fan of flying, let alone that long! This road trip was part of my little treat to myself instead! Not the same views as they had but it was a real treat for sure!

Road trip around Southern Indiana,

My Mom, my husband, and I headed out on our adventure last Sunday! We stopped at different small towns along the way. Our first stop was New Harmony, Indiana which was super cute. We enjoyed a gold cart ride around town, stopping at shops and seeing the sites. It was really fun when the girls suggested we turn right with the golf cart to go down a “hill”. Luckily our wonderful driver, Brad saw that it was steps and not just a hill. 🙂 Good times and great adventures happened for sure!

Next stop was Frenchlick/West Baden Springs. We stayed at the castle that night and it was amazing! The grounds were beautiful and it was so cool. The center of the hotel has a giant dome which was the largest freestanding dome. Now we have sports stadiums that have since taken it’s spot. At night the ceiling lights up different colors. It was so beautiful. I wanted to take that lounge chair home with me. It was so comfortable and watching the colors change on the ceiling made it amazing! We stopped by the casino and put in a dollar for about 5 minutes of fun! I loved the front porch of the hotel with it’s swags, flags, and flowers.

Southern Indiana,

Our next stop was Louisville, Kentucky! We went to a cute Mom and Pop candy shop and watched them make candy. It was lots of fun and we got to try a warm cinnamon drop candy. They said each candy has difference levels of cinnamon and I think mine was HIGH! I bit into it rather than sucking on it and thought I might die. Wowza, it was hot! Also, we did a distillery tour where they made Brandy. It was very interesting to see and we got a tasting. I’m so not a drinker and just touching my lips to 2 different ones was more than enough for me. I’m still for sure not a drinker after that. We stopped by Churchhill Downs for a quick peak as we were running out of time.

After Louisville, we headed over to Madison, Indiana. We enjoyed the Ohio River, Clifty Falls, and lots of hiking in the woods. It was beautiful, fun, and HOT! Of course, we couldn’t pass by Bloomington, Indiana and not stop and seeing the largest brain. 🙂 We all expected it to be bigger! We enjoyed some more falls, covered bridges, and walks around state parks before getting caught in a storm and heading home. Last up was Casey, Illinois where we saw many of the World’s Largest items like a rocking chair, mailbox, knitting needles, wind chimes, pencil, and more. Also, if you ever wondered how short I was….I can still go through the Kid’s Entrance, with room to spare!

One of the other things I wanted to mention was my love for smashed pennies. I love getting smashed pennies and take photos with each of them. Any other penny smashers out there? If you are planning a trip to Southern Indiana, feel free to reach out or ask in the comments. I’m happy to share more information on any of the locations we went! We had an amazing time. I’m back to the Stamp Room now and playing with new stamps coming out in the Holiday Mini! Stay tuned!

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Bonus Days,

Don’t forget Bonus Days all month! Every $50 order, earns you $5 in rewards!!! I also have extended the DOUBLE Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers through Wednesday when you use the Hostess Code: CZHRWZ4H! Check out more details on that here and start shopping here!

Loving Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers!!!

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Happy Friday everyone! Today, I thought I would share some love to all of you and give some shout outs!!! Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers are given to each person for every $40 in orders! These could be online orders or in person orders!!! This is my way to reward you for stamping with ME!!! I do all the calculations and tracking for you!!!

Laura's Loyal Stampers Stickers,

In May, I had my fabulous stampers Barb & Deb earn a $40 Gift Certificate!!! That was perfect timing for the New Catalog!!! Who wouldn’t love a bonus $40 to spend on stamping goodies!

Gift Certificate,

In June, I had my fabulous stamper, Debbie earn a Gift Certificate! Hmmmm Debbie seems to be a popular name with my stampers! 🙂 I can’t wait to give her the certificate! This is just my little way of giving back to my stampers who are so amazing! I truly appreciate all of you and hope to be writing out more of these each month! There are many on my list that are super close so that just may be happening!!! 🙂

In celebration of this, I am offering DOUBLE Laura’s Loyal Stampers Stickers this weekend when you use the Hostess Code: CZHRWZ4H. You will enter this code on the bottom left hand side when you are in your shopping cart!!! Click here to start shopping! Don’t forget that BONUS DAYS are happening all throughout July as well! For every $50 you spend in July (before shipping and tax), you will get a $5 in Bonus Days coupon to use in August!!! Woot Woot! So double stickers and a $5 coupon!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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New Stamp Set & Paper Storage!!!

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Happy Friday everyone!!! Today I’m sharing with your my NEW Stamp Set & Paper Storage. I had mentioned about 2 months ago getting 2 new pieces of furniture for my stamp room. You can see the first one here and today I’m sharing the second one.

New Stamp Set Paper Storage,

Here it is!!! I can’t believe how much the white brightens up the room! There is a window directly to the right of this photo so these pictures have a bit of a shadow from that light. The room in general is so much brighter from these 2 pieces of white furniture. It’s crazy! My stamp table is to the left of the photo and I sit right in front of this while stamping. I love having everything so close to grab and go. I will say that the middle section that looks all cleaned off right now….it’s not normally like that! 🙂

Stamp Set Shelf,

Here is the top section which holds my Stamp Sets! I only have 2 Stamp Sets in the old clam shell cases (Teeny Tiny Wishes & Thoughts & Prayers). I have already filled the shelf of stamps so I might have to make another row below next to my ribbons. We shall see. I have my inspiration/loves/reason for doing what I love in the photos at the top! <3 The shoe boxes on the right side have all of my ribbons in them. Finally my Enamel Shapes, Thread, and some of the Baker’s Twine is on the left side.

Drawer For Tools, www.LaurasStampPad.comThe little drawer in the middle has some of my tools in it – Stampin’ Scrub, Stampin’ Trimmer, Embossing Paste, Embossing Knives, and Watercolor Pencils! By the way, I am loving the embossing paste so stay tuned to lots of samples and tutorials using it! 🙂

Stamp N Storage Paper Storage,

Next up is the bottom section of paper storage! There are actually doors to this bottom section. We decided to leave them off since opening them would be hard with me sitting so close by. I purchase Stamp N Storage Paper Storage for all of my cardstock. You can check them out and get 10% off by clicking here! I love these things. They are super sturdy and allow me to really see what I have. While they are pricey, I know that they aren’t going to break or sag like some of my past paper storage has. I think these are about my 3rd or 4th piece of paper storage and these are AMAZING!

I have each color in a tray and a cellophane bag with scraps in there as well. This helps me use my scraps and clean up really quickly. See that little box on the floor on the right….that’s what I use to put scraps in. It would get out of hand and I would hate to dig so I just tossed pieces in there and it was a mess. I still have a few colors in there while I wait for more cellophane bags to arrive! I just love it! The drawers on the left side hold my embellishments like Pearls, Rhinestones, Doilies, and Washi Tape.

I hope you enjoyed this little post on how I store my craft supplies close to me for easy use. It’s probably time I do another Stamp Room Tour now that I have these 2 new pieces of furniture. You can check out the latest one here!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday!

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Happy Father’s Day To Each and Every One of You!

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While I’m not sure how many men I have that follow me, I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day To Each and Every One of You!

Happy Fathers Day Every One,

Happy Father’s Day…

…to all of those who children of their own!

…to all of those who have step-children!

…those of you with fur babies!

…to all of those who are wishing and hoping for a baby!

…to all of those who have lost a child!

…And most of all to those who act fatherly to those around them!

Each and every one of you falls into one or more of these categories! Just like Mother’s Day, I feel like everyone should celebrate Father’s Day! Whether you are spending the day with family, your children, or your fur-babies, I wish you the best day ever! Today is your day to celebrate and enjoy!

Thank you for being kind, caring, and fatherly to those around you and those you encounter! It’s not easy being a Father but it is very rewarding! May you have all the rewards today and every day!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating and I’ll see you back here on Monday!!! I have so great techniques, a ribbon share, and a lot more!! Don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list and get a Card Making Cheat Sheet! You can do so in the upper right corner of my website when on a computer or scroll to the bottom of the page if looking on a mobile device!

Happy Stampin’


So Much Fun at Girls Night Out!!!

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Last Saturday, I headed to Paris for a Girls Morning Out and yesterday I had my Girls Morning & Night Out at my place launching the New Catalog!!! All of these events were so much fun! I just love gathering together to stamp, gush over the new product, and catch up with everyone! My heart is full for sure!! 🙂

Much Fun Girls Night,

Here are some photos of the displays, goodie baskets, cupcakes and set-up at the Girls Morning/Night out that I had yesterday! I love to spoil my customers because they are all so fabulous! I sure hope they love cupcakes because that’s what I always make for these events! 🙂

Paris Girls Morning Out,

Here are some photos from the event in Paris! I’m super excited I remembered to take some photos! The little ones are my nieces who love to stamp and I see them stamping for many years to come! We had a fabulous time stamping together! I love catching up with these ladies since I only see them a few months out of the year. I always do my Paris Events as a Mystery Hostess so the items can be shipped over there. The Hostess this time got over $80 in Hostess Benefits! Woot Woot!

Girls Night Out Event,

Here are some photos from the event at my place in the evening. Totally forgot to take photos at the morning event! I was so excited when I remembered at the evening one but after these 3, I set my phone down and didn’t take any more. I had such an amazing time at all of these events. Catching up with these amazing ladies, stamping, and sharing our love of Stampin’ Up! product just makes me so very happy! I love it!

You can check out all these new product online here. If you would like a catalog, send me your address here and I’ll get one out to you! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I’ll be back here on Monday!

Happy Stampin’


Happy Mother’s Day to Each and Every One of You!!!

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Happy Mother’s Day to Each and Every One of You! Yes, I mean you! I honestly think every women should celebrate Mother’s Day and I wish you the best day ever!


Happy Mother’s Day…

…to all of those who have given birth!

…to all of those who have step-children!

…those of you with fur babies!

…to all of those who are wishing and hoping for a baby!

…to all of those who have lost a baby!

…And most of all to those who act motherly to those around them!

Each and every one of you falls into one or more of these categories! This year Mother’s Day is going to be rather difficult for me because I fit into 3 categories – the last 3. The last couple of months have been rather an emotional roller coaster with finding out we were pregnant and then finding out we would lose our baby. The whole time I really struggled with the thought of Mother’s Day coming up. While I am a Mother to my baby in Heaven, not everyone knows that or understands that. I really wish I had my baby in my belly or in my arms but it’s just not the case with this one. So I am back in the wishing and hoping for a baby category! So while I have always believed we should all celebrate Mother’s day, I really do this year because you just never know what someone is going through!

I wish you all a wonderful day celebrating YOU! Thank you for being kind, caring, and motherly to those around you and those you encounter! It’s not easy being a Mother but it is very rewarding! May you have all the rewards today and every day!



My Top 10 Retiring Items I’m Sad to See Go!

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When the retiring list comes out I’m always sad to see certain items go. Here is my Top 10 retiring items I’m sad to see go this year! I always take a deep breath and know that while I’m sad these are leaving, that just means there is more room for fabulous new products to come out. I hope you feel the same way!

Top 10 Retiring Items,

Decorative Label Punch – So my husband was reading off the list and I was marking everything in the catalog. When he mentioned this one, I screamed and just about cried. I love love love this punch and use it so much. I think I will hold on to mine even though I normally get rid of everything that retires. This punch just means so much to me. You can see samples using it here, here, and here. I really could go on and on with samples.

Tin of Cards Stamp Set – I love this set because it has the perfect size greeting especially to fit into the Decorative Label Punch. It also has a greeting for almost every occasion. I loved the Tin of Cards as well! My set is almost black because I used it so much and the stamps are stained. You can see samples here and here!

Mint Macaron  – I have really fallen in love with this color. It’s such a beautiful soft green and even looks a little blue sometimes. I’ll miss you Mint Macaron!

Blushing Bride Glimmer Paper – Okay we all know I love pink and sparkle. Um…hello?!?!?! This is just that and I love it. Good thing we can always create pink glimmer paper with re-inkers and the Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper.

Bitty Butterfly Punch – This punch as well as the Elegant Butterfly Punch are just so beautiful alone and paired with the Papillon Potpourri Stamp Set.

Elegant Butterfly Punch – Again, I am sad to see this one go. I just love butterflies. You can see some samples using this here, here, and here!

Woodgrain Embossing Folder (Sold Out) – Okay, so I feel like I have fallen off the embossing folder train a bit but I still like this one for backgrounds and Man Cards! I tend to use certain products a ton and then not as much. I feel like I have gone from Embossing Folders to Heat Embossing more.

Perpetual Birthday Calendar Stamp Set – This set is perfect for backgrounds and memory keeping. I have done lots of quick and simple cards using this set. I have also created a Birthday Calendar even after the kit was no longer available. See more samples here and here!

Oh So Succulent Stamp Set and Succulent Framelits – I love flowers and this set was so much fun! The little flowers were perfect for cards and home decor pieces. Succulents are so in right now. Check out all these amazing samples here, here, and here!

So Detailed Framelits – I was just starting to really have fun with these. Check out some of my samples here and here! I guess I will need to start playing with the Detailed Floral Framelits!

So there are my Top 10 Retiring Favorites! How many of these are on your list? Tell me in the comments below what you are most sad to see go.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Happy Stampin’